February 24, 2009

Just Cuz its Something to Do

I have nothing to say of any importance and I could be cleaning my house or cooking dinner but who wants to do those things?

I've been thinking about starting a little journal so one day this kid can look back and read it and realize he/she was a terror long before I ever met him/her. I'm sure it would also be full of love and excitement.

After years and years of looking for a fantastic hair stylist, I found one when we moved here. I called today and the business is shut down. Are you kidding me?

Cody has been winning things at work like everyday for opening Cabelas accounts. He's one of the top for Cabela's! You go honey! Today he won 1/2 of fudge. 1/4 carmel praline and the other 1/4 cheesecake. I have a headache from too much sweets. But oh it was divine!

Got my oil changed and the guy suggested an alignment. He's a nice guy who cut me a break with my breaks and said, "its only 70 bucks." I then had to visit the bathroom. jk. I just looked at him with big eyes and said, "Right." And then took a seat.

As I sat and cried in my room today I thought, I'm an idiot. I could've been graduating in May with my bachelors. I guess I like going job to job and not knowing if I'll even have one as of tomorrow.

Cody and I have somehow grown closer through the blood, guts and tears and I couldn't be more thankful. If I would've gotten pregnant that first "scare" a month after we were married, I don't see how we would've made it happily. We've grown up a bit...at least most days.

With that said, our life is up in the air. We love the budget cuts ASU is getting and not knowing if ASU West will even be open next year. So its like, well we could renew our lease, keep our jobs and be stuck here for another year (yes stuck where no one visits....ehum Rapiers when your 3 miles away but you could go see the Echols. Nice.) and Cody would have to commute to school, or move to Tempe and have to search for jobs again (oh wait, I do that all the time!) What to do. What to do. My headache just got worse.

I have nothing else on my mind other than being nauseated and hungry.

February 18, 2009

The Perks

I guess being a janitor at a 5 star (I'm assuming) has its perks, like first off cleaning up after rich people and taking their tips, which happen to be, "you should clean the dust off the tv." "Thanks, I'll get right on it." But there are also days like today where you run into Kix Brooks, ya know from Brooks and Dunn, playing golf and cleaning toilets with him near by and him carrying on a conversation with yours truly about concerts and he can get me back stage passes and tickets for their next tour. I was giddy like a little school girl as I stood there with my broom in hand, smiling at him and WISHING that the above had happened but instead, I saw him approaching and all of me froze except for my eyes which followed his every move. He probably was thinking, "Dang these are some clean toilets and sidewalks, she should go far in life." or at least thats what I tell myself. I didn't get a picture and I didn't even get to sing "Neon Moon" or "My Maria" or "Brand New Man" which I am so upset I didn't. Had I have done that, and you best believe that he would've asked me to be his opener on his next tour.

However, I've had those songs stuck in my head since then.

And yes I was star struck.

Comments I got from people when I told them:
Mom: "Did you get an autograph or smile or anything? Did he use your clean restroom?"

Taralee: after telling her I wish I would've sang, "You should've sang, I'm a "Hard Working Man"...or lady."

Ryan: "Kick him."

February 17, 2009

Wonderful Moments

Being an LDS church go-er, I have a different up bringing than many in this world. An upbringing that means the world to me and am very proud of. I was brought into this world and to no one's surprise, cried. I was given a name and a blessing which was Danica Leone Reidhead. Do I remember this day? Absolutely not. But my mom recorded what my dad said on that day and I still have it in my scrapbook, which I read not too long ago and cried. My mom still has my little white dress and my baby blanket at her house. I will pull the blanket out from time to time and hug and squeeze it.*

Then 8 years later I met with the Vernon Branch President who asked me if I wanted to be baptized and if I had a testimony of Jesus Christ. I remember crying in his office (shocker...me crying) and telling him I did. The arrangements were made and after my 8th birthday party in Show Low at the Dairy Queen, I went home and got dressed in another white dress that we borrowed from a friend down the street. I remember there were a lot of people there supporting me and I was a little nervous. I came out of the water knowing I did the right thing and then immediately started shivering. I got dressed, came out with a nice french braid and was blessed with the Holy Ghost. I remembering just crying the entire time and then shaking everybody's hand and giving my dad a really big hug.

Nine years later, I was a junior in high school. I knew everything about the world. I owned it and everyone bowed to me and if they didn't then that was their problem. General Conference weekend in April 2004 I received my Patriarchal Blessing. I wasn't wearing white but I was once again clean and pure and ready to hear what the Lord wanted to have me hear. The Patriarch was Lavell Owens who was my intermediate school principal who I reported to when I lit a match in the library. Who knew burning books was a crime. (No books were actually burned...I blew the match out too quick. Oh but the thrill.) Anyways, my parents were there with me and after the blessing my mom was crying and my dad told me that there were some special things said. Now when I read that blessing, I can still hear Mr. Owen's voice and feel that same sweet spirit.

