August 30, 2009

You Had a Birthday...Shout Hooray!

So today is my little big sister's birthday! She's growin up on me and I'm not sure what to do. I believe we have become pretty much the best of friends. I totally envy her and all her talents. She always asks me how to do things and I almost hate telling her because then she shows me up...what are sisters for right? haha. Plus when she does things they are totally perfect and done in about 1/3 of the time it takes me. Pretty sure she's the best mother I've ever seen and I hope to live up to her example. She is always there encouraging me about this baby and telling me I'll be great and that he'll be cute!

I think I have aired all her dirty laundry already so I'll give her a break this time! I love you Tara and hope you had a great birthday.

Thanks for that call back ey? ha.

August 27, 2009

Just Takin a Minute

I am just pulling another late night until my stomach quits moving back and forth...oh yeah there's a kid in there!

So George Strait is playin on my computer right now thanks to my brother Rustin's awesome play list. (forewarning...this is going to sound stupid) I don't know what it is about George that just makes me sit back and chill and appreciate my little life. The song is called, "I Get Carried Away" which is alot like this post will be but my house is totally quiet, somewhat organized, clean for the most part...except for the cockroach I just squished on my hand...I'm actually hoping it was a spider (how sad is that?), I'm clean, my teeth are brushed and as I sit here I think what I've been blessed with, the husband I have, the sense of security I get knowing the Lord is watching over my every move and knows every desire of my little heart. Sometimes life isn't easy and as much as I'm glad this is Cody's last year in school, I can't describe how much it depresses me that we're on different schedules and never get to really see each other and if we do we are both too exhausted.

This silence also makes me think of what a better person I can be if I would just apply myself. Ever since we moved to Glendale a year ago, I have hated cooking. In Thatcher it was not a problem. Every night we ate at the kitchen table together and cleaned up together but for the past year I've hated it. I blame it on the heat, the pregnancy, anything I can really and its pretty sad because I know that is one of my responsibilities. Maybe its the lack of fast food in Thatcher. It makes me think, if I can't even make dinner for Cody and I, how will I even be motivated to be a good mom who takes her kids to the park and makes sure they eat healthy. My baby isn't even here yet and I'm already doubting myself and totally discouraged about motherhood. Great. Guess I'll just have to kick myself in the rear.

I do know this....having a cockroach problem (thank you dirty neighbors) has kept me motivated to keep my kitchen clean and sealed up! So maybe there will be some sort of motivation to make me a great mom and wife. We shall see.

Unfinished Nursery

Super cute bedding from my sister!
An ancient dresser than I redid and his changing table pad on top....which I also made.
Another view. Sometimes Cody catches me pushing the stroller around our house. I'm practicing!

Well this is the nursery everyone. It may not seem like much work has been done but you should've seen it two weeks ago! Stuff everywhere. I "thank" the nesting stage for kicking me into gear. Once we decide on his name I will make cute letters to hang above his crib (what mormon hasn't thought of that?) and then also I am hanging a frame over the queen bed once I decide on what I'm putting inside it. I'm thinking a mirror cuz then you can use it in any room but we shall see. I guess if you want a better look, you'll just have to come visit! Like I said, there is a queen bed in there too so we won't put you on the air mattress...unless you wet the bed.

These are my In-Laws

....sometimes they'll claim me...IF I'm on my best behavior and don't teach their children any of my ways! haha. Heaven help em!

36 Weeks and 4 Days

We're getting there folks. I have a contraction every now and again...or what I think are contractions. Who really knows right? Last nite, the one night the sumos are asleep, I was trying to sleep and I would get them randomly. Guess its part of the experience! I also think part of my problem was Taco Bell but thats another story!

This is his crib bedding. Cute! Cute! Cute! More pictures to come!

August 24, 2009

27 Days

So remember back when I announced I was pregnant and quite possibly cried and whined about how we'll never be able to provide him with the things he needs and yadee yadee yadee well the Lord has once again proven to be smarter than me. (pretty tough to that sac religious?) With amazing friends and family and hair stylist and just caring people we have been able to receive the things we need without having to take out a loan for a carseat and crib! (you think I'm kidding? Thats what I thought was going to have to happen.) Anyways I am so excited! I can not wait and I can not believe how MUCH we have been blessed.

