January 30, 2009

Just Another Job

As some of you know, I got a new job and yes, it is a janitor/cleaning lady or what I like to say when I'm pounding on the men's restrooms doors, "POUND POUND MAINTENANNNNCE!" It cracks me up everytime. I have about an hour drive and have to be there at 10 and get off at 4:30. Its not too bad. I do get to drive the cleaning golf cart to the "comfort stations" aka the crapper. Oh but did I mention that at these beloved comfort stations, they have free soda, candy bars, gum, crackers, peanut butter, the best jerky ever (so I've heard...shifty eyes), tic tacs (borrowed some today). It is a very nice golf club. Like extremely nice. The houses blow my mind everytime I'm out cruising on the cart that goes 3 mph and yes it backfires like no other. Don't mind the crazy white girl! (Oh I'm the only blue collar white girl, which I really don't mind because then no one talks to me and also the bosses think I'm hilarious...or I'm just saying that to feel good) I don't have to do much (more than what I was told but its ok, its something to do). I wandered around and kinda gave people a hard time, like the manager who had a cold. Turns out he doesn't have much of a personality. Good impression Danica.

Well finally I was making my merry way home when it hit me. Hard. "Oh I can make it. Drink water." I thought. A few seconds pass, "Oh snap! Hold it back. Hold it back. Breathe through your nose..........find something to puke in! Find something to puke in! Stomach is aborting my food." 5 miles later I finally found a place to pull over, jumped out and took care of business. Got back in my car, wiped my mouth clear of the thick...well nevermind. Looked for something to drink. Awesome, already drank it all, but I had Dr. Pepper which burned incredibly bad. Wonderful taste for the rest of my journey and when I got home Cody cooked Chicken cordon blue (sp?) and I couldn't even eat. I ate a granola bar and fruit snacks. I swear everytime we go somewhere nice to eat or Cody cooks something amazing, I can't eat cuz I either have a headache or this problem (which is really a blessing). Maybe one day I can eat a great meal.

Ya know, I've always wanted to be rich. I always thought it looked so amazing and maybe it is but these people are kinda ridiculous. The amount of money they have/spend is just absurd. I guess my one problem out there is, "do it yourself" attitude. I ain't your slave! Hmm...maybe that's the big basis of mine and Cody's arguements! haha. This one guy won't use the bathroom unless there is a fresh roll of toilet paper and a certain amount of hand towels! Really?! You're that important? You're that much better than everyone else? Prove it. Well thats it. One day I'll take pictures and post them, or y'all can come visit! Employees can bring a guest to go golfing. hint.

January 27, 2009

"Oh baby!" and "My bad!"

I have decided to write this post for two reasons. The first would be about my wonderful pregnant wife. She is amazing! In accordance with her pregnancy, she does not feel good alot.....I mean like all the time. Despite this, she still works hard around the house and takes good care of me. I am truly grateful for her. Now, that being said, the second reason is to tell a little story that happened last semester. I had to write a strategic analysis for a class every week and well, sometimes I would procrastinate. I know, who would have ever guessed that I would do that, but it's true. Anyways, one time I finished writing my paper right before class in the library; I printed it out and ran to class. The next week, we got back our papers and I had only one misspelled word, or thanks to spell check giving a different word when the word I tried to spell was wrong. When you're in a hurry, you don't tend to read the suggestions, you just put the first thing that comes up. Big mistake. I had a note on my paper that said see me after class. So when the class concluded, I approached my teacher and showed him the paper. He started laughing and asked if I knew what the word meant that I messed up. I didn't so he told me to look it up. The word should have been deficit. Unfortunately, the word that I put was deficate. If you don't know what that means, go look it up!

January 26, 2009

I'm Sooo Excited

I have an awesome sister in law, Shannon, who never thinks of herself. I got this little outfit in the mail the other day and I'm so excited for when the little baby gets to wear it! THANK YOU SO MUCH SHANNON! I thought I was baby hungry BEFORE I got pregnant now its just absolutely pathetic!

