November 8, 2011

Brett's Blessing Weekend

Melinda and Cody
Ryan Rapier, Danae Echols, Clinton Claridge
Abby Rapier, Lamar Echols
Granddad and Grandma, Scott and Emily Carnes
Pa and Nana
Brooklyne Nikolaus, Taralee Porter
Rustin Reidhead
Brycen Echols, Lizzy Echols, Logan Rapier, Cole, Kate Rapier
Shannon Rapier, Danae Echols, Melinda Lamoreaux
Shannon Rapier holding Brett
Clinton holding Brett
Nana and Pa with Brett
Grandma and Granddad holding Brett

Seriously where is time going? Don't get me wrong. I am glad it is fall/winter time but where did spring and summer go? And where is my first newborn?...he is TWO. And my where is my second newborn?...he's two months. The harder I try to grasp time the more it slips away. We have definitely been busy around our house. We redecorated the master bedroom and painted the front room. That may not seem like a big deal but with two little kids, it can be. Thankfully, Cole can entertain himself and Brett is just chill all the time. Blessing for sure! We had a lot of family come to town for Brett's baby blessing and it was a perfect day! We appreciate all those that came and love you all. He is a sweet boy and a true blessing from heaven!

November 7, 2011

October 2011

Dr. Claridge
Super Cole
Super Family. Yes Cody and I have capes.
yay for footy pajamas
Trick or Treat haul