January 5, 2012

After Christmas pictures and New Years

Rang in the New Year in Thatcher
Brett, Spencer, Melinda
Danae, Lamar
Cole feeding Brett his bottle
Picture Time...

I love these two so much
Cole takes such good care of Brett
One of the thousands of kisses Brett gets from Cole everyday

Handsome boy
attention span is shortening...
Chubby Chub

His new "no-man" from Grandma Rapier. He LOVES it.
OUr Christmas tree right before I took it down. It looks kinda Charlie Brown now from Cole taking off ornaments all the time. There will be more ornaments next year.
tummy time trick...turn the train on and Brett will stay there forever
First time rolling over 1-4-12
Cole had a nice wedgie with his diaper. So funny!

December and Brett is 4 months old!

Brett turned 4 months old on Dec 29. Wow how time flies. He watches everything Cole does which could turn out to be very interesting. He will pick up bad habits before he can even say mama! He is very happy and giggly and sleeps ten to twelve hours a night, sometimes more! He rolled over yesterday, which was January 4, 2012 and we just looked at him in shock! He has been such a blessing in our family and Cole absolutely loves him...except when he's poopy...then we just hear Cole say, "Brett stinky" over and over until we change him. It grosses us all out! We love our little boys and the laughter they bring into our home!