August 27, 2010


A couple weeks ago I threw my back out when I was trying to keep Cole out of the kitchen while I was mopping. A bottle of vicodin, some muscle relaxers and a week later I was fine. Then today happened. It all started when Cody came home from work so clearly everything is his fault (it just has to be).

Cody "lightly" tossed my cell phone to me and hit me right in the elbow. It hurt so bad. I pretended he broke it. ...he didn't fall for it.

We decided to go swimming. The pool and the spa only have a wall separating them that you can climb over and switch pools. (That doesn't make much sense.) I decided to get in the hot tub so I sat on the wall which was very slippery and I was going to stradle the wall and go in one leg at a time but I totally slipped and went in backwards with my legs straight up in the air. Hilarious. I came up laughing so hard!!!

Cody decided he wanted to be funny and dodge spooning me so he would roll over from side to side while we were on the bed. Well I crawled over him so I could be the inside spoon and he rolled again. Somehow I pushed off of him or lost my balance or something bizarre because I flew off the bed, hit my head on the side table, hit my leg on my craft table and landed straight on my tail bone. I am in pain. I wanted to laugh but just saying "ou ou ou" over and over was all that came out. Now I can't even sit up straight. Not looking forward to tomorrow if I'm already this sore.

Feel free to laugh. I have. I have gone so long without getting hurt and then all of a sudden its boom boom boom.

August 25, 2010

11 Months

Can you believe it? I sure can't!! My baby is 11 months old today. I've loved (almost) every minute of staying home with my little man. Today when Cody left after his lunch hour, Cole followed him to the door and when Cody shut the door Cole immediately started crying and waving bye. He was heart broken that Cody didn't see him wave. He is such a sweet little boy. He got his bazillionth hair cut today.

Follows me everywhere.
Especially follows me when he sees that I'm filling up his sippy cup.
Loves the vacuum.
Loves swimming.
Loves yogurt and ice cream.
Throws a fit when we put shoes on him.
Climbs onto the couch.
Stands alone for a few short seconds.
Plays peek a boo any chance he gets.
He's perfect but still gets mistaken for a girl because he's so beautiful.
...He's a heart throb.

August 18, 2010

9 month Check up

So I'm about 2 months late but Cole turned 9 months old. He weighed in at 21.7 lbs, 30 inches tall and 42 cm (I think) for his head. He's in the 90% for all and is the cutest and funnest boy alive.

August 17, 2010

Another Trip to Show Low

Yes Captain Adorable is absolutely correct. Don't you just want to hug, squeeze, and kiss that boy? I can't get enough of him.

Cole and what not

Favorite sleeping position
Two cute boys
Loves the hammock at Nana and Gampa's

Fourth of July Weekend

We went to Show Low and cooled off over Fourth of July weekend and enjoyed being with family. Cole especially loved putting every rock, leaf, twig, stick and bug in his mouth. But he was a happy camper!


We moved from Glendale to Mesa the end on July 1st. Just a couple of words will sum it up. Hot. Hell. Sweat. Horse trailer packed to the top.