July 16, 2009

Nothing Amazing

I'm just tickled that my internet is working this morning so I decided to post something instead of be completely involved by "The Price is Right". I'm headed to Show Low tonight and Cody is coming up tomorrow. I am so excited. I'm hoping I get to see a lot of my friends but if not then I still get to hang out with my family and get lots of Tara and Brody time!

Things that have been on my mind:

I never really liked that all of our wedding pictures were just pose after pose but today I was looking at them and couldn't stop smiling. I can't believe its been over two years and we're having a baby!

How can one little sliver cause so much pain?

When will we get ahead financially? hahahahahaha.

Why do the people who live above us have to vacuum their house at midnight? Seriously.

Should I cut my hair into a bob?

Does Tanya Tucker smoke?

I don't think the Bachelorette is going to end up happy.

My manager calls me Smiley but I think they like me.

I'm making the most adorable receiving blanket. It has little golf carts on it. I actually cuddled with the material last nite. I love baby flannel!

I keep thinking we're having a girl. I told Cody its because she's excited to come down after this little boy. Cody laughed and said, "We'll see." A few months from now I'll be the one saying, "We'll see" because I'll be exhausted.

We got free movie tickets (it was a screening) to, "500 days of Summer". We liked it so much....other than the stiff neck afterwards because we had to sit in the front row. There is a part when the actor is dancing around and it totally reminded us of Rustin!

I'm in love with brownies, otter pops (pink or blue but will eat the others too), double fudge ice cream, watermelon and pastrami sandwiches!

Monday was a stressful day and I was sure glad when it was over. I love baby technology.

I could keep going with my random thoughts but just writing about otter pops and watermelon has totally distracted me!


Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

How about a brownie bar for the baby shower??? Ice cream??? Sauces??? Chopped candy bars??? Any thoughts???

Liz said...

Oh Danica your always good for a chuckle! It won't be long and your little munchkin will be here...went by fast for me how bout you? LOL

The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

your blogs are so funny, sometimes it's so refreshing to put random thoughts on paper (or on blogs). Hey i just bought some fabric last weekend and i got enough fabric for a levi quilt and a matching baby quilt with golf carts on it. i got it at Joann's i love it, i wonder if it's the same. I can't wait to dig in and make something with it! Post a pic i want to see it. Take care of you and that baby (i hear otter pops and brownies make them sweet!)