January 20, 2009

And there it is ladies and gentlemen

This morning I had no intentions to watch the 44th President Inauguration but seeing as how its the ONLY thing on TV and I have a lot to do on the computer (including blogging) I figured ok why not? I couldn't believe the size of the crowd and also how long the Reverend's prayer was (different story different day)! I was saddened to see former President Bush leave office because 1) we believe in God 2) he doesn't agree with abortion and 3) he just looks like a friendly guy or grandpa figure that you'd want to kick back and talk with. What an emotional day for all. However, a great feeling of pride filled my heart as I saw the size of the crowd and crowds around the nation supporting him. It was nice seeing people who wouldn't normally be supporting the United States of America were there this morning and were happy to be there. In all my day, I'm pretty sure this President has had more support than any other which gives me hope that this country can pull together. Can it happen? In my opinion yes. Will it happen while President Obama is in office? Who knows because he has a big job ahead of him. I think there are more people motivated now more than ever to unite which can only be a good thing.

Wow I woke up optimistic today. Lets just hope it stays for 4-8 years. haha!


Anonymous said...

Mise well make a comment. We had a fun day shopping, eating, and playing games with you and Cody. Thanks for the entertainment and good snickdoodles and lemon bars, they were yummy. Dad