October 29, 2009

Still Hard to Believe He's Mine

These are for Tara because she hasn't seen her first nephew yet and I know she's itching to.
This is how we found him sleeping the other day.
What I wake up to
He's getting used to the camera
Finding his smile and voice
This keeps me going
Absolutely precious
Didn't get sprayed this time
He's thinking, "that was an amazing bath...now if mom would take one."
He hates being on his stomach. Those legs are the reason he can roll.
No more mom!
Thank you so much for all the prayers and fasting that was for Cole! We are so thankful for the test results and that he is our healthy little boy. He does not have Cystic Fibrosis but he is a carrier so Cody and I will have to get tested to make sure our next kiddos won't have it and we won't have a repeat of this stress. He has changed our lives in such an uplifting way. We love him so much and can't get enough of him!
Starting to coo and talk to us.
Definitely found his tongue and sticks it out and licks his lips when he's hungry.
Loves to suck on whatever he can get his mouth on.
Falls asleep to music so easily. Thank you Stephanie for the primary cd and thank you internet for playlists!
Loves to be held but does have a breaking point where he just wants to lay down and stretch and play.

October 21, 2009

The Test

Cole's test will be Tuesday October 27th at 6:00 am. They do new born tests early before all the sick people start showing up. We're thankful to finally have an appointment so we can put ths under our hats or start treatments. Here's to putting it under our hats.

October 19, 2009

He's a Growing Boy...even when I tell him to stay little

Things about Cole:

He LOVES to be held. Understatement of the year.

Sleeps about 6 hours a night most nights.

If I hold him, he'll root and root and cry if I don't give him a snack. If anyone else holds him he'll sleep or look around. He knows I'm the milk machine.

His newborn outfits are too short for his long legs.

He's starting to gain more control of his arms AND his pacifier.

He jerks around in his sleep until his arms are free.

Bath time is his favorite.

3 weeks old and counting. He changes everyday.

I love him more each time I look at him and can't get enough kisses.

When I do try to kiss him he tries to latch on and eat. Sorry son.

He LOVES Nana and Gampa and totally knows who they are.

He is a poop master. (Exploded on the bed spread last night)

Loves to cuddle with his daddy.

Smiles real big...gets my hopes up that its for me...then poops.

The best little baby I could've asked for. He'll start smiling at me anytime I just know it!

October 8, 2009

Please Pray

Today I received a phone call from the Pediatrician and he let me know that Cole tested positive for Cystic Fibrosis. A respiratory disease. There will be more tests done soon but the little guy needs your prayers. The doctor said it could be a false positive test which happens 8 out of 10 false positive tests. So we have the odds in our favor but that doesn't mean I'm not a wreck. Please keep us in your prayers.

My Little Boy

His expressions when he wakes up are so cute.
He has to sleep with his hands up. Always.
This picture makes me laugh.
Call me biased but he is the cutest boy I've ever seen. He sleeps a lot and thats when I remember to grab the camera and capture it all. This little boy has my heart in his HUGE hands and he knows it. I love him so much and am more patient than I thought I would be....even when he does keep me up all night so he can just look around. I guess thats what you get for having an over achieving son!

October 2, 2009

Learning to be a Mother

So there was a point before Cole greeted us that I was positive he just wasn't going to come and I would never be a mother. Weird pregnancy thinking I guess...that and NEVER going into labor. However, after 27 hours of labor and pushing for an hour and 45 minutes he came into this world more perfect than I imagined. He has become my bestest little friend that I just can't ever be mad at even when he keeps me up for 5 hours at night and just wants to eat and eat. My milk must taste amazing! It feels as though he is constantly in my arms and I wouldn't have it any other way. He truly is the sweetest baby I could've asked for. He never really cries just kind of fusses. He rolled over when he was 4 days old. Me and mom just couldn't believe it. He is a stout little guy and so alert to everything around him. Oh I just love him.

