August 13, 2009

Hmm...Maybe some news?

So there really hasn't been anything exciting happen in the Claridge home for quite some time. The heat and lack of cash keep us indoors or at a random store just walking around...dreaming what it'll be like to be able to go to a store one day and not have to look at the price tag. Cody asked me, "wouldn't it just be nice?" And I said, "I would have the cricut machine bought in a heartbeat and not even feel bad." (I've been wanting one for what seems like years but obviously I can live without it, I just haven't scrapbooked in about a year and a half.)

We joke we'll win the lottery one day (even though we don't play) but we would still live a pretty simple life. But on the other hand, we've never had millions so its hard to say what we would buy if we did. Like I said I would keep the corolla and I would still shop the clearance aisle. But would I? Millions is just hard to imagine. Now give me $1000 bucks and its all clothes, accessories and whatever craft stuff I want. I just can't picture me with extra money unfortunately.

The 34 week appointment went well. His heart beat is very strong and he moves around so much. I'm afraid he's gotten himself onto a screwy schedule that will keep me up all night so hopefully I can break him of that. Sleeping has become more of a chore than anything at night time but during the day I COULD take a nap every hour but MOST of the time I don't.

We started our birthing classes last nite and watched a birth and then the birthing of the placenta. It was absolutely disgusting. Seeing the baby come out was really cool but not the placenta. Just thinking about it makes my jaw tense up like I'm going to puke. The instructor went around the room and asked what we were going to take from that class and I said, "a stomach ache." (I wasn't kidding.)

It rained all night last night and well into this morning. Hopefully it cools things down a bit.

I'm thinking I want my hair a little shorter. I think its already grown a lot and looking kinda rough, then again, I'm just not good at styling it like a real hair stylist would do. Whatev.

I guess thats it folks. Until this kid gets here, we're just kinda boring.


Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

At least you don't have to see yourself deliver the placenta! YUCK! Hang in there a few more weeks. BTW we are going to stay at Tapatillo again over Labor Day. Wanna hang out sometime?