June 8, 2009


So I had my 25 week appointment today and guess what I was told. "You should only gain 5 more pounds this pregnancy. You gained a little much from 21 to 25 weeks." Dangit. Dangit. DANGIT! I was so sad. Uh lady, I like to eat. I am pretty sure I have enjoyed every thing I've eaten and every pound I've gained from it.

So here's to carrots and celery and more walking. Can't wait. (Notice the lack of enthusiasm)

Maybe I'll get a blender and start making soy milk fruit smoothies. Otherwise I don't see a change really happening.


Heather said...

Dang! That's sad. And kind of mean. I virtually spit on your nurse of doctor or whoever told you that.

Jessica Caldwell said...

Don't worry about the weight, it's not like you are a 39 year old women. You are young and healthy, just enjoy being pregnant and worry about it after you have the baby. Or you could live like I do in complete denial that after Payten I gain WAY to much weight and havent done a darn thing about it.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

That just stinks! The sad part is you'll have the baby, eventually get any extra weight off (which I will be surprised if you have any to lose, Danica) and then it's time to do it all again! Welcome to motherhood!!! Now you know why I have a treadmill in my room...too much good food and too many babies! J/K I wouldn't trade one pound of weight for the beautiful experience of motherhood. Stop worrying and just enjoy the ride! You look great!!!

Mckay and Sherry said...

D- your are so funny. You eat to keep that baby fed! And once you breat feed it will all come off. I want to see pictures of you being pregnant!!!

The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

your halarious. You know, like me, food makes you happy. and you know what they say. If mamma ain't happy ain't nobody happy! just remember that! haha your doin great. I'm excited for you!