January 29, 2008

Mom or Marie Look-alike Meter

I have to tell this story before I tell why I originally started this post. (I will tell the story to the best of my knowledge...my little brain doesn't remember all of my dad's crazy stories but I'm trying) When my dad was in college, he and his roommate were at the mall smelling cologne. They looked over and saw Marie Osmond smelling colognes also. They kinda nudged each other so eventually they got closer to her. Then she politely asked if they would mind if they sprayed some cologne on themselves so she could smell the difference because she was buying some for her brother or boyfriend. My dad being the smarty pants he is, sprayed his finger and stuck it out there for her to smell it. Then it was his roommates turn. He sprayed his neck so obviously Marie had to get closer to him. I am pretty sure my Dad has always been jealous of his witty roommate who didn't skip a beat! Anways...I find the next story very coincidental!
For the past couple years...I guess since I got out of the dorky age- like when I grew into my ears and feet and well chubby cheeks, people will randomly be like, "you look so familiar." I just kinda give them a blank stare (you all know the stare) and think to myself, "I've never seen you before in my life." Then after they comtemplate it and there is awkward gawking at me while they study my face they say, "You know who you look like?" Thoughts go through my mind like, "uh probably my mom or dad or sister..." Then they say, "You look so much like Marie Osmond." I just smile and say thanks...guessing its a compliment...I mean its not like I grew up singing along with "The Osmonds". But just to prove that I am my parents child...I look like my Mom more than my Dad, Marie more than my Dad and equally between my Mom and Marie. So I guess, Marie really only did smell Dad's finger and that was the end of their relationship because clearly Jim and Tammy are my parents!

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January 28, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley

I was saddened, yet rejoiced at the news last nice of Pres. Hinckley passing away. I guess I always knew the he would pass away but it still was like, "he's gone." It was strange to think we'll have a new prophet but that is also exciting! I am so sure that he and Sis. Hinckley had a sweet reunion. He taught me so much through out the years and I will never forget the sweet spirit he had with him everytime he spoke or even smiled. What a true man of God.

January 23, 2008

A Shout Out to the Best Man I Know

Let me just say that the Lord knew what he was doing when he placed Cody and I together. There are so many times when I think to myself, "how did we end up together?" And then I decided that it's the littlest things that Cody does that makes me fall more in love with him each day. He is constantly caring for me. He never judges me and he is a constand comfort...even when he's the reason I am mad. Sometimes, ok most of the time, I am not very good to Cody and a lot of the times its hard to learn how to just be nice but no not for Cody. Each day he loves me. Each day he does his best in all he can just to make me happy. Last nite after a deep conversation, I started thinking to myself, "how would I ever live with out him?" He really is my best friend and continually does so much for me and never puts himself first. There are times (probably countless) where we have been arguing and I would be yelling and screaming and just wanting to have a nice punching bag but what Cody does is so influental. He sits there and just dwells on all of the good that we have been blessed with instead of the question, "what if" or "how come". His faith is so strong and amazing and I just wanted to give a piece of Cody to everyone of what a lucky girl I am. Any other person would've dumped me along time ago but I am so thankful Cody has patience for me. I love you BABE so much!

January 16, 2008

My Quilt in Progress!

I decided to make a quilt to keep my hands and mind busy while Cody does homework. I like to have some sort of project to keep my mind occupied. This quilt will be about 7.25ft x 7.25ft! I plan on quilting it...with lots of help of course (hint hint).
Half way there!

This is after the second night of sewing for a few hours.
This is what I accomplished the first night of sewing...after cutting out all the blocks.

January 14, 2008

A Lacking Post

These are the stockings I made along with a few other decorations that I had made or got from my mom! Those are my "Family" blocks my parents made me- they are now on our book shelf and I love love love them!
This is the cute window treatment that I came up with with the left over balls and garland because the tree was so small. I know this is all outdated but I wanted to share anyway. This is what our house looked like with the other decorations. It was cute! And then this is the board I got for Christmas. It is hung in my red, yellow and black kitchen.
It is really cute!

January 7, 2008

Take Me!

Hello everyone, this is Cody. I know I have never posted anything on "our blog" as Danica puts it, but I had to tell this story because it's so funny; well at least to me. So last night, Danica and I pulled out my brand new marble chess set I got for Christmas ; (Thanks Jim and Tamra) and we played Take Me. It's not the game you guys are probably thinking of! It's the opposite of chess, you want to lose all your players to win. About the third game of the night, after Danica had taken notes on how all the players move, I was just looking at her. She looked up at me and started to cry! I asked what was wrong? She said she loved the fact I just look at her. Then she says; "but mainly cause I suck at this game!!!" I started laughing, my Danica crying cause she can't win. It's ok though, she almost beat me the last game. She learned quick and is so smart. I just love her to death.

