May 8, 2009

21 Weeks

Ok no wonder every time I bend over I run out of breath....I AM getting bigger. Its like when an obese person gains 5 more pounds but they tell themselves no one notices...bull. (or kinda like my freshman year at college when I gained about 15 lbs +++ and told myself my clothes still looked great and no one noticed my 3rd chin...THEN I lost weight and felt like a fool)

I asked Cody what sticks out further my tiny butt or my belly. I'll be honest, I wasn't surprised at all when he said belly. And I decided yellow ain't my color.

(notice I never take straight on shots....I'm afraid it would reveal my "wide load" sign.)


Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

GOOD! you FINALLY look pregnant! don't stress about it...enjoy it. If all that's "growing" is your belly, be thankful. you don't have the Claridge curse of growing everywhere else too while pregnant. You look really cute! Are you wearing those maternity jeans yet?

Liz said...

Wide load...what look fantastic! I'm so excited for you what a wonderful journey you are on.

Cody and Danica said...

Shannon- I am still wearing my normal clothes fortunately. I did have to buy a pair of maternity shorts because all of those clothes were still a little big. What I need is bigger garment bottoms! I have a permanent ring around myself from them. No wonder I have no circulation to my feet!

TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Ha Ha you crack me up. You look great!!. Oh no I don't mind you texting everyone I did the exact same thing lol. Thats just the way us small town girls roll ha ha.

Jessica Caldwell said...

I think you look good! I can't believe that you are all ready 21 weeks time flys by when it's someone else.

Trust me you still have the wonderful summer to go!!! I think I was the biggest B ---- when summer hit.

I had Payten is September.

Tamra and Jim said...

You look GREAT!! Barely growing at all. :) Don't complain about being big. You have a ways to go, Missy. It's all fun so enjoy every minute. I still can't believe he'll be here in 4 months or so.