Another three years later, I decided I didn't own the world, nor did I have anything to my name other than the rent bill and a bank account. I learned some hard lessons and became a better person through my trials. Moving away was tough but I knew I could go home whenever I needed to and that I had family I could rely on. After a year of college and going into my second year, I figured, its time to grow up. Its time to move on with life and figure out just what I want to do. I prayed and prayed and tried my hardest to do what I was supposed to when I was set up with Mr. Cody Claridge. Who knew. I didn't until about 3 days after meeting this new guy that I would marry him. Seven months and three days later we met at the Mesa Temple. We both looked our best in our white clothes and knelt across the alter and said yes through some tears and I became Mrs. Danica Leone Claridge. I was scared to death but Cody looked calm and collected. Since that day, my life has changed in more ways than one. I love it.

A year and a half later, we've created bonds and companionship but the biggest news is our little baby. I was nervous about the appointment with the whole awkwardness but once I met the doctor it was fine. She is really cool. They did the ultrasound of the baby that is about 3 cm big and we oo-ed and aw-ed but then she pushed on my belly and the baby moved. He/She started kicking his legs and arms. Cody and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Surprisingly I didn't cry at the appointment but I am now. I know that this pregnancy is a great thing! A very rewarding experience (once the puke is cleaned up) and that it has already blessed our lives so much. The pregnancy became more real today seeing the little ankle biter and I'm smiling ear to ear.
I guess my whole point of this post is, each step in our lives prepares us for the next...at least a little. I don't know how prepared I could actually be for a baby but I know just from reviewing my past that the Lord has blessed us and will continue to do so as long as we try our hardest. I'm thankful to have been born to goodly parents and into an LDS heritage. I'm thankful that they tried their darndest to teach me what was right and I hope to teach my little one the same things.
*=I had this blanket my Aunt Liz made till I was in 5th grade and then I was dared to not sleep with it. I took it everywhere and if it ever got left, I thought I would die. If I stayed the night at a friend house I would fold it up really small into a small pillow case, then at night I would find the edge and rub it. One time my family bought me a book called, "bye bye blankie" when I was like 7 and I cried and cried. I DID NOT want to get rid of it. If it got holes in it or the binding came unstitched I would sew it up myself. It is completely see through now and it has been "laid to rest" in my hope chest. I hope my baby is a blanket baby.

February 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. My stomach is really upset right now. Guess the fudge cicles weren't the right choice...maybe I'll eat another one to make sure.

2. Cody wants to move to Seattle. I just laugh.

3. I'm SO nervous for delivery. How does it really work?

4. I'm out growing my "underwears" already...along with the rest of my clothes. I think if I just sucked in again I'd be fine.

5. I threw up stomach acid. Whats worse? Throwing up food or dry heaving?

6. Cody cuddles with me but he is usually pushing his head against my ribs. Comfy. But it makes me laugh.

7. I wake myself up by snoaring.

8. I breathe harder and drool all the time. I should bust out the bibs for myself.

9. I'm making signicantly less a month yet we've had enough to meet our bills. The Lord has blessed us.

10. I have my first appointment tomorrow. I hope its not uncomfortable but I'm guessing it is for every woman.

11. I need a hair cut.

12. Cody says I still look good even though I feel like junk.

13. My red roses match my red kitchen perfectly and I wish they were permanent.

14. I took a 2 hour nap today and had wack dreams.

15. I think to myself all the time that soon enough I'm going to be huge. I really am not prepared for that. Its a weird feeling knowing you can't really control how big you get...at least completely. I've never had a perfect waist line but it wasn't horrible either. Now I just look at myself and kinda shake my head. Its hard for me to explain.

16. I want to go to Rocky Point and dream about it almost every night.

17. I cry at the drop of a hat.

18. I cried because I missed church again. I hate it.

19. I went to the store with Cody today in my pajamas, slippers and two coats because I was freezing (always am). He told me to quit dragging my feet because it was loud so I started walking like a chicken/dinosaur. He then told me to go sit in the car but I didn't. I said "Nope you made me come, I'm going to embarass you." Mission accomplished. As I stood in line, I caught "Mrs. Prada" staring at me. I looked at her, smiled and said, "How are you?" in a very friendly voice. Boy did she feel stupid.

20. I caught a new look in Cody's eyes today as he was sitting there studying. It was like an innocent child look. It was very sweet.

21. I love the Dairy Queen commercial where the dad tells the little boy he can have a bite if he says, "Anti-disestablishmentarianism" (sp?). The little boy says it and the dad says, "I knew I should've asked him to spell it." Wife: "You can't even spell it." The little boy has the cutest laugh ever!

