November 4, 2008

Birthday & Bread

Here are some pictures from the celebrating! (Believe me I know you're sick of hearing about my birthday but this is for journal sake dangit)

me and all my birthday cards and my "cake" er...fudge with a match as a candle

awesome jaw line and blue makeup
love when we have to use the self timer. this is as good as it gets folks.
birthday cookies from Paradise Bakery. It said, "Happy Birthday Danica" but I ate the "Da" so you're left with Nica. They were so good! thank you Scott and Emily!
Scott and Emily came over and brought pizza and desert! We watched "Run Fatboy Run". It was hilarious and we were so happy to spend time with them!
my first time around....raw in the middle...harder than a rock on the outside. Needless to say it went in the trash....sorry starving peoplesecond time around....almost gone before it was even cool enough to eat. oh the sweet taste of success...literally :D


Jessica said...

k, happy birthday!!! and good job on the bread! my mouth is watering!
and i am sooooo sorry i havent gotten back to you. didnt you comment about a quilt you are making? i cant find the commment though. i am so o lamo!
k well let me know so i can get bakc to you!

Mckay and Sherry said...

Hey D! Sounds like the B- day was pretty fun. My first time making rolls was completly hard as a rock all the way through. I have yet to attempt it again!

Tamra said...

the bread looks yummy. good job. now you can make some for me next time we visit. ;o)

The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

Well happy big two two! you are so funny. Hey email me you address so i can add you. Thanks!!

Taralee said...

PS. You look so darn pretty in those pictures. Lovin the blue shadow. OW OW! You look really good too. You lost more weight huh? You are HOTT!! (two T's = REALLY HOT!)