August 23, 2009

11:39 PM

I just pounded on the ceiling, clearly hinting at the loud party up stairs to shut the bleep up but it didn't even phase them. They're probably louder now than they were but in reality it is just my tolerance and patience have run out.

I hate popcorn ceilings. It cut my hand up.

Looks like another sleepless night.

So many swear words.

Isn't there a law about having a party after so late and the noise level and open beer bottles? Yes in fact there is but I'm too chicken to file a noise complaint after pounding on the ceiling. It would be too obvious who turned them in, resulting in WWIII! I hope their lease is up soon. I can't handle the noctural sumos any longer!


Rustino Scar said...

just have cody go up there and ask them to quiet down. Be respectful. If they don't respect your requests, then give the policia a call. Seriously, no telling how long they will be up until. Most like 2. or even 4. IT could be an all night thing. Go now before it gets later. Nip this in the bud.

Scott said...

A helpful suggestion, when Jodi and I lived at our old house our neighbors did the same thing, parting all night long. After going over several times and nothing coming out of it. We started calling the police for a noise disturbance. After a few times of the police coming over they stopped the parting so late in the night. Or just complain to the office at your apartment.