August 20, 2009

Baby Quilt and I Won

I made this baby quilt for our little guy. Its pretty spectacular. Its nothing super exciting or elegant by any means but I just really like it because its a quilt that I specifically made for him. My first born. I hope he likes it.

The apartment complex we live in had a "showcase" where you had to go guess how much they spent on each show case. Thank you Price is Right for helping me out on this one. I think I guessed like 52 bucks or something. Well I won the bathroom show case.
2 towels
1 hand towel
2 wash clothes
bubble bath
foot scrub
wickless candle thing
vase and flowers
I was pretty proud of myself actually. It made me happy.


Kaylee Smith said...

Your quilt is beautiful he will love it!! your so gifted:)... and you won that, thats solid...! You should play the lotto!!

Liz said...

Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the talented you are. Good for you winning the bathroom stuff How FUN! Congratulations!

The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

I LOVE Danica posts! first...i may be a thief in the night and steal that quilt, its so cute. Can i order a Queen size please. Thanks.i think its super exciting and elegant, actually. second...woo hoo on the showcase, anything for free ROCKS! three...dang it sorry about the whole sleep thing, have you tried counting sheep;)haha. poor thing, i almost don't believe you about the eggs, that is the saddest thing i have ever heard. Dang it i won't eat eggs for at least a week in memory of you.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

You have such a talent! It is so beautiful! I am getting just as anxious as you are for the baby to come. I can't WAIT to see him! Cole?? And congrats on winning the prize. You did Bob Barker proud!

Jessica Caldwell said...

You made an awesome quilt i love it. You would think with such a talented mom I would be able to make stuff but no way in heck. Maybe with this new baby I'll try !