June 9, 2011

June 2011

We just celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe all that we've accomplished in four years but whats even more amazing is how much we've learned about life and each other. During job interviews in the past, the employer would ask, "Where do you want to be in five years?" I would reply married with kids but it is kind of an out of body experience looking back and realizing those words came out of my mouth and that it happened. We love our life together as the Claridge Family and are excited for this new addition that is going to happen before we're even near ready. Cole already gives the baby hugs and it just melts our hearts. Maybe all kids are as sweet as he is but he is exactly what Cody and I need to keep us in line.

Cole loves the splash pad at San Tan Mall. Even when his teeth are chattering, he still plays. He is talking more and more. No real sentences yet but he sure is working on it. Word World is his favorite and he brings me the DVD like 1000 times a day and says "watch?" How can I resist? This morning Lady Gaga came on and he would not stop dancing and bobbing his head. He will throw a tantrum but not for very long...thankfully. He's just an all around good kid. What will this next one be like.......

May 2011