October 18, 2007

Sunrise Ski Resort

It is beautiful up there...and cold
Just Us
From the top
I was so cold!
My Parents are the Best!

We went to Sunrise and rode the ski lift in July. It threatened to rain the whole time. Me and Cody walked down the mountain and my legs were shaking so bad because we walked straight down. It was so steep! I never thought we would make it but Cody just kept saying just a little more...well it turned out to be longer than we both thought. What a liar he turned out to be jk. As soon as we got in our truck and started driving away, it started pouring so we considered ourselves pretty lucky!


Taralee said...

Wow, it sure is pretty up there. I haven't been there in SO long! I miss Arizona. I can't wait till we get to move back. Just a few more years up here...boooooo.

Tamra and Jim said...

I like your new pictures. It looks awesome. You did a good job. I'm glad you like your new TV. Now y'all will have one to watch in the basement if you ever come home!!! Or you can play Wii on it, too and have a little more space. love ya!