July 29, 2009

Oh I Forgot to Mention

The other day when I was getting my hair cut, she was asking about my showers and everything I got. She asked if I had a crib yet and I told her we'd probably get one on craigslist someday. She said, "well I have one if you want it." Me, my mom and dad all looked at each other not knowing what to say and I said, "have it?" She said, "oh yeah, my mom bought it for me but I wanted a different color one so that one is just sitting in my garage." My parents offered to pay her for it (they're crazy) and she said, "no just take it." Sure enough we went out to look at it. So nice! Its made of maple wood, in the USA and is so sturdy. I'm just tickled pink (blue rather) that people are that nice! Its not a Wal-Mart special either...its a nice one. We do have to order the screws and stuff cuz they got lost but I am so so so happy. Thank you so much Casi!

As we were loading it up, my mom said, "tell your mom it went to a really needy family." hahahahahhaha!!

Last Minute Stay

My parents called and told me they would pick me up in Globe on our way from Thatcher and I could stay till Tuesday. My dad had to go to the valley for a doctor appointment anyways so we figured why not...I have the week off. We're driving along through the canyon (maybe flying) when I felt my spaghetti take a turn for the worst. I asked for a cup. I got a lid that goes on a to go cup on a sundae at Dairy Queen. Great. I told my parents, my throwing up has changed over the years and it has become a projectile event! A few minutes later, I said pull over. I couldn't find my shoes and swear I was standing in an ant hill but I took care of business. My mother always has some type of beverage while traveling but not this time so I had an awesome taste in my mouth and asked for some gum to help settle my stomach. As soon as the gum was tasting great, I said, "pull over again." This time there wasn't a place so I rolled down the window and was leaning my whole body out (hoping not to get hit in the head by something) and throwing up again but not only was I throwing up, I just happened to be really gassy also so every time I would heave forward to launch, my back end had a mind of its own. I would start laughing and say excuse me and still puking. I do not recommend this. My stomach was so sore and I felt real bad for my dad. I'm dying laughing just thinking about it! Then to top it off, we finally got stopped but I couldn't find the door handle and once I did, the stupid door was locked. I told my dad I would clean his truck for him. After all that we were on our way again and my dad said, "you're a lot of fun to travel with." in a very dry sarcastic tone. It was hilarious.

Monday I visited my mom at work when one of her co-workers walked by and asked if I ever go home cuz I was there last week and I said, "I'm just like a bad rash." It was funny.

Monday night I went to get a trim but somehow convinced to cut it into a bob! I'm crazy right! Absolutely not! I love it. It makes me look so grown up instead of looking like a pregnant teen. Maybe now people won't question me! So what do you think?

Cody loves it!

Baby Shower in Thatcher

We made a trip to Thatcher for the 24th of July Celebration but mainly for another baby shower! I was just as excited for this shower as I was the one in Show Low. (I love gifts ok) My in laws threw me an awesome shower and I ate more brownies and ice cream than needed but I enjoyed every bite. They gave me so many things I can't even list them. This kid is set to go and already has more clothes than his mama (I'm jealous). Shannon put together a little video of her asking Cody questions and we didn't watch it till the very end but it was so sweet. I loved it (and need a copy of it Shannon). I cried at some of his answers and I am so excited to see him with his little boy soon.
Jodi, Sarah and Leslie
Laney, Melinda, Shannon
Danae, Tia, Betta, Amya, Hayden, Stephanie
Me and Grandmother Layton
Stephanie, Hayden and me
Me, Betta, Amya
I look like a retard. I was telling them about when I burned Brody.
Me not believing that the onesie will be too big.
Cutest little pajamas. I'm covered in bows because everytime someone said the word cute they had to put a bow on me.
A little jumper from Abby
Me and Hayden
That night we went to Pima for the 24th Celebration and had a great time once you put aside any expectations of food, short lines at the porta potties, cool weather, and awesome entertainment. Fortunately Cody and I did get food but the rest of our group didn't so I was afraid to even have a conversation with any of them because we were all a little testy. (No offense in laws but "the look" was all over your face whether you meant it or not) Then the porta pottie experience was excellent. I stood in line for ever and thought for sure I wasn't going to make it. Then I'm in there doing my thing and holding onto the door knowing someone was probably going to try to get in. Someone knocked and I yelled, "just a minute" so I finish up and am still holding onto the door for dear life and trying to use my other hand to pull up my drawers...maternity drawers might I add...they're a little tricky when someone starts yanking on the door and I'm yanking back. Finally they yanked so hard the door flew open and I yell, "Shut the damn door." Really?! Freakin morons. I then give up on making sure my shorts are pulled up right and bust out of there. I was so mad and annoyed. Obviously if the door doesn't open when you yank it 400 times there is probably an uncoordinated pregnant woman in there trying to finish! I wanted to ring someone's neck!

