January 17, 2009

Dealing with Boredum

So today I slept in and I felt ok about it because I totally wiped out all of the cleaning/laundry/organizing yesterday. I'm trying to tie up lose ends around the house. Yes its a small house but there are piles everywhere. I was talking to Cody about it last night and that most of it is his stuff...aka crap...and his exact words were, "babe, its hard for me to clean. You are trying to undo a whole life of learning." ***

***=I'm not going to comment on that.... Just think of something sarcastic.

Oh this is the bed set I got for Christmas. I love it!

The rest of the day I finished binding a quilt which I'm thinking about selling but its hard for me to do that because I get attached to them so easily...specially because my blood, sweat and tears go into them. I love this quilt. It is a Christmas quilt but I know we could use the extra cash right now. Maybe I'll put it on ebay and see what happens.

What do ya think?

Also I have eaten two packs of ramen. The first one was easy to eat....its was the second pack that I started gagging. I'm sorry...2 packs is 2 packs too many! I choked down a grill cheese sandwich as well but it put the ramen to shame.

Anything else I did consisted of blogging (obviously), texting, facebook and email. Cody doesn't get home for another two hours so I guess I'll continue wasting time and playing Mah Jong on the computer. I sure enjoyed staying home and finishing things and being a little (?) wife and the best part was having the windows open and letting the sunshine in! It was a beautiful day. I even took a shower and blow dried my hair but didn't straighten it....enjoy the picture.

(at least I put on makeup)


Tamra and Jim said...

cute cheeks. keep the cleaning up - it must be a man thing. Mom has been trying for 30 years to teach me not to leave my crap laying around, but she has almost given up, and doesn't say much, but when she does, Mitzi even leaves the house!

Amanda Griggs said...

Hey there! I heard a congratulations is in order! Congrats!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about Dillards! Jess never liked their policies either! They are pretty messes up. You gotta love affirmative action hard at work! (Yeah right! I know where they can put affirmative action!)

Hang in there!!

Stephanie Clites said...

That sure is a cute quilt!!

Tamra and Jim said...

Looks like you had a nice day. I love your bedding. When you get tired of it, send it my way. oh and , SAY CHEESE!!! haha

Taralee said...

I was just joking about putting a picture up of me. AND I do remember talking to you about losing your job...on the phone. Same day you told me your were prego.
ANYWAY- nice picture. I'm pretty sure that's the most prettiest one of me ever. At least you could have done one with make-up on. ha ha. (punk.)

Taralee said...

Oh and I LOVE the quilt. It is SO cute. And yes, you could definatley make money selling them. It's just a lot of time and effort...and I always get attached to them and it's hard to give them away! But maybe for the right price.
Sorry about the whole doctor bill thing. Tax returns are coming up soon. So maybe that will help you pay it off before it gets TOO much interest on it.

Taralee said...

I wasn't talking about the prego bills...I KNOW access will cover those. I was talking about the $500 emergency pregnancy test.
And I pretty much talked to you both days...perhaps.

Anonymous said...
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