January 25, 2009

Jeepers Creepers! I think my glasses are almost as big as dad's! Feb 1988
As you can see, I'm a little teary eyed. I think Tara had just hit me, yet I managed a Cheese! July 1989
August 1989 Tara and I in our silky pajamas...that couch is the one in my house now!
My 3rd birthday. October 1989
As you can tell, I was/is a very cute girl. I'm still as cheesy and my ears are still huge! They said I'd grow into them but boy did I proved them wrong!
I have no reason to post these. We just got a scanner so I was testing it out.

Tribute to Two

I love the Budah!

Dang she's cute...so is Kate! haha
I'm afraid I have offended a few people when I said that these two little kids are the reason I ever wanted kids and didn't mention their kids at all. Its not that I love them more or that they're better than others...its because Brody's the first nephew and he made me a real aunt, which I love! I cry everytime I see that little chunk! (If only I could love my rolls the same way) And Kate because when we lived in Thatcher, we babysat her brothers and sister and grew real close to the whole family. This does not mean I favor them, our relationship just grew over time. I think if I never would've met Kate and Brody, my desire to be a mother wouldn't have been as strong. I think every child is sent to parents and a family for a reason. I do love all of my other neices and nephews just as much! They are all very special and I can't believe how much they've grown since I came into the family. I hope my little ankle biter will be just as cool as all the others and he/she won't be a little hellion like I keep having nightmares of! (Judging by the parents, I believe the nightmares will come true in due time)

January 22, 2009

Drum Roll Please......

Well most EVERYONE knows because I can't seem to keep my mouth shut but I'm PREGNANT! We're real excited! I'm due September 21 (give er take). I knew begging would pay off eventually. My bets its a boy and I already talk about what I'll decorate like (if we get a bigger place) and names and everything. A girl really hasn't even crossed my mind. Cody is sick of hearing the "well i'm pregnant" excuse so I've cut back. I haven't really had morning sickness yet but in the evenings I feel pretty crummy but I know it could be SOOOOOOOOOO much worse. I love it so far and everytime one of us swears (surprise we're not perfect) we just know the baby will hear it! Cody is real sweet about it and talk to the baby. There is nothing cuter!

I am a little freaked out that there is something growing inside of me especially when I see pictures of what it looks like but I know it'll be precious when it gets here.

January 20, 2009

A Short Visit

The parentals came down yesterday afternoon for a short visit to mainly get salt and pepper from Costco. Interesting. haha. I was so excited when they called and said they were headed this way! We went to eat at the all time favorite Texas Roadhouse but it was closed and we were not waiting for 2 more hours to eat. SOMEBODY was getting a little cranky. So we went to Famous Dave's and had a huge meal! I couldn't believe the amount of food. The menu said it would serve 4-5 people. Well we ate a lot but then started saying that Rustin and Ryan could probably get full as well then we all looked at each other and said, well maybe just Ryan! (He's a big eater) We then got to go to Dillard's...oh wonderful...and return a shirt (boys waited in the truck) and after 3 attempts of getting the right debit card to put it back on, Dad and Cody lost their patience and came in to see what the heck was going on! Again...thank you Dillard's policies for being so convenient. Oh and did I forget to mention that the pervert finally got fired. Happiest day of my life.

We then made our way to Costco and picked up salt and pepper. Still odd. We came home, played banana grams which is an easier version of scrabble and apparently its for the illiterate or cheaters and dirty minds. Mom, Cody and I both spelled words that were highly inappropriate and then dad made up words like voit and asked how to spell mise'll (aka might as well), spelled words backwards and would trade out tiles he didn't want and took however many he wanted. He takes after his mother.

Then when they left mom and I made several jokes about mise'll. Mise'll go home before it gets dark. Mise'll go to the bathroom. On and on and on. Dad finally got in the truck and cranked the radio, we would continue and he would turn it up louder and rev the engine. It was absolutely hilarious. Mom bout wet herself. When we walked away and they pulled away, mom rolled down the window and yelled, "mise'll get out of the way, he's backing up!" Cody thought we were so weird!