Show Low Baby Shower

July 18, 2009 was the day I'd been waiting for for such a long time because I would finally be opening gifts for my little man! Also, I got to hang out with my favorite sister Tara and her ham Brody. Those two could entertain for hours and all you'd have to do is sit there and laugh at them. We had a lot of people show up and bring gifts of great joy (tidings of great joy) and although its always awkward as people watch you opening their gifts I can gladly say it was a success. I got a lot of really nice baby blankets (which I have claimed my own), the cutest crib bedding one could find, clothes, necessary necessities, love and support! Some people traveled up to 11 hours just to be there for me and I couldn't have been more pleased. In fact, when we left Sunday evening, I cried all the way to Payson. I guess I'm just a home body.
Here are some pictures......

Other highlights were going to the rodeo in Snowflake. I haven't been in a really long time and I think walking up the grand stands about did me in! We watched a couple cowboys get injured, which is awful to watch but at the same time, if you go to a rodeo and don't see it, you end up disappointed. Then of course there were fire works and maybe I'm just emotional but I got all teary eyed. I wanted to ask Cody what he was thinking but just figured I would let him enjoy his favorite thing without interruption when he leaned down and whispered in my ear that you really don't appreciate the USA until you have lived outside of it and watched people suffer everyday. That is my husband as I know him. He wouldn't normally say those things to anyone but I am so glad he shares it with me.

It was an awesome weekend and I am so glad we got to go up and enjoy the awesome weather, company and have a great shower. Brody will probably never forget his bath time because I scorched him and then when I was drying him off I accidently pinched him "Danita hurt my potty" (his words not mine). Poor little guy. Course I laughed really hard.

July 16, 2009

Nothing Amazing

I'm just tickled that my internet is working this morning so I decided to post something instead of be completely involved by "The Price is Right". I'm headed to Show Low tonight and Cody is coming up tomorrow. I am so excited. I'm hoping I get to see a lot of my friends but if not then I still get to hang out with my family and get lots of Tara and Brody time!

Things that have been on my mind:

I never really liked that all of our wedding pictures were just pose after pose but today I was looking at them and couldn't stop smiling. I can't believe its been over two years and we're having a baby!

How can one little sliver cause so much pain?

When will we get ahead financially? hahahahahaha.

Why do the people who live above us have to vacuum their house at midnight? Seriously.

Should I cut my hair into a bob?

Does Tanya Tucker smoke?

I don't think the Bachelorette is going to end up happy.

My manager calls me Smiley but I think they like me.

I'm making the most adorable receiving blanket. It has little golf carts on it. I actually cuddled with the material last nite. I love baby flannel!

I keep thinking we're having a girl. I told Cody its because she's excited to come down after this little boy. Cody laughed and said, "We'll see." A few months from now I'll be the one saying, "We'll see" because I'll be exhausted.

We got free movie tickets (it was a screening) to, "500 days of Summer". We liked it so much....other than the stiff neck afterwards because we had to sit in the front row. There is a part when the actor is dancing around and it totally reminded us of Rustin!

I'm in love with brownies, otter pops (pink or blue but will eat the others too), double fudge ice cream, watermelon and pastrami sandwiches!

