June 23, 2009

Temple Trip

Sorry there are no pictures of us but even if there were just imagine the temple with two people standing in front of it trying to take a self portrait. Thats all Cody and I have. One day our kid will be big enough to snap a few...I hope.

I'm not sure what I would classify this week as. Nice cuz I'm only working a few hours? Stressful because I'm only working a few hours? Anxiety about moving? Hot? Sweaty? Edgey? Moody? Cry on a dime? You name it.

It was sure nice going to the temple tonight but we almost had a nice set back. We stopped to get Cody some garments (his late father's day present...exciting) and the lady behind the counter pointed out his recommend was expired!!! What?!! Mine isn't? So how is his when we renewed them on the same day? Interesting. We figured we'd try to get into the temple anyways and that they'd have mercy on us! We walked right up to the counter and sure enough those sweet little old people CAN see AND HEAR when the computer says, "sorry expired" or whatever it does. Fortunately the temple president came out and chit chatted for a while and let us in. I was so happy. Like I said, it was a perfect time to be there with my emotions off the charts.

It was beautiful and uplifting as always. We sat in the celestial room and I just bawled. Cody just sat in silence with me and held my hand and to me it was the best feeling. He then put his hand on my belly and said, "this is like one of the last times that you, me and the baby will be in the temple together." I said, "for at least 19 years." You can imagine my thoughts. I love the temple. I love that even with the hussle and bussle of our lives, there is a place for peace and a place to escape it all! What a blessing.

Before going into the waiting room I was trying my hardest to hurry and I got cut off by two ladies...one a little older...maybe in her 60's? Well as she walked up the stairs in front of me, poor little thing just couldn't control her flatulence. I thought I was going to die laughing. Cody saw me and thought I was crying...which I was but only because I was holding in my laughter! Classic.

June 22, 2009

27 Weeks

Well this is me at 27 weeks. Don't mind the blood shot eyes. I guess I should stand up straight but oh well! So yes I'm definitely pregnant. I have break downs about every 5 minutes about how I'm not ready to say so long to just me and Cody. And because I really don't know how to take care of a baby. And because I think I'm still 17. And because of finances. And because I look at my house (packed in boxes) and think if he comes early, we have nothing for him but diapers and a blanket. Maybe next week will be better once we're done moving and I can actually start getting things for his room. Stress. Stress. Stress.

This past week my mom was in town for a business trip. I got to go hang out with her Wednesday and Thursday night. She is a total clown. We "stopped" by Ross "real quick" and two hours later we decided it was time to go to the next store! We're ridiculous. I think we walked up and down every aisle! I love being spoiled by her. She bought the cutest purple purse (after a whole day of convincing her she NEEDED it). My dad said she looks like a Phoenix Sun now because of her orange hair and purple bag. Hilarious. She was trying on shoes and her foot got a charlie horse and her toes were going every direction imaginable. Strange. I couldn't even look at her foot cuz it looked so painful.
Thursday we got to go to Scottsdale Fashion Square. My word that mall is huge and Up-ity! Like the time we were on the escalator but Cody and I didn't get on right behind my mom and she started talking and then realized we weren't behind her and the two snobs just kept looking at her and she would laugh and then laughed harder and harder. Such a dork! We hit the shoe sale at Nordstroms but weren't impressed...well maybe impressed at how ugly some of them were.
Thank you mom for letting me hang out with you! I loved it. Thank you for spoiling me and giving me a fresh wardrobe of maternity shirts! You're a great shopping partner thats for sure!

Mirabel Baby Shower

So we all know I worked at a rockin' golf resort in Scottsdale for a few months. I really did love the people I worked with, it was just a seasonal job and it was hard not going to church Sundays. Anyways my last week there they threw me a baby shower. They gave me a $200 gift card to Babies R Us and a little basket of baby goodies. I was so giddy!

Me, Kathleen and Jan
Kristina (3 months preggers) , Me, Kathleen
Some of the gang!
A gift basket from Kristina! So stinkin cute! The clothes are adorable!
Ok not to be conceited but I look good.

June 12, 2009


First off, it’s way passed my bed time to be writing a blog post. I have had to get up at 4:15am to be at work by 5am for the last few weeks and its 11:45pm. So I’m pretty tired right now. Luckily though, tomorrow is my day off so I feel ok with staying up past 10(I know that’s pathetic). Life has been interesting here at the Claridge homestead. Danica’s full time job ends Sunday. The good news-she just got a job offer for a part time position that she is going to take!

Almost everyone at Cabelas has had their hours reduced due to lack of customers. Some of the guys in Hunting have had their hours chopped as low as 15 hours a week. The good news-About two weeks ago my manager pulled me aside and offered me a new job. My new title is Hunting Department Merchandiser. Yep, fancy way of saying I’m the stock boy for hunting and I get to try and fix the back end to front in problems. (T. W. S. S.)…..(I don’t know who is reading this, but if you watch the office, you should know what that means.) I get 38-40 hours a week and they’ll work with my schedule when school starts.

Danica and I are very excited for the baby and can’t wait tell he is here with us. We really don’t have much for him now and defiantly don't have any room for him right now. The good news-A girl from Danica’s work threw her a baby shower today and got the kid some cloths, different little things and a gift card to babies R us. Danica is going to have a couple more baby showers with people who care very much for her and the baby. Also, we are moving to a two bedroom, two bath at the end of the month and our rent will be less money than what we pay now.

There always seems to be some problem that Danica and I are facing, but we have kept our heads up and the good news just keeps coming. When I decided to write this post, I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I just wanted to tell everyone that Danica is doing really good. She is such a trooper and is defiantly cute pregnant! She is going to be such a good mom. I don’t know what this kid did in the prelife to get such amazing parents :) but he did something right!

June 8, 2009


So I had my 25 week appointment today and guess what I was told. "You should only gain 5 more pounds this pregnancy. You gained a little much from 21 to 25 weeks." Dangit. Dangit. DANGIT! I was so sad. Uh lady, I like to eat. I am pretty sure I have enjoyed every thing I've eaten and every pound I've gained from it.

So here's to carrots and celery and more walking. Can't wait. (Notice the lack of enthusiasm)

Maybe I'll get a blender and start making soy milk fruit smoothies. Otherwise I don't see a change really happening.