May 8, 2009

Baby Pictures at 20 Weeks

So these are the most recent ultrasound pictures. I was 20 weeks along! He's a cute little bugger.
He's looking right at you. He moved when she took the picture but he's still cute.
This is him with his two arms over his face. I love this picture!

His right foot. Five little toes. I can't wait!

Proof its a boy!

After kinda questioning, she took this picture and wrote, "yes I'm really a boy!" Its hard to tell in this scan but believe us....its there!

Recently I have been feeling him not squirming around, actual kicks. He's exercising. Good thing too because Cody will be teaching him how to play before he even knows how to eat!


Eldredge Family said...

How exciting for you and your family. I think you look wonderful!

Tamra and Jim said...

We are so excited. You look great. It was fun to see you last weekend as well as your little "pooch." You're not very big yet but you'll get there soon enough. That is neat you feel him kicking already!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm excited for you, but you couldn't proof it by me that those pictures are even a baby, let alone a boy. How can they tell by these photos? I'm just glad that everything is going well for you and him and hoping all comes out fine. Back in our day we had to wait until the doctor pronounced the gender, now they take all the suspense out way too soon. I bet he will still be loved by everyone and you can have everything ready for your son before he comes home. Hope these next few months are as fun as the first few have been.

Mckay and Sherry said...

D! You are lookin good. Can't wait tell the boy gets here.