Here is the birth story. I'll try to keep it short but come on...27 hours.

After being told that the hospital would contact me if they had an opening for induction, I got impatient and made the call myself. They told me to be at the hospital at 7:00. I couldn't believe it.
They started the induction and I had a couple nurses with the shortest fingers so you can imagine how I was feeling when they had to check progress. One girl almost got kicked in the face because she was telling me to relax with a big smile on her face. I think I actually muttered a swear word. That nurse never checked me again. PTL.
About 1:00 am I was dialated to a 2 so they moved me into the delivery room and hooked me up to the pitocin.
My parents arrived at some point along with my brother Rustin and mother in law Marilyn.
The contractions were getting stronger at 3 so they gave me a pain killer that just kinda took the edge off. Totally makes you feel drunk.
I felt a little pop below my ribs. I just figured I was getting kicked. The nurse came to check on me and I had to pee. When I leaned up I felt a huge gush. I told her I was peeing the bed and panic hit me. I didn't know what to do. My mom was laughing and the nurse asked if I could stop and I said, "no! Its just pouring out." "Thats your water breaking." That made more sense because the urge to pee was still there.
I got the epidural when the drunk medicine wore off and from then on I was in heaven (or close to it). I finally got a couple hours of sleep.
About 8:00 the doctor came in to check and I was at a 9 for about 2 hours but my cervix would not finish dialating and he still hadn't dropped any. The doctor started talking about a c-section and I just started crying. Everyone tried to comfort me and I'll never forget Cody telling me it would be ok if I didn't have him natural because it was safer. You see my uterus was starting to swell so the doctor didn't want me to push for three hours and then end up doing an emergency c-section. She told me she'd give me another hour to see if there would be any progress.

This is when a tender mercy took place. Cody and my dad gave me a Priesthood blessing and everyone got on their phones asking everyone we knew to say a prayer in mine and the baby's behalf. I was calm by then and had prepared myself for the c-section. She came in to check 30 minutes later, after telling Cody there was no other option, and when she checked she looked up at the nurse totally surprised and said, "Wow, its totally changed. You're ready to push." It was a total blessing.

So the pushing began. Cody was by my head. He actually couldn't stand up for a while because it was a little much for him to handle. Dad sat in the corner and sent text messages and got all the cameras ready (even the video camera from 1992). Marilyn held one leg and my mom held the other. I'm sure they are still sore! I began to get exhausted and my ribs and back killed! We could all see his head so I figured I was almost done. Wrong. Mom would say, "push push push push push push push" a million times over on each contraction and the nurse would count and Cody would hold me up. Towards the end I was running short on oxygen and I fainted. My mom said, "uh I think she just fainted." The nurse gave me oxygen and the doctor pinched my arm. They gave me some water and I started to chug it. They tried to slow me down but who were they kidding? Next push I told them I was going to throw up so Cody held the little dish next to my mouth when I totally launched. It hit the bottom of the dish and exploded out all over Cody. He starts yelling, "my favorite shirt! My favorite shirt!" He was trying to clean his shirt when the doctor yelled, "get over here or you're going to miss the whole thing." Apparently my puking was what pushed little Cole out. They put them up on my chest and I was immediate in love. Overwhelmed for sure. I didn't quite know what to say to him but I knew he was mine. Cody cut the cord with only a little bit of hesitation and thats when Cole started to make some noise. I always thought the sound of crying babies was annoying but it wasn't. I was so excited. They took him and cleaned him up and stitched me up. The first thing I asked for was food and I snarfed down a cinnabon.

From that moment on, my life was changed. If only I could describe how I feel. Maybe this will paint a picture. On his 2 day check up he got a shot and I was the one who ate the sucker because it hurt me more than it did him. What a wimp right?

Thats the story. He is our beautiful little boy who truly is a blessing.

He has my hands, feet, ears, nose and lips and Cody's eyes and chin.