January 7, 2009

Alive and Well but you probably already knew that

Well this is the first time I've used the internet on our new computer...yes thats what Cody bought "me" for Christmas. I was estatic to say the least. And him...well words can't describe but I'll sure try. Just imagine a little 4 year old at Christmas gettin the best remote control airplane and how he jumped up and down. (I threw that in for Lamar because he likes remote planes) Well in this case it was a 24 year old on Christmas jumping up and down...hey I never claimed to have married the most mature guy. haha jk babe. Anyways we can't seem to get a good signal inside our house so I've been sitting on the porch...actually on the cement (still in my work clothes...I got off at 6) because that is where the best signal is! Nevermind that my pants will need another washing (doesn't happen often enough believe me) and that my hands are ice because balancing the check book took much longer than expected, and if the computer was advanced it would tell me to get my butt inside before my phalanges fall off because it is about oh 35 degrees tonight but it feels like negative 27...yes 27, I've had to pee since I came out here, and I can hear Cody in the front room laughing at the television (that thing gets more laughs from him than I do so I don't mind listening to it) and he closed the sliding door and said, "sorry babe its just too cold." I thought "..............." ok well you don't want to know my thoughts. I will give him credit though, he brought me a blanket without me asking. What a doll. Oh and did I mention that the neighbors kids are fighting again. Lots of f words and a cop just drove by with a spotlight....man I am dedicated. Nevermind that the spirit is no longer dwelling in my honorable presence (who am I kidding?)

Side note, I just read Cody what I wrote when he came to check on me and he locked me out for what I wrote. I love it when I'm hilarious. Indeed I miss blogging far too much.

Work has been excellent besides the constant negativity, perverts who I wish I could sue, (The tune, "if I only had a dollar comes to mind") awesome hours, not knowing if I'll get laid off or get a pay cut (highly likely), and inventory is this weekend. I go in at 9 pm get off at 3 am if we're lucky then go in the next day at 8 pm till 4 am. Looking forward to it.

Cody has been enjoying not going to school but he has about 11 days till he goes back. We're hoping the money from his financial aid (a joke really) will buy us a printer because it costs .16 to print. Wow ASU you rock! Play guitar hero haha. (random)

I have yet to lose weight. My goal this year is to make meals and learn to cook/bake better. My other goal is to lose weight. I set myself up for failure. Please no one try to encourage me to lose it. It gets rather annoying no offense just being honest. Like every other American/human I will lose the weight when I am darn well ready and I do realize that yes it could be too late by then. I'll take my chances. :D Sorry skinny sister and sister in laws who love working out and eating right!

Cody and I have indeed been blessed throughout our lives. We look back and wonder how the heck did we ever make ends meet? I have a strong fervent testimony of prayer and tithing. I'm thankful I have Cody there to encourage me and help me along. Sometimes when the bills roll in, we wouldn't have enough for rent, car, insurance and tithing (yes they all get paid on the first...I planned that well). We always pay our tithing first and wa la blessings! Gotta love the gospel and the knowledge we have.

I guess I'll be the first to write about this but this past week has been a bearer of bad news about loved ones. I just want those family members to know that our prayers are with them. It leaves me speechless in so many ways as to what to write for words of hope and encouragement. The best thing I can come up with is I LOVE YOU! Turn your problems to the Lord and have faith in Him.

I have caught up on most people's blogs tonight but my fingers have slowed dramatically so I think its time to call it a night. I love you all and miss you dearly. I cried while reading about people's lives and have left a little piece of my love (salt) behind on the cement....the ones that are now turning to ice because its not negative 46 and feels like negative 72 (not exaggerating). I wish I had more to say tonight which I'm sure I could come up with something but I'll be honest, I still have to pee. I'm starting to dance and rock in my chair. We all know how that is and if you don't, just go on a road trip with my dad to Texas where he only stops two times if you're lucky. Once for me to puke and once for my mom! No wonder we were so dehydrated once we hit our destinations....he never let us buy drinks! haha.


C said...

Yay! You have a computer again!

Tamra and Jim said...

Danica, you are one of a kind! haha

Stephanie Clites said...

that was the longest most random blog I've ever read! I imagined you saying it all to me without even taking a breath. I enjoyed it greatly.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Sooooo good to hear from you again. I'm sitting here holding Kate and she's just getting so big! Did you get my letter about "the party?" I really hope you can make it. Anyway, I don't know what's up with the family members with bad news, but it hope it all turns out well. We miss you! Shannon

Lamar Echols said...

Thanks for the comment on the airplanes. That really let me know how excited you were!! Needless to say, congrats on the computer. We need to get together soon.

Taralee said...

Danica- you crack me up. Seriously, SO RANDOM! I love it how you can go on and on about...well about anything. Seriously, you're funny.
And you don't need to lose weight. You look great and if you feel great then that is all that matters. You are beautiful. I was looking through pictures at Christmas and we both didn't have make-up on and you looked like a jem and I looked like a cinder rock. ha ha. You definately got the natural beauty! :)
I've missed you and your blogs. PLEASE keep them coming. I'll even send you hand warmers if I must! Love you lots and miss you. Maybe come to Utah sometime in the next generation.