May 31, 2009

So it's been 2 Years

May 31, 2007- I got my extensions put in, went and saw Cody for two minutes, grabbed Subway, then headed to Pete and Chris's to get some shut eye. I should've just stayed out all night. I never once fell asleep.

June 1, 2007- I was up at 3 to start on my hair. Tara, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, and my friend Krista did my hair and make up for me. Before ya know it, it is like 6:30 or 7:00 and my mom and I were on our way to the temple to meet Cody for pictures. I was nervous. I was panicking we would be late and mom just kept saying to calm down. I felt so good tho. I knew Cody was the one I wanted to be with and I also knew that I looked GOOD haha! We rushed onto the temple grounds and I saw a handsome man out in the distance. My mom commented, "he looks nervous." It was then that it dawned on me that Cody was that handsome man!
We went into the temple and changed into my wedding dress. The single most beautiful dress I have ever worn and still love it to this day. The other brides seemed so scatter brained in the bride's room but me and my mom just sat there giggling about things and probably being irreverent. One of the ladies told my mom I looked like a porcelain doll and I was the prettiest bride that day. (duh)
I definitely fought a lot of tears so I wouldn't ruin my make up job. Then right after I got my dress, slip, and 8,000 other layers of heat trapping materials, I had to pee! Really? My mom helped me in the stall and held up my dress and we were laughing so hard. I couldn't tell my butt from a hole in the ground! Finally we made it outside and the pictures began. We didn't have our flowers but I didn't really care. Cody and I and the temple were all that mattered. I think the photographer ended up taking like 12 rolls of film and each roll held like 150 pictures. It was out of control. A few particulae poses got me to laughing so hard that my mouth seriously could've fit a cantaloupe in it no problem! Those turned out to be my favorite pictures because they are so real. You can't fake a laugh or pose like that.
Then it was back into the temple where we waited and waited for Cody to come get me. I believe he had a wardrobe mishap. We sat in the hallway and waited and saw family members coming in. I got scared. I looked at Cody and held his hand so tight and made him blow in my face so I wouldn't start bawling but my tears can never be stopped! We kept sitting there and I realized I forgot his ring in my locker! So I ran through the temple with my big gown on and got it in the knick of time! We walked into sealing room #3 where a lot of our family members were sealed and I immediately cried harder. I saw everyone there who means the world to me and friends who I will never ever forget. We got to the part to say Yes and we were married. Forever. Longer than forever. Eternity. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to kiss Cody to Timbucktoo but it was just a sweet cute kiss. We got a lot of advice that I actually still revert to during hard (stubborn) times. We then took family pictures, and went to the luncheon where people accused us for being in the bathroom together a little too long. PLEASE! We drove to Show Low and talked and talked and talked. I don't remember a trip going by faster. We took more pictures and then went to the church where I saw the finished product of the reception for the first time. It was beautiful. Absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how much my parents did for me. For a minute I thought I was the favorite jk. It was better than I had ever imagined and I still relive that moment in my head.
Our wedding day was the best day I could've asked for. I got to marry my best friend for eternity. Two years later, I am happy to report I am still madly in love with him. I am so happy for the time we have had together before bringing our son into this world. Cody will forever be my companion and best friend. I wish I could describe how I feel about him. I really believe we were meant for each other and the Lord knew what He was doing.

Cody I love you with all of my heart and am looking forward to the rest of eternity with you.

No Money? No Problem!

No this is not a post about Obama's administration.

As we all know, life ain't easy nor was it intended to be. I believe it was intended to be stressful, sleepless nights, knots in your shoulders, crabby moods, can't see straight type of life and in fact that is exactly how it has been for us since uh.....well since I can remember....financially that is. It seems like we're always in a bind for a cash flow. (Looking back we definitely realize this wasn't the case in Thatcher like it is here) I will once again be unemployed as of June 14, 2009 (why hold a job longer than 6 months? Absurd.) Cody and I have been trying our hardest to find me a job and save every penny we can. Tonight as I listened to music, put of my new undies that don't cut off circulation, put my feet up and wanted to relax, I decided I should first write some checks so we can still have a place to call home and electricity. Before you know it, I'm paying every bill possible and even after all our stress and worry, I am happy to report we have been blessed and that the Lord has answered our prayers by watching over us financially. It has never been an option NOT to pay tithing and our life has truly been blessed. We dream of the day where we will be able to pay monthly expenses without a blink of an eye and if that day comes, GREAT, SUPERB, FANTASTIC, but if not I am sure everything will continue to work out. Cody and I know our situation and I believe it is always in the back of our minds. I am happy to have a husband that works so hard for us and helps me when all I want to do is SPEND SPEND SPEND!...or redecorate, paint, quilt, scrapbook, clothes, shoes or need hair stuff. Cody does spoil me though and always makes sure I am satisfied with things. He loves me so much! :D