Cody did inform me today that this little boy better make his debut before the 21 because he has midterms. haha.

Pictures of the nursery to come. Just finishing up a couple of final touches.

12:54 AM

Eyes sting from being awake this whole time just starring at the computer screen stalking people's blogs.

I think the party is dying down. Once the music stopped I think everyone passed out except for a few.

Please oh please go to sleep soon. This lady needs some rest!

I'm afraid this is going to be a Sunday night ritual. Joyful. Joyful.

August 23, 2009

11:39 PM

I just pounded on the ceiling, clearly hinting at the loud party up stairs to shut the bleep up but it didn't even phase them. They're probably louder now than they were but in reality it is just my tolerance and patience have run out.

I hate popcorn ceilings. It cut my hand up.

Looks like another sleepless night.

So many swear words.

Isn't there a law about having a party after so late and the noise level and open beer bottles? Yes in fact there is but I'm too chicken to file a noise complaint after pounding on the ceiling. It would be too obvious who turned them in, resulting in WWIII! I hope their lease is up soon. I can't handle the noctural sumos any longer!

August 20, 2009

My Strategy

Ok so snce we moved in and got everything hung up and settled, we've had "left over" decorations piling up in the extra room so today during my attempt at finishing the nursery/guest room I moved all of those decorations into my room at the foot of my bed so if I'm thinking if I trip over them enough, they'll find a place to hang. Can't make guarantees but we'll see.

Oh and speaking of "tripping" over things. The other day Cody left his shoes in the middle of the floor. I got sick of asking him to put them up so every time I walked by I dramatically would trip. Before he went to bed he eventually put them up. It was funny. I don't think he appreciated my sarcastic trips!...but I giggled.

Baby Quilt and I Won

I made this baby quilt for our little guy. Its pretty spectacular. Its nothing super exciting or elegant by any means but I just really like it because its a quilt that I specifically made for him. My first born. I hope he likes it.

The apartment complex we live in had a "showcase" where you had to go guess how much they spent on each show case. Thank you Price is Right for helping me out on this one. I think I guessed like 52 bucks or something. Well I won the bathroom show case.
2 towels
1 hand towel
2 wash clothes
bubble bath
foot scrub
wickless candle thing
vase and flowers
I was pretty proud of myself actually. It made me happy.

August 20, 2009

So I have exactly one month until my expected due date. We'll see when he comes tho. I'm getting really excited. Cody says he'll come early by about 3 weeks. I think he'll camp out for an extra week.

My Nights

Cody has to wake up at 4:00 every morning so he usually goes to bed fairly early, resulting in no one making me go to bed so I stay up late usually reading about pregnancy or the Ensign. So about 11:30 I go to sleep and toss and turn until I find that perfect comfy place which happens to be border line middle of the bed. Poor Cody always wakes up on the edge but I just say its the pregnancy.

  • About the time I start drifting off, the sumo wrestlers above us starting walking around and shake our house and with my super sonic hearing I hear every single noise.
  • Somehow I finally fall asleep and as soon as the REM sleep is over, I'm up peeing.
  • Then it takes another hour to fall asleep because the baby thinks its time to play and kick me as hard as he can
  • Finally fall asleep, Cody's alarm goes off and the sumo wrestlers are having a match
  • Pee again
  • Play time once again
  • Realize how much my shoulders, hips and collar bones kill
  • Sun coming up by now and I pray one more time to fall back asleep
  • Want to roll onto my back and just tell myself only 4+ weeks
  • Back asleep until about 8:30 and then I just give up
  • Eat breakfast and drink my fiber water
  • Ready for a nap
  • Pathetic

I would rather just stay up all night and scrapbook or quilt or........or........or........anything but oh yeah those things are only expensive.

Once again....only 4+ weeks.

I'm not looking for sympathy, just voicing my frustrations and writing it down for the kids sake.

