January 25, 2009

Tribute to Two

I love the Budah!

Dang she's cute...so is Kate! haha
I'm afraid I have offended a few people when I said that these two little kids are the reason I ever wanted kids and didn't mention their kids at all. Its not that I love them more or that they're better than others...its because Brody's the first nephew and he made me a real aunt, which I love! I cry everytime I see that little chunk! (If only I could love my rolls the same way) And Kate because when we lived in Thatcher, we babysat her brothers and sister and grew real close to the whole family. This does not mean I favor them, our relationship just grew over time. I think if I never would've met Kate and Brody, my desire to be a mother wouldn't have been as strong. I think every child is sent to parents and a family for a reason. I do love all of my other neices and nephews just as much! They are all very special and I can't believe how much they've grown since I came into the family. I hope my little ankle biter will be just as cool as all the others and he/she won't be a little hellion like I keep having nightmares of! (Judging by the parents, I believe the nightmares will come true in due time)


Lamar Echols said...

You phyco!! Did you really think that i was hurt or mad or something?! Girl, you don't know me at all. Play favorites all you want.......we do!!!!!!! Hee Hee!

Taralee said...

I'm glad you love Brody as much as I do. He is rad...it's true.