I enjoyed spending time with my parents and with Cody. It was a great day and they were awesome entertainment! And they even got a glass of water with ice cubes. My hosting is getting better and better every trip. haha

And there it is ladies and gentlemen

This morning I had no intentions to watch the 44th President Inauguration but seeing as how its the ONLY thing on TV and I have a lot to do on the computer (including blogging) I figured ok why not? I couldn't believe the size of the crowd and also how long the Reverend's prayer was (different story different day)! I was saddened to see former President Bush leave office because 1) we believe in God 2) he doesn't agree with abortion and 3) he just looks like a friendly guy or grandpa figure that you'd want to kick back and talk with. What an emotional day for all. However, a great feeling of pride filled my heart as I saw the size of the crowd and crowds around the nation supporting him. It was nice seeing people who wouldn't normally be supporting the United States of America were there this morning and were happy to be there. In all my day, I'm pretty sure this President has had more support than any other which gives me hope that this country can pull together. Can it happen? In my opinion yes. Will it happen while President Obama is in office? Who knows because he has a big job ahead of him. I think there are more people motivated now more than ever to unite which can only be a good thing.

Wow I woke up optimistic today. Lets just hope it stays for 4-8 years. haha!

January 17, 2009

Dealing with Boredum

So today I slept in and I felt ok about it because I totally wiped out all of the cleaning/laundry/organizing yesterday. I'm trying to tie up lose ends around the house. Yes its a small house but there are piles everywhere. I was talking to Cody about it last night and that most of it is his stuff...aka crap...and his exact words were, "babe, its hard for me to clean. You are trying to undo a whole life of learning." ***

***=I'm not going to comment on that.... Just think of something sarcastic.

Oh this is the bed set I got for Christmas. I love it!

The rest of the day I finished binding a quilt which I'm thinking about selling but its hard for me to do that because I get attached to them so easily...specially because my blood, sweat and tears go into them. I love this quilt. It is a Christmas quilt but I know we could use the extra cash right now. Maybe I'll put it on ebay and see what happens.

What do ya think?

Also I have eaten two packs of ramen. The first one was easy to eat....its was the second pack that I started gagging. I'm sorry...2 packs is 2 packs too many! I choked down a grill cheese sandwich as well but it put the ramen to shame.

Anything else I did consisted of blogging (obviously), texting, facebook and email. Cody doesn't get home for another two hours so I guess I'll continue wasting time and playing Mah Jong on the computer. I sure enjoyed staying home and finishing things and being a little (?) wife and the best part was having the windows open and letting the sunshine in! It was a beautiful day. I even took a shower and blow dried my hair but didn't straighten it....enjoy the picture.

(at least I put on makeup)

January 15, 2009

A Clever Title

Ok so I didn't know what to title this post. Should I have titled it, "When it rains, It poors" or "Just my Luck" or "How bout that Economy" or "Its a Wonderful Life" or "I Never Claimed to be a Quick Learner" or "Seriously???" or "Another Testimony Moment"....yeah I couldn't decided either so it became "A Clever Title" because lets be honest, there are too many names for it.

