September 12, 2008

a birthday shoutout...about 15 days late

My favorite sister Tara had a birthday and I think she turned like 12 or something...ok maybe it was 25! I can't believe that she is a quarter of a century old but that she is still such a kid (ina good way tara) I've always idolized her for reasons like:

  • she taught me how to vacuum fast and the more pissed your are, the more the likely the vacuum will either quit working and you get more pissed or that slow and steady doesn't always look the best.
  • if you call her a bad word under your breath after she just helped do your hair and you didn't like it, she will slap you hard!
  • it is possible to always be happy
  • i'm the emotional sister who can cry at any given minute and she'll always cheer me up with a dumb remark or a witty comment about so and so
  • salt n peppa made the best music and she can sing every word
  • that even asthma didn't keep her out of 4H and sports. Even when she was practically having an asthma attack during one of her games and didn't tell her coach cuz she wanted to play
  • made me run the mile in 5 or 6th grade at Round Valley and I thought it would be the death of me and I looked up and although she tried to give and encouraging look, she was fighting the laughter
  • somehow convinced me to curl her hair for her wedding pictures and wedding. it took like 6 hours each time but i loved it
  • she hates hard contacts specially when they roll behind her eyes. It happened one time and I have never felt so helpless and afraid for my life at the same time.
  • when she played wii boxing for the first time and thought she was supposed to actually face the person and hit them. I was afraid for my mom that time

And thats why I love Tara. She is the bestest big sister I could've ever gotten! I don't know how she does in Utah with no close relatives but she does. I can barely do it and i'm only 3 hours away. Tara I've always looked up to you and always will. Thanks for always being my friend and looking out for me...even if you were the one responsible for putting me in a situation. haha. I love you!


Taralee said...

thanks for the birthday post! you're hilarious! The 5th grade mile??? What was I thinking? Sorry about that one. I actually felt bad. Especially when you got lapped like 3 times. SAD!
I remember every single one of those incidents. You always make me laugh and you have such a fun/crazy personality. I love you! THANKS FOR THE POST and the dress!
PS. Salt n Peppa is still the best!! ha ha. (Way better than VINCE GILL!)