May 31, 2009

No Money? No Problem!

No this is not a post about Obama's administration.

As we all know, life ain't easy nor was it intended to be. I believe it was intended to be stressful, sleepless nights, knots in your shoulders, crabby moods, can't see straight type of life and in fact that is exactly how it has been for us since uh.....well since I can remember....financially that is. It seems like we're always in a bind for a cash flow. (Looking back we definitely realize this wasn't the case in Thatcher like it is here) I will once again be unemployed as of June 14, 2009 (why hold a job longer than 6 months? Absurd.) Cody and I have been trying our hardest to find me a job and save every penny we can. Tonight as I listened to music, put of my new undies that don't cut off circulation, put my feet up and wanted to relax, I decided I should first write some checks so we can still have a place to call home and electricity. Before you know it, I'm paying every bill possible and even after all our stress and worry, I am happy to report we have been blessed and that the Lord has answered our prayers by watching over us financially. It has never been an option NOT to pay tithing and our life has truly been blessed. We dream of the day where we will be able to pay monthly expenses without a blink of an eye and if that day comes, GREAT, SUPERB, FANTASTIC, but if not I am sure everything will continue to work out. Cody and I know our situation and I believe it is always in the back of our minds. I am happy to have a husband that works so hard for us and helps me when all I want to do is SPEND SPEND SPEND!...or redecorate, paint, quilt, scrapbook, clothes, shoes or need hair stuff. Cody does spoil me though and always makes sure I am satisfied with things. He loves me so much! :D

This post may not make sense to anyone but I am so relieved tonight about finances. We know there are plenty of financial struggles ahead and I guess all we can really do is our best and put faith in the Lord to help us with the rest. He hasn't failed us yet and I believe He never will. So anyone who gets a phone call, text, email, or reads my whiny posts now and then, just slap me and make me re-read this post.

If anyone knows of any available jobs that aren't too far away (I fall asleep while driving these days) please let me know. There's gotta be something out there somewhere for me...even if its scrubbing more toilets. Thank you and maybe you could send a prayer or two up for me. It'd be greatly appreciated.


Amanda Griggs said...

I am staying home now and in July I am starting to do transcriptions. A close friend does it and she works 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and brings home $1000.00 a month.

Email me and I'll give you more details!