December 24, 2008

My Long Lost Blog

Oh how I miss having internet access. I realize I had become quite spoiled and I could check anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. I swear I feel as though I have lost a limb that is more important than arms and legs. Truthfully.

Well Thanksgiving came and went and I just barely threw out the last of the leftovers not too long ago...fridge smells quite a bit better. I loved having my parents, mother in law, and two brother in laws at my house to eat. What a feast we had and how absolutely amazing. I disappointed myself with how little I was able to eat cuz I can look down at my belly and it looks as if a whole turkey could fit in. Speaking of turkey, when I got off work that night me and my mom were preparing the turkey. Had I known it would scare my life, I would've done something else. She took the legs the apart so she could clean out the inards (sp?). Not a big deal....they were magically in a bag. I still gagged a little. THEN she reached her hand in there further and snapped something and pulled quite hard. A look of horror fell over my face and thats when I tasted my lunch the second time....and it wasn't as good. It was the neck of the turkey and just writing about it made me dry heave. True story. I loved Thanksgiving and that I was with those I love the most.

Cody and I were able to spend last Saturday night with Shannon and Ryan Rapier. I will never be able to describe how happy I was that they came to visit. I am totally in love with their baby daughter Kate and could not get enough of her. I barely even let Cody hold her. She is the most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on. I have been begging Cody for one ever since. I even offered to pay the Rapiers for her but I guess they know how much she's worth! Thank you for visiting with us, for Road house and for playing games....even though Ryan got creamed. Oh the taste of victory (by Cody and Shannon) I lost just as much....but thats cuz I was focusing on Kate the entire time.

Cody finished his first semester at ASU and did really well in his classes. I do not know how that guy holds it together (well tv and an amazing wife but thats heresay....notice the order haha) I am so proud of his and his accomplishments. He worked, maintained amazing grades, balanced his scheduled and made time for his sometimes psycho wife who has the past of being pretty selfish...but only sunday through friday. I love you Cody. Just a little bit more and we'll be rolling in the dough.....cookie dough didn't actually think I meant cold hard cash do ya? We all know the economic status. Come on!

It is now Christmas and we actually have a full size tree. Last year we only had a 3 foot tree so it was a little out of proportion to the presents but not to the tiny apartment. We decorated for Christmas and I was so excited. Our tree took a while to get to us thanks to David for prolonging his trip back from Thatcher (jk...but I really was annoyed at him for it). The night it showed up I about peed my pants. I then spent the next day making name tags for the gifts. To be honest, my holiday spirit hasn't been quite so cheerful this year as it has in the past but I'm trying. I guess truth is....Santa doesn't work for the U.S. Government and provide for every flipping need....what a croc! I do know that I have been blessed and that I am part of a family who I love more than I can ever express...partly because I cry so much so I kinda just bottle it in but I know I'm not kidding anyone. I have a huge appreciation for retail workers. In all my life, I've gotten the days off I need no questions asked but working at a mall (with low moral) its a little different. On our way out of town today to Show Low we had to stop and buy some oranges and I made sure that the guy who helped us knew how much I appreciated his help and that the store was open. Tonight at the Annual Reidhead Christmas Eve Party which I haven't missed in my 22 years of life, I finally felt the Christmas Spirit. I'm not sure if it was the kids acting out the Nativity Scene and half-heartedly singing traditional Christmas carols, or the food and gifts or the fact that I was able to drive up with Cody safely after getting off work early, talking the whole time and realizing that we do have an awesome life, or if it was the fresh snow on the ground, but I can't help but be a little choked up tonight knowing darn well I should be in bed before Santa comes....AKA Brody waking up and Ryan barging in at the butt crack of dawn. I am so thankful for this holiday season and that my family was blessed enough to all be together. Now Claridge family, I know I stole Cody from you this year and I just want to thank you for it! I can't wait to open the gifts tomorrow and continue to spend time with my family. My nephew Brody is growing up too quick. How am I supposed to get my baby fix when he's a toddler?

I hope I won't be spending much more time in the stone ages and we can get the internet real soon. blogging is so theraputic for me. I don't have to think about what I'm writing and I certainly don't get stressed out and have to use play-doh to relax! Please be patient with us. I love you all and hope the Spirit of Christmas found your hearts! Merry Christmas friends and family!

December 9, 2008


Hi everyone. Danica asked me (her mom, Tamra) to post these pictures to her blog for her. She's quite the little organizer, if I do say so myself. Here are all her tree decorations and presents all wrapped and ready to go on and under the tree. No tree yet but she's hoping her brother in law will bring it to her soon so she can get her tree up. Here it is December 9 and she still doesn't have it up. She's liable to get a little testy if he doesn't show up with that tree pretty soon!!!!

By the way, Danica made most of these decorations herself. The rag garland, the polka dot Christmas balls, the stars, the little multi-colored balls made out of ribbon, and the bells that have a cute little bow tied at the top. She's quite the handy little lady, isn't she???

Danica has been hand-making all the name tags for her Christmas gifts. So cute. See the little ribbons and stuff that she put on them.

Here is a closeup of the bell with the bow she tied at the top to add a little color.
I think this girl may very well have more decorations that her mother!! and that's hard to believe. anyway, look at those cute stockings. She made those by hand last year, too, and came up with the pattern for the little santas she sewed on there all by herself.

Here are some other things she made. See the little santa and the two little reindeer sitting on the top of her candle sticks. She made those last year as well. She even made some for me, too.
We made these trees out of torn swatches of Christmas fabric and dowel sticks during Thanksgiving. They look real cute with the little reindeer sitting at the bottom of them.

Still more decorations. What a festive looking little house. When she gets her tree up, she'll probably be so excited she might pee her pants. hahaha

Hmmm, now that I know her password, maybe I'll have to post some really good stories on her blog. Believe me, we have LOTS of them! haha We love Danica so much. She is talented, beautiful, sweet, feisty, tender, and so much fun. We miss seeing her and hope that she and Cody get to come home for Christmas. We're excited to see them again. We LOVE them!