The Judd's

So over Christmas break we were all sitting around and we started watching Wynonna Judd's Tribute to Ice Skating or something like that. Her and her mother were singing the "Love Can Build a Bridge" song. At first it was just Wynonna singing then out came Naomi. They walked to each other and when they met they held hands and looked into each other's eyes and kept singing. Well after the song was over, Cody leaned over and whispered in my ear, "are they together?" I just gave him this look like, "You can't be serious...but you are!" I said, "No! They are mother and daughter!" He said, "Well I couldn't tell and they were holding hands and gazing into eachother's eyes. What am I supposed to think?" We all got a real kick out of it! My husband...makes everyone laugh without trying!

January 2, 2008

My Favorite Dad

This is my Dad's birthday card! I decided to just write a few stories about my dad that I will never forget.
Most stories take place when I was real young...I have always been a smartie!
I'm sure everyone knows these but its things I'll never forget!

I came home from my friend Vanessa Rohrer's house but when I was there I realized how big her dad's hands were. Plus to a little girl, they seem huge. That night after eating dinner, I said, "Dad, Vanessa's dad has real big hands." He just nodded and said, "Yes he does." I said, "But its ok Dad, you have a big belly!" He looked at me like, "I'm so happy you're my daughter."

The next happened when Dad was replacing fence in our "BIG" back yard and I sat in the truck! Like I said, things look a lot bigger when you're little. I just sat there and fiddled with his steering wheel cover. I took it off, then put it back on and did this for quite some time. Well all of a sudden, I had the urge to pee. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to bother Dad while he was working and I couldn't just squat outside because the neighbor boys might see me, and of course the house was too far away so I sat on DAD's side of the truck and went. I then just crawled over to the passenger side and waited. There was no way I was going to sit in my pee...I probably even knew I was going to get in trouble as soon as he sat down. Well he finished up the fence and hopped in the truck. As he sat, he slowly turned and looked at me and said, "Why is my seat all wet?" I just hung my head, "I had to go and I knew I couldn't make it to the house." He never seemed upset but I am so sure that he was. I mean afterall...it was his priceless truck.

Then there is the famous story of me being left outside in the FAMOUS TRUCK and froze. I know it was by accident tho.

We had rabbits...lots of rabbits and rabbits reproduce well like rabbits so they were everywhere it seemed. My dad built the cage under the road in the bridge which was very clever and so resourceful. We went to church and there had been a lot of moisture that year. My dad left church to go check on the animals and wouldn't you know it, there was water actually going under the bridge...probably the first time to happen since they had put it in. He became a rescuer and saved a lot of his bunnies....even to the extent of blow drying them dry. It was a sad day for Jim Reidhead.

In 5th grade dad was my teacher. He loved it! The first day, of class he asked me what I thought of his teaching. I told him he talked with his hands too much. The next day he tried sitting on his hands. He asked me what I thought again. I told him he talked too much now. The next day, he tried to sit on his hands and just get straight to the point. He had a swivel chair and sat in the front of the class. He turned around to write on the chalk board and bent over and he was "SMILING" so big. I tried to be real nice and tell him through my laughter, "Dad...Dad your crack is showing" but he couldn't make out what I was saying...he was still bent over. Finally I bursted out! "Your crack is showing!" The class roared with laughter. Dad went to the office and requested that I switch classes. I stayed in his class all year and we both loved it.

We used to clean buildings and it seemed like me and mom could do it so fast. Dad vacuumed while we did everything else. Finally I told him in my rude teenage way that he was SLOW. He said, "Danica, I'm not slow, I'm steady." That was all he said and he meant it.

Another time we were cleaning it was raining real hard. There was lightning and thunder all around us. We had to go through a gate that someone had to unlock but who?...DAD! Well right as he got to the gate and got the key in the lock, mom told me to honk the horn, I did and I have never seen Dad come so unglued! He jumped and probably thought he was going to die. Me and mom laughed so hard!

I have so many stories so we will just fast forward to now.

Now as a married girl it really hits home how much a good Dad like I had can influence a life. I know Dad has taught me so much and has always provided for our family and been worthy of so many things! I love him with all my heart and am so thankful for everything he has ever done for me. He and my mom made my wedding day beyond special and they sacrificed so much for me and I will never ever forget it. Thank you Dad for teaching me all that I know and for helping me stay focused on finding the man of my dreams who will always be right there for me.