April 29, 2009

What is "It"?....

Well after feeling a little nervous and anxious all day we finally made it to the doctor and before ya know it, they're covering my belly in that goop after she yanked my pants nearly off! I did thank her though for the back ground music and that the goop was warmed up! She started looking. Moment of truth. Was our "it" going to show itself? I could feel it moving throughout the day so I just hoped it was visible! To our surprise, and relief (not the smelly kind) HE was quite visible. ITS A BOY!!!! She did double check a little bit later just in case and well he definitely already has a little bit of an ego! Our little Peanut has a peanut of his very own! Cody was so happy! Smiled ear to ear the whole time and has already put the ultrasound pictures on his phone as his background. I am very happy too and the doctor said that everything looks normal so that was relieving as well! Now on with my planning and projects! quilts, pillows, painting, decor...oh and fat pants. I'm about to out grow some of mine!

April 28, 2009

R.I.P. Itsy Bitsy Mitzi

I got a phone call today from my dad and he informed me they are putting the half blind bi*** down. I immediately said, "No. I want to tell her goodbye." He said, "Yeah its time. She's blowing snot everywhere." "Give her a kiss for me." "Absolutely not. She is rotting." Its true, the poor little dog has been rotting for years and smelling up my parents whole house with her diseased back and since they just spent oodles of money on new carpet, I doubt they want that smell around again. So Rest In Peace little dog.

I will never forget just how little you were when mom and dad brought you home. I woke up to a little rat looking creature sleeping on my neck but you were cute.

You never could figure out how to drink from a water dish because you never learned to suck so we had to get you a rabbit feeder because well you're a bit handicapp.

I'll miss how you broke up play fights and would attack anyone who tried to "hurt" mom but most of the time you got kicked out of the way while us humans had our fun.

I always wanted to put clothes pins on your ears so they would stay down so you would actually look attractive and not like Yoda but you wouldn't let me.

You weren't that into fetch.

Everytime you went pee out front you would take forever and we always said, "potty up." Thats how you knew what you were supposed to do. Sometimes in the snow though, you barely made it two feet before just squatting on the porch because you were such a wimp when it came to cold weather.

You always had a way of tattletaling on the other dogs when they messed in the house.

Your labor was always so dramatic and dad would have to pull your puppies out for you but you were a good mom.

We all thought it was hilarious when you started going blind and you would run into things but now I feel bad for laughing.

I think the funniest thing anyone ever called you was "Half-blind Bi***" when Rustin commented about you getting lost in Ruidoso and mom and Ryan looked for you forever.

Once you became diseased I never really pet you anymore but I was always happy to see you and glad you greeted me everytime I came home. You were a very forgiving dog because I remember several times I told you to "shut the hell up" if you barked more than two times.

When you started itching constantly thats when you were renamed from Itsy Bitsy Mitzi to Itchy Bit**y Mitzi but it was a nickname out of love!

So farewell my little dog that I grew up with and always made room on the couch for. I will miss you and I hope my mom is able to hold up without you. You were definitely her favorite...next to Rustin of course.
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What Will "It" Be?

Today is the day...ya know THE DAY where we will find out what we're having exactly so we don't have to call it, "it"....its just so impersonal. We're excited and last night Cody would say, "less that 24 hours." "About 15 more hours" then this morning when we woke up he walked over to my side of the bed and got in my face (morning breath from both of us...that'll wake ya up) and with the sweetest look on his face he said, "only 7 more hours." We're both really excited and I'm really excited for the day that Cody can feel it moving. I try to make him feel it but I forget that he or she is still just squirming and not kicking quite yet. I can't believe we're half way there. Last nite I saw some outfits at Costco when we were buying diapers and I wanted to buy them so bad. Maybe I'll go back today (shh don't tell Cody). We both think its a girl but can you ever really know just from instinct? I think not.

April 21, 2009

Rustin Oscar Reidhead

Little Russy (the hussy) was born Nov. 29, 1981, only 17 months after my mom delivered Ryan. I was told just a few weeks ago that my parents thought he was a girl but nope they got another boy and him and Ryan couldn't be more opposite! Here are some funny stories about Rustin...

Rustin, Tara and I all worked at Torreon in Show Low and I'm pretty sure people were amazed at how different we all are and that the place is still standing. Rustin had more hussle than any other worker there or in the history of that place. Many times he told people to "go to hell" on my behalf whether it was the boys my age who were rude at times, my boss who called me BURLY, or the chef who made perverted comments. Of course, Rustin is also the one who nicknamed me Manica and I sure hated/hate it but I find more humor in it now. I never thought it would stick but yep!

