May 31, 2009

So it's been 2 Years

May 31, 2007- I got my extensions put in, went and saw Cody for two minutes, grabbed Subway, then headed to Pete and Chris's to get some shut eye. I should've just stayed out all night. I never once fell asleep.

June 1, 2007- I was up at 3 to start on my hair. Tara, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, and my friend Krista did my hair and make up for me. Before ya know it, it is like 6:30 or 7:00 and my mom and I were on our way to the temple to meet Cody for pictures. I was nervous. I was panicking we would be late and mom just kept saying to calm down. I felt so good tho. I knew Cody was the one I wanted to be with and I also knew that I looked GOOD haha! We rushed onto the temple grounds and I saw a handsome man out in the distance. My mom commented, "he looks nervous." It was then that it dawned on me that Cody was that handsome man!
We went into the temple and changed into my wedding dress. The single most beautiful dress I have ever worn and still love it to this day. The other brides seemed so scatter brained in the bride's room but me and my mom just sat there giggling about things and probably being irreverent. One of the ladies told my mom I looked like a porcelain doll and I was the prettiest bride that day. (duh)
I definitely fought a lot of tears so I wouldn't ruin my make up job. Then right after I got my dress, slip, and 8,000 other layers of heat trapping materials, I had to pee! Really? My mom helped me in the stall and held up my dress and we were laughing so hard. I couldn't tell my butt from a hole in the ground! Finally we made it outside and the pictures began. We didn't have our flowers but I didn't really care. Cody and I and the temple were all that mattered. I think the photographer ended up taking like 12 rolls of film and each roll held like 150 pictures. It was out of control. A few particulae poses got me to laughing so hard that my mouth seriously could've fit a cantaloupe in it no problem! Those turned out to be my favorite pictures because they are so real. You can't fake a laugh or pose like that.
Then it was back into the temple where we waited and waited for Cody to come get me. I believe he had a wardrobe mishap. We sat in the hallway and waited and saw family members coming in. I got scared. I looked at Cody and held his hand so tight and made him blow in my face so I wouldn't start bawling but my tears can never be stopped! We kept sitting there and I realized I forgot his ring in my locker! So I ran through the temple with my big gown on and got it in the knick of time! We walked into sealing room #3 where a lot of our family members were sealed and I immediately cried harder. I saw everyone there who means the world to me and friends who I will never ever forget. We got to the part to say Yes and we were married. Forever. Longer than forever. Eternity. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to kiss Cody to Timbucktoo but it was just a sweet cute kiss. We got a lot of advice that I actually still revert to during hard (stubborn) times. We then took family pictures, and went to the luncheon where people accused us for being in the bathroom together a little too long. PLEASE! We drove to Show Low and talked and talked and talked. I don't remember a trip going by faster. We took more pictures and then went to the church where I saw the finished product of the reception for the first time. It was beautiful. Absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how much my parents did for me. For a minute I thought I was the favorite jk. It was better than I had ever imagined and I still relive that moment in my head.
Our wedding day was the best day I could've asked for. I got to marry my best friend for eternity. Two years later, I am happy to report I am still madly in love with him. I am so happy for the time we have had together before bringing our son into this world. Cody will forever be my companion and best friend. I wish I could describe how I feel about him. I really believe we were meant for each other and the Lord knew what He was doing.

Cody I love you with all of my heart and am looking forward to the rest of eternity with you.


C said...

OH! I'm so glad you put up all these pictures! I never got to see any of it :( I'm glad it was such a great day and Cody is so good to you!

Amanda Griggs said...

Congrats on two years!! You two are an awesome couple!