August 20, 2009

My Strategy

Ok so snce we moved in and got everything hung up and settled, we've had "left over" decorations piling up in the extra room so today during my attempt at finishing the nursery/guest room I moved all of those decorations into my room at the foot of my bed so if I'm thinking if I trip over them enough, they'll find a place to hang. Can't make guarantees but we'll see.

Oh and speaking of "tripping" over things. The other day Cody left his shoes in the middle of the floor. I got sick of asking him to put them up so every time I walked by I dramatically would trip. Before he went to bed he eventually put them up. It was funny. I don't think he appreciated my sarcastic trips!...but I giggled.


Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Trust me, Danica, the shoe thing is a losing battle. Just pick them up and put them away and consider it service. You'll love him more, right? Either that or throw them off the balcony! I like the green background, BTW.

Amanda Griggs said...

Hehe! I got sick of John's shoes being in the middle of the floor so one day after tripping over 2 DIFFERENT pairs of shoes, I quietly put them under his pillow! I went to bed first just to be there when he realized what had happened to pillow. After he laid down the 'fluffing' began! HILARIOUS! I bit my cheeks and then he found the shoe! He got up turned on the light to make CERTAIN it WAS a shoe under his pillow and quietly walked them to the closet and then got back in bed. He never said a word, and I haven't tripped over his shoes since!