Rustin is the talented (aka favorite) of the family and he knows it and walks a little more proudly now that we acknowledge it more. Of course he still comes in second to the half blind "dog".

When Cody and I went to New York and crashed at his crib (its about the same size of a crib actually) we were buying tickets for a broadway play when a guy came around handing out Free Drink passes for a bar down the road. He gave two to my mom and then looked at me and said, "and a shirley temple for the little one." I laughed. Then Rustin walked up and said, "oh and a Doc Holladay for you." No one can ever guess Rustin's age!

Rustin does the most annoying trick in the book....repeatedly. If you ask him to throw you something he'll pretend to throw it over and over and over.....AND OVER again just to see how many times you'll fall for it. So annoying. One time he did it with a big package of toilet paper and I kept putting my hands up to block my face but the one time I didn't fall for it, he actually threw it and it hit me in the face resulting in a bloody nose.

He can yell ridiculously loud and it is real intimidating. When he does it I never know if he's kidding or for real because its so believable.

When we used to carpool to work at blessed Torreon, I would fly around the round abouts in my red station wagon (lovingly passed down from Taralee) and he would sit in the passenger seat and make tire squealing noises. I'd say, "quit squeailng my tires." By the end of the summer our tire noises were perfected! Last month when he was here, I was dropping Cody off at school and he did it. Classic.

He dances better than anyone I know and I know he thanks his Carmen Electra dance videos. He's taught me a few things.

Rustin always makes me feel good because he laughs at my jokes....well he's probably laughin at me but thats ok.

We're the only family who understands the "shoulder shake" laugh. Its as funny the millionth time as it was the first.

He let me drive his BMW for about two minutes before losing hope and telling me to get out. That time I knew he wasn't kidding when he yelled. haha.

We nicknamed our boss Carey Bennett, CB for two reasons...Care Bear or Crazy B****. For Christmas Rustin gave me the idea to give him a great big Care Bear and I did.

I now realize Rustin put thoughts in my head that sounded cool but once I did them, I looked like a total idiot. I was a his ginny pig.

He always won best dressed on Cowboy night and always clogged for everyone. Also his boots had no insole and he would have nails stabbing his foot. What that kid won't do to win a competition.

He took me running one time and his encouragement was more like a guilt trip for not keeping up with him. I couldn't walk for two days. I haven't ran with him since.

He wore nylon plaid blue pants to work on the 4th of July and he stayed up with me that night after he convinced me to make a festive shirt. I hung beads off of the sleeves like the shirts my mom used to make us girls when we clogged. Again...ginny pig.

When he broke his ankle, I never once heard him complain about it hurting.

At All-State Choir his senior year, he had the said broken ankle but only had a soft cast on it after his surgery. For some stupid reason he had to be in the very back row, dead center on the risers. He crutched out on stage, he tried to crutch up the riser and his crutch slipped out from underneath him resulting in a fall. He ate it hard! He jumped up and hopped up the rest of the risers and over to the center. The whole theatre gasped and my dad barely caught it all on tape. Of course we all laughed but we did wait for him to pass out but he never did. On the tape my dad whispers, "who's kid is that?" hahaha!

He came to my second prego appointment and probably saw more than he wanted but he got to see and hear the baby's heart beat.

I love Rustin and have always been thankful for his willingness to help out and the fact that he can entertain anyone. He's an awesome big brother and an awesome example in so many ways.

I would put pictures but I know my internet will disconnect if I do anything but type.

April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Well this Easter will forever be marked as memorable because I GOT to play the Easter Bunny at work. I have never been so claustrophobic, hot, sweaty, and itchy in my life....except for in tanning beds. I took this picture in the locker room as I was getting dressed.

I forwarded it to people and said, "They said I looked like an Easter Bunny but I felt like a jackass." I really did.

The kids all loved me though....except for the two youngans who were totally shaking and screaming at the top of their lungs. I wanted to whisper to one boy, "Easter Bunny eats little boys." in a real scary voice but I was told very specifically not to talk! I did take a real deep breath when I was close to a little girl and she looked at her mom and said, "I can hear it breathing." It was hilarious.

Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

Cody had to go to the Diamondbacks game for an assignment for one of his classes (after you pay for the tickets). We had a great time minus the two slivers in my foot. He bought me cotton candy which I have wanted since we went to the Graham County Fair back in 07!!! He went to the bathroom and came back with it and said, "I knew you'd complain and whine until you got it." Nothing like a back handed sweet gesture! I enjoyed every bite! We also bought two "value" hot dogs. Meaning they're $1.50 which is saying, "You're not good enough for the $5.00 hot dog" (which probably tastes the exact same) The Diamondbacks won 8 to 4 I believe and I was growing restless after 3 innings so you can imagine how I was in the 9th inning when the pitcher just couldn't manage to get that third strike!

April 7, 2009

Meeting Up With the Parentals

The Parentals came into town for a doctor appointment on their home from Texas and so we met them at Olive Garden. I was so happy we got to see them. They both look so good because of the diet they've been on but it was hilarious when they reviewed their weekend eating. It started off with them saying they did pretty good but as they kept thinking about it, their list got pretty long of junk food and we got a kick out of it. Specially the part of them eating ice cream for breakfast, right before their Sausage McMuffin from McDonald's. According to dad, it was better than he thought it would be! It was amazing to me how much we talked about in that short time frame and how happy they were considering they had been up since 3 or 4 in the morning! We're glad they made it home safely....with only one close call on the 101. haha. We love you and thank you for dinner! It was delicious!

The Weekend in Thatcher

Crazy Logan
Miss Kate

So I tried to come up with a catchey title but seriously my mind is totally blank.

Anyways, we started out our trip about 10:30 (ok that WAS the planned time but I got a little side tracked and finally at 10:42 Cody shoved me out the door...which led to me forgetting my camera). Things went smoothly until we hit construction outside of Globe for about 40 minutes which resulted in the biggest tickle fight ever. I'm pretty sure every tendon, ligament and muscle in my left hand was pulled, stretched and tweeked but it was so worth it. In Globe we ate Taco Bell and this is the start of ALL the Mexican food during the weekend (still suffering from it). Finally we pulled into Thatcher, the most windy I've ever seen it and headed to the church to help decorate for the party! The party was a lot of fun and it was so good to catch up with everyone! We were served taco salad. That night Cody and I stayed at the Rapier's house, ate Blue Bell Mint Chip ice cream and KILLED Shannon and Ryan at THEIR game Carcassone. It was beautiful. Last time we played with them, we beat them too. I think they regret teaching us how to play but we will forever enjoy the taste of victory (I'd also like to say, they slotter us all of the time).

Saturday Shannon and I went to a few garage sales where I found a lamp, antique mirrors, and a train for the little one. Cody keeps saying he likes the lamp and I think he now trusts my taste. Its only taken two years!! We all went out to lunch at La Casita. I have been craving that place since we moved and I believe I ate about two huge bowls of chips, a whole salsa dispenser and my whole burrito by myself. Just thinking about it makes me sick but it was so worth it. Then we went to Marilyn's and hung out all day just doing whatever and keeping my language under wraps which I was pretty much successful except when I was playing trains with Shannon and Melinda. I was so close to an amazing play when Shannon calls out as nicely as possible but it was more like I-love-sticking-it-to-ya type voice "Last turn." I just stared at the board and said, "da.......dangit." She ended up winning. Go figure. Mexican left overs were served but I didn't eat...anything. I was still stuffed from lunch. That night Cody, me, Shannon and Ryan stayed up till 1:30 just chit chatting and watching the Rapier's 2008 video which left me in tears yet again. Oh how I miss going over there whenever and babysitting their kids. There is a little girl, almost 10 so not THAT little, who constantly is watching what I'm doing which is actually pretty scary. I will just apologize now for anything she does because I corrupted my best friend growing up too and I still think some of her choices were because of my influence.

Sunday I tried to listen to conference but I just decided when there are that many people around, I can't concentrate worth a darn so I gave up and played with the kiddos and that was my heaven anyways. I just can't believe how much they've all grown up!! We made our way home at five but had a few delays like me throwing up right after eating some dinner but made a safe return from an awesome weekend.

Oh and several relatives made it aware that they blog stalk me. Grand. It didn't really hit me until I was saying my prayers the night we got home that I am A LOT more vocal than the Claridge Clan. I would like to think I am going to try harder to keep myself a little more under control next time but at the same time I think, this is how I am. I'm working on finding a balance.