January 10, 2009

Pictures from 2008

This is before we moved from "The Cube" in Thatcher
Nope not pregnant. Honest. I know its hard to believe from the look of things.

Tara and Trace when they came to visit in November. Cute Trace.
Even CUTER Tara. They were meant for each other.Mom on her birthday at Texas Roadhouse. YEEEE HAWWW!
Temple lights
So gorgeous. If I was getting married in December, I would've taken all my pictures at night with the lights on. How cool would that be?

Rustin and his leg lamp like the one from The Christmas Story
Grandma Leone...who I'm named after

Christmas Day 2008


Tamra and Jim said...

nice pics. you can delete the one of me with my mouth wide open!

Taralee said...

Bless you for posting that picture of me....wow...I look beautiful! :)
Looks like you guys had a good year..and it's about time you posted some pictures!
love ya.

Taralee said...

please delete that picture. I honestly look retarded.

Taralee said...

again...maybe you should delete that most awesome picture of me.

Anonymous said...

Please email me a copy of the pictures, especially the one of mom on the saddle. I want to take them to wal-mart and get me an 8x10. Those are good pictures. dad