Today turned out to be a pretty awful day. I got up after sleeping in till 11:30 and took a nice power walk with Cody around the "neighborhood"...ok apartment complex. I then ate an egg sandwich and took a shower and made my merry way to work. Well I was working hard when I got to work. Ya know doing what I was supposed to unlike many others. Everyone knows that people are getting laid off and I thought for sure I was safe, afterall, Cody and I have been praying that we can both keep our jobs and maintain the hours. I thought we had struggled enough already after I had lost my last job/moved. (Is anyone else seeing the pattern?) I thought I was humbled before back when we moved yet I am proven wrong once again. At work we were all guessing who would go next. The pervert. The old man who can't walk. The lady everyone runs from. The continually late guy. I'll admit I never thought it would be me but as soon as the manager told me that Miss Mary (she didn't call her Miss nor do I think she is all that Mary. Life Ruiner is more like it.) wanted to see me in her office and I knew right away. I prayed the whole way upstairs that she was telling me I was doing a great job (wishful thinking right?) She told me to sit down oh excuse me "to have a seat"...like any lady would do remember she is a Miss! Right away I wanted to tell her where to go but I sat down. Listened to her spill about how my numbers aren't high enough (I guess she is unaware of the economy and NO one is shopping). I finally caught my breath and told her what I thought about Dillard's policies and hows its total crap (not the exact words I used) and how can someone who is turned in for sexual harrassment continually keep his job and then I get laid off for my numbers being "significantly" down. Horse. Total horse. I will say in my defense, I didn't call her an S.O.B so I must be learning a little. I do look back at the EA Glass experience and laugh (still hold a grudge) so I'm sure I will at this experience as well....maybe.

So yes, I loved today. I guess something amazing could come of this, such as last time I got a job at Dillards and about the time we were recovering from our last humbling experience, we're going through another one. Oh what do I need to learn this time? Not to swear at all? Mercy. I think my heart just stopped for a little bit. Oh how I'm quick to forget the Lord in these situations. Sad and true. There's what I need to learn. .....believe me, I'm learning.

Ok this is the advice I've received today.
Cody, after I finished yelling at him like it was his fault, "Don't worry we'll make it somehow."

Mom, after she listened to all of my frustrations and I told her I was going to call HR is Arkansas and she asked "who are you going to talk to?" I said, "I don't know Mr. Dillard." (In my defense, I was distracted by the traffic.) She ended up busting up laughing which made me laugh and chill out a bit. Thanks mom.

Danae, in her manish voice "oh wow, well something good will come of it."

Ryan, "Somehow things always work out. That's why I do whatever I want."

Rustin, "Oh you hated that job anyways. This is a blessing."

Dad, "How is that pervert still employeed?"

I came a realization today that I am the average American and that wasn't all bad. It did feel a little comforting to know that someone else is in the same situation or worse and Obama is going to help SO much starting Tuesday. Put those plans to action sir I'm waiting.

So that's my day. Lets hear about yours!

January 13, 2009

"son of Asneeze" "Bless you"

If you've ever seen Robin Hood Men in Tights you'll know what I'm talking about

Anyways I don't know about the rest of the world but sneezing always comes at the most inoppurtune (sp?) times. Like for instance this morning I had just finished my bran flakes (yes I'm old and have to eat that crap. I gag every morning but they get the job done.) I had just barely put the last bite in my mouth and swallowed when I started sneezing. Also, when I sneeze it is never just once or twice. It is at least 7 times and they aren't lady sneezes either where I cover my mouth at least when I'm by myself. I let it out there. I make noise. Lots of noise. In fact, I've even sneezed on a few friends (and yes we got some of the best laughs at those time and yes we're still friends) And I always have to blow my nose afterwards. Well I tried to keep my mouth shut so the "leftovers" wouldn't fly out. Seven sneezes later, I have to vacuum!

However, the worst is when you're at work helping a customer and you have a cold! I have plenty of stories but I'll spare the details. Lets just say I carry hand sanitizer with me at those times because I do cover my mouth. I have left proof and DNA on clothes at Dillards!

January 10, 2009

Pictures from 2008

This is before we moved from "The Cube" in Thatcher
Nope not pregnant. Honest. I know its hard to believe from the look of things.

Tara and Trace when they came to visit in November. Cute Trace.
Even CUTER Tara. They were meant for each other.Mom on her birthday at Texas Roadhouse. YEEEE HAWWW!
Temple lights
So gorgeous. If I was getting married in December, I would've taken all my pictures at night with the lights on. How cool would that be?

