January 31, 2011

Upcoming Visit

I'm not a good blogger anymore. Facebook is just easier...especially to load pictures. But anyways, this weekend my mom and maybe my dad are coming to visit. I have no clue what we'll do. Probably take all morning to get ready, eat sticky biscuits, laugh at stupid things, make fun of my dad (whether he's here or not :)) take Cole to the park, and maybe some shopping. The point is, they're coming down to visit and see their favorite (baby) daughter oh and Cole and Cody of course. (Let's be honest, they are having Cole withdrawls) But WAHOO we'll have company!

January 17, 2011

"Shaving Dream"

i just think this guy is brilliant! I could never do that. too chlosterphobic.

January 13, 2011

Funeral Part II

This is the video of Gary and Jenalee talking at Granddaddy's funeral.

....and apparently you can't hear it at all. Sorry I tried. I'll try to type up what they said.

January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

A good thrift store find. New bed side tables for cheap. We painted and put new knobs on them.
Maybe I should start brushing his teeth?
He loved climbing in and out of this big pot and my parents. He was so proud of himself for figuring it out on his own.
Perfect fit.
New Christmas shirt
He sat like this all on his own. Little show off.
Christmas Eve pajama opening
Loves his new jammies
Santa brought him the nicest rocking horse. He loves it.
Top of the Mornin' to ya Tara. Lookin good.
New Year's Eve....notice the party snappers flying. Awful picture...recovering from the flu.
Best family picture ever...eeeeeeek.
Uncle Rusty and Cole
Cole with the tree before I took it down.
He was so thrilled that he was finally allowed to touch the ornaments without getting in trouble. That was the best gift to him.

Texas Trip Pictures

Kailee, Gene, Sharon
Gary, Jenalee, Nicole
Mom and Nanny
Kailee, me, Jenalee, Nicole
Mom and Sharon
Ryan, Nicole, Chad
That's the most brotherly love I saw all weekend between Jared and Chad
A lot of the whole fam-damily
Howland Family
Gaines Family
Nicole and Gary
Reidhead Family
Original Gaines Family
Jenalee and me
Glen, Chad, Ryan, Jude, Jared, Gene, Dad, Gary
Dad, Gene and Gary...pretty sure they were all sleep deprived
The Pallbearers
Goof balls...Glen and Chad's faces are the best

Granddaddy's Funeral

Last Wednesday, my Granddaddy left this Earth. His health has not been good for the past couple years and it quickly took a turn for the worst. My parents left as soon as they could but within an hour the word was out that he had passed. It wasn't easy news to hear even though he is in a better place and is no longer in pain.

It worked out that I was able to hitch a ride with my brother Ryan for the 12 hour drive to Odessa, TX. It just seemed like another visit to Texas until the viewing the next day. It was nice to see how peaceful he looked and to feel the spirit comfort me and my family. Even during such a sad time, the family still has an awesome time laughing and laughing. I've never laughed and cried so much in such a short time frame. What a blessing Granddaddy was to so many people. I wish my kids could've known how funny he was and what an amazing person he was.