September 25, 2008

what up

Well tonight we watched The Office and it was hilarious. I looked over at Cody and said, "my life is complete with The Office's theme song." He said, "I know except for that one...wait several times...we were with Rustin and his stupid alarm would be going off at like 4:00 in the morning but he never heard it and it would go off over and over!" Anyways, the best part was Kelly when she was drinking her drink of maple syrup, lemon juice, and other nasty stuff and she looked horrible! We laughed and I am so happy Jim and Pam are engaged. It just better last...we all know how tv is.

I was offered a pretty good "position" at Dillards today before lunch and it was still in consideration. Then they let me know when I got back from lunch that it wouldn't be happening as soon as we thought but there is still a chance. Just depends.

Today I was at the chiropractor because somehow I ended up with the same back as my mother, not to mention the same laugh, sick sense of humor, tender heart, voice, fair skin, quick worker, accent (Cody's words) and other awesome qualities, but anyways there was a man there and we got to talking. He owns a pool cleaning company and wanted to know if I was looking for a job. It might be a pretty good opportunity but I'll just have to weigh out my options....hmm Dillards or Pool Company. Its a toss up.

Cody is so cute.

September 15, 2008

The Best Weekend

I had Friday off and my parents said they were coming down to visit and what not. I was so excited and my house needed the cleaning :D (We all know how that is). Its amazing how big a mess me and Cody can make. Anyways they got into town about 9. We stayed up and chit chatted and then I had to go to work in the morning but Jimmy and Tammy decided to make crepes so they started asking me if I had any fruit. No. Pudding? No. Pie filling? No. Jelly? Yes but its moldy. So they made german pancakes and homemade foam and by foam I actually mean syrup. I guess they had a bit of a miscommunication with the ingredients and the "syrup" just foamed up. It still tasted good don't get me wrong but it was just hilarious. We all joked that we would be gassy throughout the day but I was probably the only one! hahaha.

They hung out with Cody until he had to go to work and went to Costco. PTL I wasn't there. I would've broke the bank aka dad.

Then they came to good ole Dillards and found some goodies to buy and were attacked by the vulture bitties up stairs. I got off work early and went shopping with mom. Mom needed a bra and obviously dad wouldn't want to stay so he came to the house and took a nap. ****I was walking around the bra area putting the big bras on my head. She got one, and then we went on our merry way throughout the mall. We got some good things and went to Ross and bought more stuff...just for us girls but we felt selfish so we bought Cody and dad a tie. We're so thoughtful. haha. We finally came back to get dad cuz he complained we were gone too long and we went to cheesecake factory! It was delicious. I had never had it before but it was so good! And course the cheesecake was gone in like 2 seconds flat. Then they went home. It was so fun just hanging out with them and hearing mom's laugh. It always cheers me up.

****I wasn't actually trying bras on my head to mock people, it was actually the bra my mom ended up buying. By the way-it didn't fit. My head was too big. ...or so I was told to say. jk

And fantastic news-I was given some capris that were a little snug...ok I wouldn't button them cuz it would cut me in half...but I was showing my mom and put them on and they fit perfectly. I was thrilled and so surprised. I guess it does help to stand all day long and get out of the house and quit eating cookies. Who would've thought?

September 12, 2008

a birthday shoutout...about 15 days late

My favorite sister Tara had a birthday and I think she turned like 12 or something...ok maybe it was 25! I can't believe that she is a quarter of a century old but that she is still such a kid (ina good way tara) I've always idolized her for reasons like:

  • she taught me how to vacuum fast and the more pissed your are, the more the likely the vacuum will either quit working and you get more pissed or that slow and steady doesn't always look the best.
  • if you call her a bad word under your breath after she just helped do your hair and you didn't like it, she will slap you hard!
  • it is possible to always be happy
  • i'm the emotional sister who can cry at any given minute and she'll always cheer me up with a dumb remark or a witty comment about so and so
  • salt n peppa made the best music and she can sing every word
  • that even asthma didn't keep her out of 4H and sports. Even when she was practically having an asthma attack during one of her games and didn't tell her coach cuz she wanted to play
  • made me run the mile in 5 or 6th grade at Round Valley and I thought it would be the death of me and I looked up and although she tried to give and encouraging look, she was fighting the laughter
  • somehow convinced me to curl her hair for her wedding pictures and wedding. it took like 6 hours each time but i loved it
  • she hates hard contacts specially when they roll behind her eyes. It happened one time and I have never felt so helpless and afraid for my life at the same time.
  • when she played wii boxing for the first time and thought she was supposed to actually face the person and hit them. I was afraid for my mom that time

And thats why I love Tara. She is the bestest big sister I could've ever gotten! I don't know how she does in Utah with no close relatives but she does. I can barely do it and i'm only 3 hours away. Tara I've always looked up to you and always will. Thanks for always being my friend and looking out for me...even if you were the one responsible for putting me in a situation. haha. I love you!

oh my...a new post?

So you may wonder where we've been...our internet is broken and it is actually by some miracle that it is working today...on my day off. Perfect. I have spent the day catching up on blogs but not really commenting because everytime I change screens I take the chance of the internet quitting on me. We have had a busy month but are hanging in there. The Lord continues to bless us each day... for example. Last nite Cody was at work at Cabela's. He parked between two cars before his shift started and when he was off, went outside to his car and found that one car had been stolen and the other one was broke into. Now I guess we could blame it on the fact that the car he drives is just a basic car with nothing special (but believe me its better than the Stratus who's bumper is falling off completely, door handle broken on passenger side, window controls are shoved down into the door, and the hard water in the sprinklers by where I park sprays all over my car everyday and it is caked on. lovely) Anyways, we found it quite a blessing that our car was left untouched. We are truly watched over everyday.

My parents are coming down tonight because they sold the camper so we'll hang out with them and I'm so excited. I haven't seen them in forever!

I work for Dillards now. Its a pretty good job. Its kinda a joke right now because there are more employees than customers and I get really bored but I like that I'm standing all day and not stuck in a chair getting more huge! (I've eaten like half a bag of chocolate chips today...sick but so good)

We got a calling in church for the 10 year olds. Its amazing to me the knowledge a ten year old has of the gospel. I remember when I was in sunday school, I sat in the back and colored my scriptures....yes my scriptures. I have learned more teaching these past two weeks than I have in my whole life. Sad and true.

Me and Cody laid in bed last nite talking about old TV shows we watched and episodes we remembered. Finally about 2 oclock we fell asleep.

I haven't cooked a real dinner since Sunday but it was roast and it was so amazing. We haven't been home for dinner all week. We both eat a bagel sandwich everyday for lunch.

Its amazing to me that paying your tithing really does make money appear in your bank account and all of a sudden there is way to meet all your bills.

Cody rides his bike to school and has lost weight. He also has helped me more with the cleaning. We kinda have an agreement, he does the visual cleaning and I'll do the deep cleaning...the nasty cleaning really.

We haven't really done anything too exciting but we're alive and well and I would say thats an accomplishment in itself!

Also, I got my car washed today and could actually sit outside and enjoy the weather and broken "mister" that just sprayed straight water on me without roasting. I'm so excited for cool weather.