August 14, 2009

My Trip to Walgreens

Ok here's a long story made even longer...

Tonight I went over to my friend Monica's house to chill while Cody and his friend Travis played video games (not my cup of tea). She needed to go to Walgreens to fill up her water bottles and I told her I would go with her. We decided to walk seeing as how it would take longer to walk the length of a football field. As we were on our merry way some "bleepity bleeps" decided to throw eggs at us while they were driving approximately 50 miles an hour. I'm not good at math or anything but I do know those eggs had quite the amount of speed behind them before one hit me in the hip and the other hit me right in the arm. Monica got lucky and only got some measly splatters on her. (Its because she's not a huge target). I was IRATE! Really? Who freakin does that? Thats all I could really say. I then looked at my arm and realized, "oh well ain't that something, I'm freakin bleeding because it hit me so hard." I still can't believe it. I said many choice words but mostly to keep my kid from coming out a sailor I just mostly said, "who does that?" Just thinking about it again makes me so mad. I was covered in egg and it even got in my hair. Many of you may be laughing at how comical this is and every once in a while I'll laugh about it but to be honest, its just not that funny. Freakin immature jerks. Like what if it would've hit my stomach instead? (It probably wouldn't have done anything serious but still the thought of). It has been about 3 hours since it happened and the welt on my arm is still there and I have a massive bruise on my hip. If I get salmonella (sp?) from egg getting into broken skin, I'm going to be even more mad! Who knew walking to Walgreens UNARMED could be so dangerous! Oh and just so you know, we didn't turn around and go home, we continued to walk to walgreens covered in egg and get the water. Smelly, sticky and all.

And I know a lot of you think "oh how big could the welt really be?" I don't suggest finding out for yourself but if you do, don't use a pregnant girl as the target but I swear to you, my arm hurts SO bad. I mean come on, the eggshells broke the skin! This is probably my most dead on post I have ever done. No exaggerating here. Cody can attest to that.

August 13, 2009

Hmm...Maybe some news?

So there really hasn't been anything exciting happen in the Claridge home for quite some time. The heat and lack of cash keep us indoors or at a random store just walking around...dreaming what it'll be like to be able to go to a store one day and not have to look at the price tag. Cody asked me, "wouldn't it just be nice?" And I said, "I would have the cricut machine bought in a heartbeat and not even feel bad." (I've been wanting one for what seems like years but obviously I can live without it, I just haven't scrapbooked in about a year and a half.)

We joke we'll win the lottery one day (even though we don't play) but we would still live a pretty simple life. But on the other hand, we've never had millions so its hard to say what we would buy if we did. Like I said I would keep the corolla and I would still shop the clearance aisle. But would I? Millions is just hard to imagine. Now give me $1000 bucks and its all clothes, accessories and whatever craft stuff I want. I just can't picture me with extra money unfortunately.

The 34 week appointment went well. His heart beat is very strong and he moves around so much. I'm afraid he's gotten himself onto a screwy schedule that will keep me up all night so hopefully I can break him of that. Sleeping has become more of a chore than anything at night time but during the day I COULD take a nap every hour but MOST of the time I don't.

We started our birthing classes last nite and watched a birth and then the birthing of the placenta. It was absolutely disgusting. Seeing the baby come out was really cool but not the placenta. Just thinking about it makes my jaw tense up like I'm going to puke. The instructor went around the room and asked what we were going to take from that class and I said, "a stomach ache." (I wasn't kidding.)

It rained all night last night and well into this morning. Hopefully it cools things down a bit.

I'm thinking I want my hair a little shorter. I think its already grown a lot and looking kinda rough, then again, I'm just not good at styling it like a real hair stylist would do. Whatev.

I guess thats it folks. Until this kid gets here, we're just kinda boring.

August 1, 2009

33 Weeks!

Can anyone else believe this? I sure can't. I have been pregnant all of 2009! I told Cody tonight, "I don't even remember what its like not to be pregnant." I don't think I huffed and puffed as much as I do now but maybe.
And I'm also happy to report that I am pleased with this picture. I actually look cute and not homely.