22. I think we'll make one good lookin kid. I can't wait to meet it...even tho I'm still nervous for labor.

23. I love people's comments on my blog.

24. I'm almost out of sweetarts...yes I know that was quick.

25. I want everyone to know I've had two little slices of that cheesecake while Cody has almost finished it. My heart is swollen with pride.

I guess thats enough. Throughout the day, I can think of a million but I go to write them and all of a sudden...blank. I love you all!

Our Valentine's Day

Cody was lucky enough to have the day off even though he had to study the whole time. I had to go to work and clean my little heart but I was home by five. I began to put the key in the door when it just flew open! Cody said I was home way too early and he wasn't ready. Then I looked at the kitchen table and there was a dozen red roses and a bag of sweettarts. My absolute favorite for Valentine's! I looked and said, "OH YAY sweettarts!!" He was shocked at my reaction but yes the flowers are gorgeous and smell so good.

Well I got myself ready for dinner and a movie oh and Goodwill. Cody had dinner on the table by then which was a full chicken and some rice, sparkling grape juice and we topped it off with my homemade cheesecake that my mom has made for my dad for 30 years so I've been carrying on the tradition. Hey its cheap and easy and tastes amazing! We went to Goodwill and bought some two kid books that are classics and then went to the movie, "Confessions of a Shopaholic". Its a pretty cute movie. We came home and I crashed (so romantic) but I loved the evening with Mr. Cody. He is such a kind and sweet man and has no problem telling me and showing me how much he loves me. He's such a giver (and I the taker). I love him so much and I love how much our relationship has grown.

February 13, 2009

Thank You Plunger Stories

Last nite I got to go to enrichment. I have not been to an enrichment activity since...uh since I was the teacher in singles ward. (at least that I can remember). Cody told me, "No offense Danica, but I need you to go so I can do homework." Basically, "You're loud and obnoxious when I'm studying." (only studying?) Well I went not sure what to expect but we made Valentine's cards. I sat down while everyone ate (they only had salads...no thanks) and then everyone came around me. Before ya know it, I'm telling stories about my miracle job as a janitor and how I had to unclog toilets! I had everyone laughing. I was reminded then just how cool I am! So this will probably be the only positive shout out towards my job....thank you for the clogged toilets today so I could make friends!

I just decided my life for entertainment is not complicated.

February 6, 2009

I'm Gonna Go Ahead and Pout

Ok, today I had a job interview for an Administrative Assistant. Its about 25 minutes from my house and it seemed like a real nice place to work. I went in today as confident as could be (but not annoying) ya know just believing I had what it took to impress the interviewers. Two hours later, slap in the face. Its not that I don't enjoy being humbled, its more like, "Dang! Am I that bad?" I keep telling myself the Lord has other plans for me and its nothing to be bummed about. I guess what I was so excited for was that it was a Mon-Fri job 7-4. Weekends off! Great pay. Damn. I keep wanting to cry and I'll start to so that stress can be relieved but at the same time I can't. I just can't do it. I don't know whether its because I'm so frustrated with job searching and wanting to know how the future will pan out (at least just a little bit and whether or not we'll actually be able to afford our bills on the "above average" cleaning wage that I'm making.) Who knows. I know our situation could be so much worse and its not like I'm complaining about our situation. I'm just having a problem with my self confidence that's getting flushed down the toilet (probably a toilet I'm cleaning). I'm worried I won't be able to find a job once I start showing because lets be honest, who in their right mind is going to hire a pregnant woman who will leave for at least six weeks at some point in time. Not anyone I know of. I even went to JoAnn's tonight to cheer up and buy some material for the quilt but I had forgotten that I lost my debit card the other day. (I found it right after I called and cancelled.) So there I felt like more of an idiot and wasn't too enthused on my way home...and even the radio annoyed me! Oh and did I mention, I heard my bad luck song today. Go figure. A day like today isn't on my favorites list.

Go ahead and boost me back up even if ya gotta lie.

(I think my emotional break down will begin when Cody gets home. Lucky guy always sees me at my best.)

Could End Up Just Being a Nice Thought

This is the quilt I drew that I want to make for the little baby. As you can tell, I'm betting on a boy, but I could easily buy pinks and reds instead. I look at it and think, dang thats a lot of triangles but I'm up for a challenge.