This post may not make sense to anyone but I am so relieved tonight about finances. We know there are plenty of financial struggles ahead and I guess all we can really do is our best and put faith in the Lord to help us with the rest. He hasn't failed us yet and I believe He never will. So anyone who gets a phone call, text, email, or reads my whiny posts now and then, just slap me and make me re-read this post.

If anyone knows of any available jobs that aren't too far away (I fall asleep while driving these days) please let me know. There's gotta be something out there somewhere for me...even if its scrubbing more toilets. Thank you and maybe you could send a prayer or two up for me. It'd be greatly appreciated.

May 30, 2009

24 Weeks and Going Strong

Yes my face definitely shows it but I'm just glad my belly does too! Not many people say anything out in public but I do notice more people starring. I did have one lady who helped me pick out material at JoAnn's tell me the baby would love the blanket and I hadn't even told her what I was making! I walked a little taller that day. The only hard thing right now are blasted stairs! Really! And work is surrounded by them but I guess its good for my legs. Getting into a swim suit ain't so fun anymore but swimming feels great!

Thatcher Trip May 09

Highlights of the Trip:

  • La Casita
  • Papa Johns 6.99 walk in special AND it doesn't taste like cardboard!
  • Sleeping in
  • Asking Danae who painted her shorts on. (by the way, her shorts were very cute as are all of her clothes and she always looks fabulous...thats why I give her a hard time)
  • Shannon taking a picture of Abby's hair after I curled it and I had not done my hair yet and Danae yells across the room, "the artist is always ugly!"
  • Spending time with family
  • Cody beating the tar out of Ryan during a game of Carcossne. He actually smiled about it the whole way home the next day.
  • Pregnancy and baby advice...much appreciated...accepted? thats another story-jk sister in laws!
  • A cute church outfit for the little man from the Lamoreaux's
  • Dairy Queen with Abby...and when you say 5 miles away, it takes 3 minutes to get there because you don't have to fight traffic
  • Surprising everyone at church when we walked in...well most everyone was excited. A certain person smiled and then made this look like "Crap! We're not going to get any sleep cuz of game nights." At least I hope thats what the look meant.
  • Visiting Keith's grave site and bawling my eyes out and seeing a sweet look in Cody's eyes
    We had a great time and glad we could make it!
Miss Kate and Logan! Could they be sweeter?

Miss Kate! I couldn't get enough of her!

Braden and Bryson...aka trouble makers!

Oh hi! This is compliments of Lizzy.

Little Lizzy and Cody. She is such a doll and has some sass! Thanks for smiling babe!
Abby and her ipod! This lady watches my every move. Like I've said before Sorry Ryan and Shannon!

Tiger Who?

So here are our pictures from golfing at the club. Other than being hot, we had a lot of fun. Cody did amazing and I will admit, I was very impressed! Except for now he won't settle for anything less than being a gazillionaire so we can be members at a nice club someday!

Nothing less than AMAZING

Hole 11 (by this time I just sat in the cart and drank)

Mirable Clubhouse

Hole 17
This is why I took the pictures
Cody thought it was funny that there had to be stairs to go into the sand trap because it was so steep
A coyote chillin on Hole 17

Its hard to tell but he hit three different balls and they all landed in the trap. Quite hilarious.

Again....why I was behind the camera!

Just an awesome view. Its beautiful out there.

That's MY man!
A very impressive shot for sure

May 29, 2009

Things on the Good Ole Mind

I have been absolutely lazy tonight and I don't feel one bit guilty. I have been watching my stomach move up and down and I think to myself, "This is the only time in my life I have ever been thankful for a jiggly belly."

