July 6, 2011

Fourth of July

Beginning of July 2011

We started off July in Show Low. We got to see Ryan and Kacee's twin baby girls and they are adorable. Pretty sure Ryan is holding Harper and Kacee is holding Teagan. Cole loved Roxie's kennel and we would find his shoes and bear in there like it was his own little fort. We love spending time with family.

The rest of June 2011

June flew by. My mom, tara and her kids came down for a few days and we stayed in a hotel together and enjoyed swimming and splash pads for a few days. Six people in one hotel room equals smelly! Every time we walked into our room we were hit with a wave of....our scent. hahaha. My parents came down another weekend and helped us with some more projects around the house and brought us their old Indian couches...but yes we bought slip covers almost immediately. Then I went up to Show Low and "hung out" for a week. I say "hung out" because I more or less worked my butt off painting my parents basement along with other projects and chasing a toddler. Cole loved being in Show Low and getting to play with Roxie and be outside pretty much all day. He especially loved the four wheeler.