August 4, 2012

July 2012

July flew by but lots of memories were made with family and cousins.  We spent the 4th in Show Low. Cole had the flu but dangit we were going to that parade even if it killed us.  He perked up when he saw the horses and really perked up when the candy started flying his way!  We've decided he's a candy hoarder like his mama :D  We spent the 24th in Thatcher and had fun with more cousins.  Cole and Brett absolutely love their cousins and going to Meemas and Gradad's.  He especially loves playing air hockey and is actually pretty dang good for a 2 year old.  All of the celebrations were complete with fire trucks and fire works...right up Cole's alley.
Also, Cole is potty trained.  Took just a couple days and he has done great! Quite a mile stone in the tale of a little boys life.

August 3, 2012

June 2012

We spent several days visiting Nana and Pas in Show Low. We enjoyed ourselves in the hot tub and Cole getting to ride the four wheeler with Pas every chance he can.  And don't forget the chickens...he will feed those things on top of the hour if you'd let him.  One weekend we went camping up by Big Lake with all the Reidhead cousins and Cole LOVED the horses.  After a ride on Blueberry, he would come running into camp telling everyone he rode the horsey.  He is such a boy.  He is a boy through and through.  At the camp out he found an old toy dump truck and pushed that thing all over camp.  We always knew where he was because the truck was so loud.  Brett ended up being the camp alarm clock and woke up several times during the night from being cold or uncomfortable.  It was a long night for everyone but we enjoyed ourselves.  I miss the mountains.  The smell of rain, clean air, the stars, open views and just the feeling of total relaxation.  The older I get the more I think the mountains are magical in a sense.

May 2012

May brought lots of smiles and giggles.  Cody had a birthday and turned 28!  Our boys are loving and sweet.  Cole absolutely adores Brett and always tells us what he needs.  He is more in tune to what Brett needs than I am most days.  Brett continues to have the best belly laugh of any baby I've ever known and Cole's imagination runs wild with possibilities everyday.  The things he tells me about and dreams up really blows my mind.  He honestly watches our every move...we're in for it.

April 2012

 Cole's best bud Tripp Smith
 Elizabeth and April Echols love baby Brett
Easter Weekend
 loved gathering eggs

 he left the glasses on forever
 Loves chickens
 He's got his bear, puppy, Woody and Buzz...ready for bed

 his smile is contagious
such a happy boy
 no i don't bathe him in dish soap
 who needs toys when you have a box?