Rustin and his leg lamp like the one from The Christmas Story
Grandma Leone...who I'm named after

Christmas Day 2008

January 7, 2009

Alive and Well but you probably already knew that

Well this is the first time I've used the internet on our new computer...yes thats what Cody bought "me" for Christmas. I was estatic to say the least. And him...well words can't describe but I'll sure try. Just imagine a little 4 year old at Christmas gettin the best remote control airplane and how he jumped up and down. (I threw that in for Lamar because he likes remote planes) Well in this case it was a 24 year old on Christmas jumping up and down...hey I never claimed to have married the most mature guy. haha jk babe. Anyways we can't seem to get a good signal inside our house so I've been sitting on the porch...actually on the cement (still in my work clothes...I got off at 6) because that is where the best signal is! Nevermind that my pants will need another washing (doesn't happen often enough believe me) and that my hands are ice because balancing the check book took much longer than expected, and if the computer was advanced it would tell me to get my butt inside before my phalanges fall off because it is about oh 35 degrees tonight but it feels like negative 27...yes 27, I've had to pee since I came out here, and I can hear Cody in the front room laughing at the television (that thing gets more laughs from him than I do so I don't mind listening to it) and he closed the sliding door and said, "sorry babe its just too cold." I thought "..............." ok well you don't want to know my thoughts. I will give him credit though, he brought me a blanket without me asking. What a doll. Oh and did I mention that the neighbors kids are fighting again. Lots of f words and a cop just drove by with a spotlight....man I am dedicated. Nevermind that the spirit is no longer dwelling in my honorable presence (who am I kidding?)

Side note, I just read Cody what I wrote when he came to check on me and he locked me out for what I wrote. I love it when I'm hilarious. Indeed I miss blogging far too much.

Work has been excellent besides the constant negativity, perverts who I wish I could sue, (The tune, "if I only had a dollar comes to mind") awesome hours, not knowing if I'll get laid off or get a pay cut (highly likely), and inventory is this weekend. I go in at 9 pm get off at 3 am if we're lucky then go in the next day at 8 pm till 4 am. Looking forward to it.

Cody has been enjoying not going to school but he has about 11 days till he goes back. We're hoping the money from his financial aid (a joke really) will buy us a printer because it costs .16 to print. Wow ASU you rock! Play guitar hero haha. (random)

I have yet to lose weight. My goal this year is to make meals and learn to cook/bake better. My other goal is to lose weight. I set myself up for failure. Please no one try to encourage me to lose it. It gets rather annoying no offense just being honest. Like every other American/human I will lose the weight when I am darn well ready and I do realize that yes it could be too late by then. I'll take my chances. :D Sorry skinny sister and sister in laws who love working out and eating right!

Cody and I have indeed been blessed throughout our lives. We look back and wonder how the heck did we ever make ends meet? I have a strong fervent testimony of prayer and tithing. I'm thankful I have Cody there to encourage me and help me along. Sometimes when the bills roll in, we wouldn't have enough for rent, car, insurance and tithing (yes they all get paid on the first...I planned that well). We always pay our tithing first and wa la blessings! Gotta love the gospel and the knowledge we have.

I guess I'll be the first to write about this but this past week has been a bearer of bad news about loved ones. I just want those family members to know that our prayers are with them. It leaves me speechless in so many ways as to what to write for words of hope and encouragement. The best thing I can come up with is I LOVE YOU! Turn your problems to the Lord and have faith in Him.

I have caught up on most people's blogs tonight but my fingers have slowed dramatically so I think its time to call it a night. I love you all and miss you dearly. I cried while reading about people's lives and have left a little piece of my love (salt) behind on the cement....the ones that are now turning to ice because its not negative 46 and feels like negative 72 (not exaggerating). I wish I had more to say tonight which I'm sure I could come up with something but I'll be honest, I still have to pee. I'm starting to dance and rock in my chair. We all know how that is and if you don't, just go on a road trip with my dad to Texas where he only stops two times if you're lucky. Once for me to puke and once for my mom! No wonder we were so dehydrated once we hit our destinations....he never let us buy drinks! haha.