November 12, 2008


Well our internet decided not to work again, so that’s why there has been no new post from Danica. Everyone…..please fight the tears, everything will be ok. Today I’ve been writing a strategic analysis for a class and decided to tell you all a little story. Now I love Danica so much, but sometimes she can have a bit of a Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going. Last Monday, Danica had the day off and just quilted and did her thing but she didn’t eat much through out the day. I went to school all day but had a break from 4-6pm. I came home and man, I couldn’t do anything right. I got yelled at for everything but finally things relaxed and we decided to go to Texas Rode House real quick and eat before my next class. The whole way there she was annoyed. Radios to loud………now not loud enough………just turn it off……….turn it back on……….go faster…….and so on. Well after a 10 minute wait for our food, we began eating some amazing ribs. When Danica finished eating (before me of course cause she doesn’t breath when she eats her food), she turns to me and gives me a big hug and tells me she loves me. Wow, she was like a whole different person after ate. She was back to nice Danica, so sweat and loving like normal. I guess the moral of the story is keep Danica fed and life will be a lot easier. Danica mahal kita at ikaw ang inpinakamagandang babae sa buang mundo! Sorry folks that there are no pictures or colored words, you're just going to have to deal with it.
Signing out, Cody Claridge

November 6, 2008


So I just watched Late Night with Conan O'Brien. It was pretty funny as usual until the band "Lordi" came out. I was expecting like a Greenday type band but holy moly that is NOT what they were. I had to mute it as soon as they started. Psycho. You could totally tell Conan was like, "who the....what the....oh my...." type look on his face. Totally can't explain how sickening they were. And the whole time I was thinking....Probably won't be referring missionaries there way anytime soon. I always thought KISS had the ugliest "costumes" but these are just plain hidious and scary. I guess its KISS on meth?...yeah that sounds about right! Hence why I am still awake because if I close my eyes I will scream!

November 5, 2008

whats on my mind....

So there has been a lot on my mind lately specially today at work since it was DEAD....

1. I cried when McCain lost.

2. I can't possibly understand why everyone (democrats only) is excited for CHANGE.

3. I am trying to be supportive and not pysche myself out by thinking the country is really going to go through some hard times

4. Its time to break out the play dough to handle such anxiety.

5. I'm sick of seeing women make out on TV shows. Really? It is that necessary. I thought it was too much when a man and woman were making out.

6. I've rethought having kids in this nation muchless world (again need some play dough)

7. I'm totally jealous of Taralee losing tons of weight so I think I'll go make some cookies and eat cinnamon rolls. Genius.

8. Liars are ridiculous. There is a lady at work and thats all she does. She has a different story everyday.

9. I don't know how we're going to pay for Cody's tuition next semester and even if there will be jobs available when he graduates.

10. I used to have a mouth like a sailor and its getting better but today is one of those days where every other word could've easily been awful but I bit my tongue due to the fact that I work with a lot of non members and I guess all that talk about being an example is somehow sinkin in. (Just maybe but Rapiers....still expect a few every now and then)

11. I'm glad I am LDS because I got a feeling that the next four years will either make or break members of the church. Danica Leone Claridge will make it....there is no other option.

Those are eleven thoughts I've been having. Educational at all? Absolutely not. But its ok because education will be going down hill anyways, I was just giving us a jump start. That is all.

November 4, 2008

Birthday & Bread

Here are some pictures from the celebrating! (Believe me I know you're sick of hearing about my birthday but this is for journal sake dangit)

me and all my birthday cards and my "cake" er...fudge with a match as a candle

awesome jaw line and blue makeup
love when we have to use the self timer. this is as good as it gets folks.
birthday cookies from Paradise Bakery. It said, "Happy Birthday Danica" but I ate the "Da" so you're left with Nica. They were so good! thank you Scott and Emily!
Scott and Emily came over and brought pizza and desert! We watched "Run Fatboy Run". It was hilarious and we were so happy to spend time with them!
my first time around....raw in the middle...harder than a rock on the outside. Needless to say it went in the trash....sorry starving peoplesecond time around....almost gone before it was even cool enough to eat. oh the sweet taste of success...literally :D