February 2, 2009

Babies! Babies! Babies R Us

Our baby is going to be a product of thrift stores and if we're lucky, Walmart. Not that its bad thing, just dreams were put to reality tonight when we did some LOOKING/SEARCHING at Babies R Us and Target. My word the necessities are so expensive. Guess I should've been in there two months ago figuring that out haha. Here ya go baby, let me just give up my body for you and along with every penny I've ever earned! While I sat there in the store in complete aw and wonderment and also shock I was very excited. I ran around looking at everything! I tried to find out what I like better, planes, trains, farm animals, jungle animals (for a boy) or which flower pattern for a girl. (Lets be honest, we're going to get something universal but its fun to dream and imagine the perfect little nursery) I think the best part was trying out the rockers and gliders. I love going shopping and sitting! haha. Hopefully I can talk Cody out of the $20 stroller that I think is intended for a baby doll and that its ok to buy quality stuff because we plan on a couple more kids! I know he'll pull through and I know somehow we can scrape up the money. I hear beggers make more money than ever expected. Maybe I'll do that out at the golf resort. The can will read, "Please help support the cleaning lady's baby."

(I accept check, cash, and pay pal!)

Mmm Ice Cream

I could eat all day...or at least think about it because I try to and then I would just rather starve than gag down food. Somehow tho I'm managing to gain weight. Typical. Well last week Cody bought Blue Bell ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip. It is absolutely amazing and it is my favorite brand of all time. Well we usually try to eat equal amounts but he had an extra bowl one day. I was wanting to finish it today but then I probably forgot what was I was doing when I opened the freezer door. Tonite he pulled it out and got a spoon and was about to finish it off when I interrupted his DREAM. I told him it was mine and I wanted it. He put it on the table and said "fine you can have it" in the most saddened voice ever so I said, "We can share just give me two bites." "All there is is two bites." We started eating as he spoon fed me as I read blogs and I started to notice how my bites were absolutely tiny and his were heaping. I called him out. He knew he was guilty and started to laugh but he finished the last big bite when I had a mere taste!

Oh I just read this to him and if I could record his voice everyone would know he is lying because he is yelling, "WHATEVER! You're such a freakin liar! Whatever! Tell them I'm not a liar and that I gave you huge bites." "Mhmm!" (like a black lady) is my only reply.

The Super Bowl and Cody is Going to Kill Me

Oooook, last nite we watched the Super Bowl as did every other American I know except for a couple of in-laws which I'm sorry but it makes you un-American. haha. But go ahead...have your goals haha jk! (I'm laughing pretty hard at how funny I am right now.)

During the game, I actually paid attention. I knew what was going on most of the time but if my mind would wander for a little bit as to what I should eat next or how amazing our pizza was from Little Caesars...yep broke the Sabbath Day for pizza and Dr. Pepper and it was absolutely fabulous to the taste buds no doubt, or that when I close my lips real tight and push my cheeks towards my nose, I look totally ridiculous, or trying to tell Cody funny things that happened during my day at work...ok ok I really did pay attention for the most part. I called Roethlisberger, Ruthlessburger everytime they said his name and thought I was so clever. Cody has gotten good at tuning me out. I'll be honest, I have to tune myself out sometimes.
It was fun watching the game and understanding what was going on and I'll admit, Cody TOTALLY gave up hope at half time. It was sad how he was acting, but not me. I crossed my fingers the whole time and just kept saying, "Come on Cards! Come on!" Oh and Cody did start getting back into the game at the end and I was so proud to be his wife. Then I started impersonating my dad how he would probably be acting about the million personal fouls the Cards got. He would be throwing his hands in the air, leans up in his chair and this mean look comes across his face, snaps his fingers and throws himself back in chair and kinda rubs his head. Believe me...us kids know exactly what I'm talking about. We're talking about the guy who threw a sweater at a ref after a game because well the ref sucked and we had lost the game. Anyways, we were disappointed with the outcome but eh maybe next year, but only if Warner comes back. He is amazing.After the game we watched The Office. Absolutely hilarious. Dwight is the stupidest person ever. I really feel that those that do not watch it are missing out.

Then we turned on my favorite Sunday night show, Desperate Housewives. Yes I know how incredibly ridiculous that show is and how NOT appropriate a lot of things are but hey, my kid can't hear it yet so I am going to continue to fill my life with crap for a few more months before I have to be the role model in this household. Awesome theory I know. Well in this episode, the mother (completely psycho) of Gabby (main character) is telling Carlos (Gabby's husband) that when Gabby was growing up, she was totally jealous of her (the mom) and would try on her shoes and make up and clothes. Basically describing every girl in the world and how they play dress up like mom. Duh. I told Cody I used to do that also and I thought my mom's feet were sooo big but I loved her black and white heals. Pretty sure she still has them actually and they still are too big for me. Cody then looked at me with a complete serious look on his face and said, "yeah when I played dress up, those heals were a b****." I about died laughing. He then realized what he said and he totally didn't mean to say the b word but man was it absolutely hilarious! He tried to pawn the dress up over to his youngest brother Clinton but I just don't buy it because he was SO serious about those heals