July 29, 2009

Oh I Forgot to Mention

The other day when I was getting my hair cut, she was asking about my showers and everything I got. She asked if I had a crib yet and I told her we'd probably get one on craigslist someday. She said, "well I have one if you want it." Me, my mom and dad all looked at each other not knowing what to say and I said, "have it?" She said, "oh yeah, my mom bought it for me but I wanted a different color one so that one is just sitting in my garage." My parents offered to pay her for it (they're crazy) and she said, "no just take it." Sure enough we went out to look at it. So nice! Its made of maple wood, in the USA and is so sturdy. I'm just tickled pink (blue rather) that people are that nice! Its not a Wal-Mart special either...its a nice one. We do have to order the screws and stuff cuz they got lost but I am so so so happy. Thank you so much Casi!

As we were loading it up, my mom said, "tell your mom it went to a really needy family." hahahahahhaha!!


Liz said...

So Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blogging world the last couple weeks. I just read all your posts and I'm so glad you had two awesome showers and that you feel ready for your little man...what a blessing to have someone offer to give you a crib! I'm so happy to hear about that. I really like your hair cut!

Tamra and Jim said...

I told Casi to tell her mom that it went to a "deserving" family, NOT a "needy" family. Although, if the shoe fits. :)
I like your haircut a lot. It looks really cute on you. Blog overload today. You must be BORED! Glad you could come visit us and provide some entertainment!
love you!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

That is soooo awesome! I knew things would work out some how...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for driving me around Tues. My eyes just wouldn't work. I had a blast spending some time with you. You make a cute pregnant girl - not much fun to travel through the canyon with = but it did remind me of old times with the addition of rear end sounds. So funny - we have a few more drawers and closets that need your attention - come back anytime. Thanks for the help and laughs. Dad

C said...

Wow! That's great! Good thing you went to her to cut your hair! :)