October 29, 2007

fish tanks and zoos

The funniest thing happened today at work. My boss, Pat, has been kind of grouchy but he'll still laugh. He looks a lot like my dad...size wise. He acts tough but he really is just a big teddy bear but don't tell him that. He has a glass office and so you can always see whats going on from where I sit. Well today a customer came in and he was standing by my desk and then he turned and looked into Pat's office and said, "wow I really like that glass and how that office looks. You can look right in and see what's going on or how messy your boss is." I just was kinda laughing. Then Val, the lady that sits next to me said, "yeah but he feels like a fish in a glass bowl." I saw that as the perfect opportunity to put in my two cents so I said, "or a big gorilla at the zoo...don't tap on glass." My boss looked over at me and gave me "the look" but I couldn't help it and either could anyone else but laugh so hard. Then he gave in and was laughin so hard. His belly just bouncing which made it even more funny. I don't think that qualifies as job security but I'm sure trying. haha. I hope you all can just imagine it!

October 18, 2007

Just Some Pictures

Logan Rapier (Cody's nephew)
He loves his pumpkin outfit
Cody and our friend Paul
We miss Rustin
I miss baking SWEETS
My Favorite Sister-why is she so short?
Ryan and Brody. I love this picture.

Sunrise Ski Resort

It is beautiful up there...and cold
Just Us
From the top
I was so cold!
My Parents are the Best!

We went to Sunrise and rode the ski lift in July. It threatened to rain the whole time. Me and Cody walked down the mountain and my legs were shaking so bad because we walked straight down. It was so steep! I never thought we would make it but Cody just kept saying just a little more...well it turned out to be longer than we both thought. What a liar he turned out to be jk. As soon as we got in our truck and started driving away, it started pouring so we considered ourselves pretty lucky!


Yesterday we finally got our TV and got it all set up. But for some stupid reason everything was brown or green. I was getting so annoyed because we played with the color settings so much. Finally we called support and we discovered that the cables we were using were old so the color was messed up. We switched them out and then finally we had an amazing picture. I guess TV's don't really matter much to other people but this is something that me and Cody both like to do to relax at night so we figured it was ok to invest in one. Also, my parents need a TV in their basement so they can have that one back. I hope it works still...it fell off the bed. haha. We won't say who's doing that was.

Last nite I didn't go running because we went and played games with our friends. It was a fun time. We played a game called "Bang" and it was getting kind of competitive. I decided to wake up at the butt crack of dawn today (6:30) and go running. After being woke up last nite with a real bad stomach ache, I wasn't looking forward to running but I crawled out of bed and went. I put on my sweat shirt and went. I knew it would be chilly but it was practically frosted over outside! Brr. Then as I'm running I realized I forgot to put my contacts in so I really couldn't see anything. Let's just face it I'm not ready to be an athlete but I'm forcing myself. ha.

October 16, 2007


Last weekend when Cody's family was in town we had several conversations/lectures about exercising. I thought they were all full of it (clearly they're not because they are skinny and healthy). I decided to give it a shot. While Cody was in class I ran around a couple of blocks and as much as I HATE to admit this, it did make me feel better except for the soreness. Pathetic I know. I probably looked so stupid because my shoes were too small so I know I was running funny and since my stupid head phones won't stay in my ears, I just had to run with my phone cranked up real loud so I could hear the music. I'm cool I know. So I'll do my best to stick to it every night...no way it's happening in the morning. I can barely wake up as it is and get to work on time!

October 15, 2007

The Fair

So we went to the county fair this weekend and I told myself that I would get cotton candy because of my deep craving for it but after standing in line for a while and realizing how sick it would probably make me I decided against it. Pat on the back for me. But I did eat some kettle corn. We decided that the fair is a waste if you don't have kids or if you aren't single because we just paid to walk around. Someday we'll go back but it wasn't as fun as we had hoped but least we know that now. However, there was a band there that played all the songs off of Joe Dirt. I really liked that part and was singing along. Cody just loved it!

October 9, 2007

Spaghetti Popsicles

Friday night me and Cody were over at our friends house and I was stuffing my face with all sorts of sweets. I then looked down and realized my stomach bulging! I was grossed out, put down my snack and said, "I am not eating any more candy or sweets!" Usually when I say something as outrageous as this, it lasts for a whole hour or so but it has been 4 days and I still haven't had anything sweet. Even when birthday cake presented itself in front of my face, along with ice cream. So as you can imagine, I have been a little cranky and am having huge sugar withdrawls. I drink crysal light like there is no tomorrow! Well last nite I cooked spaghetti for me and Cody and in the middle of eating it, he said, "this sauce is too sweet." I said, "think how it is for me, its like eating a melted spaghetti popsicle because it is so sweet!" We were both laughing.

So thats about all the news around Claridge Estates.