Monday was a stressful day and I was sure glad when it was over. I love baby technology.

I could keep going with my random thoughts but just writing about otter pops and watermelon has totally distracted me!

July 10, 2009

29 Weeks

This is me at 29 weeks pregnant. The first picture Cody took was a triple chin shot so I asked him to stand up, when I looked over next he was snapping the picture by just holding the camera up in the air and hoping for the best. So this is the best it gets. I don’t ever feel big till I see a picture. My self conscious is starting to kick in.

4th of July 2009

For the fourth we made our little journey up north to Show Low to 1) cool down 2) see my family 3) camp 4) eat (maybe #4 should be put as #1 cuz thats mainly what we did). We stopped in Payson and I was actually cold. I haven't been cold since like Christmas! I always have a feeling overcome me when we pull into Show Low. I can't really describe it but its my heart's home. So many memories just flood my mind. We didn't get into town until late so we stayed at my parents house and decided to drive to the camp out Friday morning. Cody and I were hungry and we searched their cupboards. No bread. No milk. Not even bran flakes. Not even any sweets to be found. The only thing was crackers that looked like they'd break a tooth. So we went to bed hungry and woke up early to get to the camp out for breakfast. I couldn't take it! I had to eat something so I scrambled some eggs. Burnt the heck out of them and then ate an apple. Three minutes later I was puking in the bathroom but missed the toilet and hit the shower curtain! Finally we were on our way and enjoyed the scenery. After several phone calls with my mom and very specific directions, we got lost. Dad came to the rescue and found us about 8.6 miles in the wrong direction.
We ate and got camp set up. Oh and let me just say the syrup my mom made was the best thing ever. I was constantly looking for something to dip into the syrup. My fruit. My sausage. My eggs. Anything! It was terrific. We got to go to the look out, spend time with the Porters and Ryan, go to Sunrise, Big Lake, Springerville, Sunrise again, a lot of back roads (dad was driving so of course there were many scenic detours).

I'm not sure what was the best, going to Sunrise the first time to the archery shoot out where there were booths set up for shopping. I don't think me and my mom have ever shopped so quick...THERE WERE NO PURSES OR JEWELRY ANYWHERE. I guess thats what made it a man event. What a waste.

Or was it the time at the Sunrise fireworks when dad rolled down his window and started talking REALLY loud like an Apache! It was hilarious. The more he did it the louder we all laughed. The fireworks were awesome. My dad managed to get us front row seats about 100 yds from the launch pad and right by the lake. It was beautiful. 45 minutes later then fireworks were over and an hour and a half later we were out of the parking lot. Lots of ya-ta-heys thats for sure!
Or maybe it was when my dad and Pete were cooking burgers and Pete's started smoking really bad so he had to jump up to avoid getting the black lung. Well when he did jump up he was coughing and lost control of the other end. Dad and I looked at each other real quick and dad said, "well let’s hope that doesn't ignite!" I thought I was going to die laughing!

Or maybe it was when Tara would start talking and Brody would yell every time she talked so she finally shushed him. Then she'd talk again and he'd start shushing her and crack up laughing. I love that little boy! He desperately wants a baby sister. He pointed at my belly and asked "Baby? Baby?" I said, "Yes baby." He said, "Baby sister?" Trace has been working hard on him apparently.

Or maybe it was right before I left Show Low with my dad and was trying on some clothes and put on a blue dress of my moms and looked like a total transvestite! Not even exaggerating. It was awful. Mom almost wet herself and I felt like such a man! I even talked in my man voice to top it off!

Back ground story....Cody's grandma's boyfriend's name is Clord. My brother's dog's name is Claud.
Or maybe it was when everyone was dead asleep in the camp trailers and Cody and I were out in our tent....safe from the elements...when he heard this awful hacking noise. I thought it was a javelina. Then Cody yells, "Clord!" I immediately correct him and say, "Claud!" We laughed so hard! I still am actually!

It was an awesome trip and I am so thankful we could go! I love being with family. Somehow after all that eating, I lost two pounds...must've been all the laughing!