I like to think that my hormones are more balanced now than when I wasn't pregnant but Cody may tell you different and somedays I might too. I just remember being a complete psycho most of the time. Maybe I'm maturing? Oh heavens. Actually this morning as I was doing my hair I was thinking the only growing up I've ever done was getting married and making the plunge into motherhood. I doubt my growing up days are over which is a hard reality when many days I just want to be a young, loud, lazy, obnoxious kid. (Some will tell you I am still just that).

Mine and Cody's "song" is "Me and You" by Kenny Chesney. Excellent song. I have loved it since I first heard it but it never quite described our whole relationship. Then this song by Brad Paisley came out. It is called "Then". I couldn't be more in love with a set of lyrics. Everytime the phrase, "I can just see you, with a baby on the way." I get a little choked up and think, thats me right now...for the rest of my life. I am so excited yet so humbled by just knowing that I know NOTHING about being a mom. I guess these are everyone's first time jitters right? Right?!

Our trip to Thatcher (pics to come) was a lot of fun. We got to relax and stay up late, and sleep in, and eat La Casita! It was nice being in a small town and actually seeing the stars at night. That town brought back so many memories and I know there are a lot more to come.

Today I realized I love clouds. I always make shapes out of them. Everyday at work I hope they all join together and bring rain...partly to cool me down and partly because it's beautiful.

Monday is mine and Cody's 2 year anniversary! What the? Where did the time go? I fall in love with him more everyday and love how well he handles things. We both have grown up a lot and our relationship is something to brag about! ...but I won't.

May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Cody

Today we woke up and I looked over at Cody and I said, "You're old! You're 25! So old. Thats half my mom's age." "Shutup! Its not that old."

Cody makes me so happy. He says really random things that always make me laugh. A couple Sundays ago I was going to sleep early because of exhaustion and I had an emotional break down in the middle of getting ready for bed. Well Cody came in the room and said, "here this might cheer you up." I looked up from my pillow and he showed me this picture.....

THIS is what he was trying to draw! Hilarious. I kinda didn't know if I should laugh because he might've thought he did an awesome job. He finally said, "You can laugh. I know I suck at drawing." I laughed so hard and still do! Oh my gosh!

Cody deserves to have a great birthday and I sure hope he does. Tomorrow we're going golfing at Mirabel in the 110 degree weather. We're excited to go and all....just not for the heat but it'll be fun.

I'm thankful for Cody's little quirks and that he is a goof ball. I love that I see a side of Cody that nobody else gets to. I'm excited that he can feel the baby move every once in a while and I love seeing him smile when he does. I love you Cody and hope you have a great birthday! You're the best!

May 10, 2009

My Wife Danica

I just wanted to write a little post about my beautiful wife Danica. I know every guy says they have the best wife, but I really do. She is very sweet and always wants to spend time with me. She has a very tender heart and loves the church and encourages me always to be my best. She helps me in every aspect of my life and makes me such a better person. She is such a hard worker and gives her all. She is silly and a lot of fun. Everyone that gets to know her come to love and adore her. Danica, I love you and I know you will be an amazing mother. I am so excited for our baby and I know he will be raised right.

Danica and I at a store messing around. This is taken with my phone so it's a little blurry.

Can you tell who is Danica. This picture was taken at my Grandmothers birthday party. Danica was already pregnant, but everyone wanted her to be a mummy right away.

Danica is so happy in this picture. I think it is because we were in Show Low. Danica loves to go visit her parents and escape the heat. We always love going up there and wish we could more often.
So happy Mother's Day Danica, Mahal Kita.

May 8, 2009

21 Weeks

Ok no wonder every time I bend over I run out of breath....I AM getting bigger. Its like when an obese person gains 5 more pounds but they tell themselves no one notices...bull. (or kinda like my freshman year at college when I gained about 15 lbs +++ and told myself my clothes still looked great and no one noticed my 3rd chin...THEN I lost weight and felt like a fool)

I asked Cody what sticks out further my tiny butt or my belly. I'll be honest, I wasn't surprised at all when he said belly. And I decided yellow ain't my color.

(notice I never take straight on shots....I'm afraid it would reveal my "wide load" sign.)