July 29, 2009

Baby Shower in Thatcher

We made a trip to Thatcher for the 24th of July Celebration but mainly for another baby shower! I was just as excited for this shower as I was the one in Show Low. (I love gifts ok) My in laws threw me an awesome shower and I ate more brownies and ice cream than needed but I enjoyed every bite. They gave me so many things I can't even list them. This kid is set to go and already has more clothes than his mama (I'm jealous). Shannon put together a little video of her asking Cody questions and we didn't watch it till the very end but it was so sweet. I loved it (and need a copy of it Shannon). I cried at some of his answers and I am so excited to see him with his little boy soon.
Jodi, Sarah and Leslie
Laney, Melinda, Shannon
Danae, Tia, Betta, Amya, Hayden, Stephanie
Me and Grandmother Layton
Stephanie, Hayden and me
Me, Betta, Amya
I look like a retard. I was telling them about when I burned Brody.
Me not believing that the onesie will be too big.
Cutest little pajamas. I'm covered in bows because everytime someone said the word cute they had to put a bow on me.
A little jumper from Abby
Me and Hayden
That night we went to Pima for the 24th Celebration and had a great time once you put aside any expectations of food, short lines at the porta potties, cool weather, and awesome entertainment. Fortunately Cody and I did get food but the rest of our group didn't so I was afraid to even have a conversation with any of them because we were all a little testy. (No offense in laws but "the look" was all over your face whether you meant it or not) Then the porta pottie experience was excellent. I stood in line for ever and thought for sure I wasn't going to make it. Then I'm in there doing my thing and holding onto the door knowing someone was probably going to try to get in. Someone knocked and I yelled, "just a minute" so I finish up and am still holding onto the door for dear life and trying to use my other hand to pull up my drawers...maternity drawers might I add...they're a little tricky when someone starts yanking on the door and I'm yanking back. Finally they yanked so hard the door flew open and I yell, "Shut the damn door." Really?! Freakin morons. I then give up on making sure my shorts are pulled up right and bust out of there. I was so mad and annoyed. Obviously if the door doesn't open when you yank it 400 times there is probably an uncoordinated pregnant woman in there trying to finish! I wanted to ring someone's neck!


Taralee said...

I'm not going to lie...when I saw the first picture with the bows I thought...hmm...that's an odd choice of shirt. ha ha. I'm retarded.
AND then when I was reading the story I thought you said "stupid morMons" instead of "stupid morons"...ha ha...again..stupid.