July 29, 2009

Show Low Baby Shower

July 18, 2009 was the day I'd been waiting for for such a long time because I would finally be opening gifts for my little man! Also, I got to hang out with my favorite sister Tara and her ham Brody. Those two could entertain for hours and all you'd have to do is sit there and laugh at them. We had a lot of people show up and bring gifts of great joy (tidings of great joy) and although its always awkward as people watch you opening their gifts I can gladly say it was a success. I got a lot of really nice baby blankets (which I have claimed my own), the cutest crib bedding one could find, clothes, necessary necessities, love and support! Some people traveled up to 11 hours just to be there for me and I couldn't have been more pleased. In fact, when we left Sunday evening, I cried all the way to Payson. I guess I'm just a home body.
Here are some pictures......

Other highlights were going to the rodeo in Snowflake. I haven't been in a really long time and I think walking up the grand stands about did me in! We watched a couple cowboys get injured, which is awful to watch but at the same time, if you go to a rodeo and don't see it, you end up disappointed. Then of course there were fire works and maybe I'm just emotional but I got all teary eyed. I wanted to ask Cody what he was thinking but just figured I would let him enjoy his favorite thing without interruption when he leaned down and whispered in my ear that you really don't appreciate the USA until you have lived outside of it and watched people suffer everyday. That is my husband as I know him. He wouldn't normally say those things to anyone but I am so glad he shares it with me.

It was an awesome weekend and I am so glad we got to go up and enjoy the awesome weather, company and have a great shower. Brody will probably never forget his bath time because I scorched him and then when I was drying him off I accidently pinched him "Danita hurt my potty" (his words not mine). Poor little guy. Course I laughed really hard.


Taralee said...

You got a nice "fat" picture of Brody! Serious...holy chins. "dang".
It's a good thing he has some extra skin down there...
I'm glad you enjoyed your shower and the visit. I had a blast with you.
It needs to happen more often.

Taralee said...

good picture of me laughing and then the one with my eyes closed. wow. you look amazing in all three.