October 28, 2008

22 years

So today is the big double duece and I feel immature as ever (it keeps me young) but I think I'm a little more wise that I used to be (wise or wise crack...whatev). Today is not only my birthday but its also the 2 year anniversary of meeting Cody. I don't think I've ever written the story down so I'll take that opportunity today.

My old roommate Sean Schofield and Kalie Farr knew a guy named Dave Hatch and they all knew Cody. They decided to set me up on a blind date. I was excited and was just waiting for his call. Finally the phone rang and it was an unknown number and my stomach was all butterflies. He asked me out on the date and I said yes. Two days before our date a friend had passed away so I was really really sad and didn't want to go anymore. My parents came down that day to cheer me up and spend time with me. I was glad to see them & glad they supported me getting out and going on the date. I never really knew the plan because 1. I never pay any attention 2. I was having an awful week and 3. I had been on 2 previous dates and both guys had brought along other girls. Yeah I was cool. Anyways, Cody came and picked me up and Sean insisted on a picture. We then went on the date to a haunted house but like I said, "I never pay any attention". Well we were walking up the path to the haunted house at Discovery Park and I saw a little guy hunched over on the side of the path so I asked if he dropped something and needed help. He then looked up at me and started talking to me in a Smeagel's voice from Lord of the Rings. I totally jumped back and screamed so loud. (Still haven't caught on that its a haunted house). I was grabbing Cody's arm and trying to run away. They were just laughing at me and I was still scared because by then the Smeagel guy was following me and was right next to me. I could feel him breathin down my neck. Yeah creepy. Cody says I didn't figure out it was a haunted house until he went to pay and said, "two for the haunted house" but Cody isn't telling the story I am so anyways I really figured out what was going when stupid Smeagel wouldn't leave me alone and there were other scary creatures around. After the haunted house which was more like a horror movie...blood, gore, and satanicish...we went to Dave's house and made blue berry cobbler and sat around a fire. I thought for sure Cody thought I was a pyscho (and maybe I am a little) but he has admitted to me that he was trying to get close to me all night but I was a tough one...Just how I've always been. When the cobbler was done, everyone made up a story about not having plates and ice cream so we loaded up and went back to my apartment. There were cars everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Do you think I caught on to what was happening? Nope. I opened the door and everyone yelled, "SURPRISE!" "Holy sh...crap!" is what I said. I was so happy. They totally surprised me and it totally made my day. It couldn't have been better timing to feel loved. Some of the guys at the party thought it would be a fantastic idea to spank me hard with a wooden paddle. It hurt so bad. I even had tears come to my eyes but they didn't stop! 20 swats! After everyone left, we played cards and had a good time. I was so glad Cody stuck around during the party because he could've easily left...or he could've easily brought another girl like my previous dates. But he didn't. He has been the nicest and kindest guy ever since. Yeah sure we've had our hard times but I just can't believe how perfect all the timing was for everything. I think after about 3 dates I knew I was going to marry him. I even called and told my mom. She told me I was crazy but look at me now. Married and all growed up haha. I continue to learn so much from Cody, family and friends and am so thankful that everyone I know has such a wonderful impact on my life.

I want to write 22 things I've learned in the past year...no particular order

1. Marriage is expensive, thrilling, comforting...every emotion really

2. I miss my family more the older I get. I can only imagine next years birthday. Maybe I'll cry for 3 days instead of 2.

3. Its probably not the best idea to call your boss an S.O.B. even if he is

4. Taking life serious is too boring and sad

5. My favorite decorations are country/antique style and its what my eye is drawn to

6. Neices and Nephews are very special to me and now I notice children everywhere I go

7. Church, music, quotes, scriptures mean more since I've experienced life a little more

8. I want to be a mom more than anything. I would rather have a huge family than a degree. And I know thats stupid to some people and they might look down on it but thats what I want.

9. Living in a city is a lot more convenient for shopping but its not where I want to be forever

10. Dishwashers aren't that special cuz our sink is always full

11. Its ok to take pride in the things you own such as my parents 30 year old couch, a dodge stratus who bumper is coming off and controls are shoved into the door, clothes from sophmore year in high school. serious.

12. I'm more hard headed than I really thought.

13. I secretly like being noticed

14. I blame my clumsiness on being left outside as a little 4 year old. When really, I think I'm just clumsy and skip steps which lead to gettin hurt...unless of course its your older sister flinging you across the front room or daring you to slide down the stairs head first

15. The world's view of marriage is down right sad. Its man + woman. Not man + man. Not woman + woman. Not man + multiple women. And divorce shouldn't be so easy to come by. Is everyone really that selfish?

16. The Lord provides and somehow things always work

17. Cooking really isn't that cool when you HAVE to do it

18. I shouldn't tell bad jokes to people I don't know because they could possibly end up being LDS as well and thats a world of embarassment. It was an awesome joke tho.

19. My wedding was amazing and I realize that now more than ever

20. I'm a little OCD

21. I have friends I can call anytime and it seems like we've never moved away from each other

22. I am looking forward to this next year


Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Happy Birthday Danica. If you have learned so much in twenty two years, imagine 35. The problem is by then you have forgotten the first 22. Per your request, we will get pictures of the kids up on facebook. Love ya,

Tamra said...

I had fun reading your post. I'm glad you did it. It sounds like you have lots of good memories and I hope this year holds a bunch more in store. love you so much! MOM

Heather said...

Cody told me about your blog, so I've been checking it for awhile now. (Sorry this has been my first comment. Since we never really knew each other, I didn't want to be the creep-o, but I guess it's more creepy for me to lurk and not say anything? Oh, but I digress. Anyway...)

Cody called me after his date with you, and told me all about it. I don't remember tons of details, but I remember him being quite excited about this new prospect. I thought to myself that my buddy Code-man was done-fur. At the risk of sounding creepy, I'll just go ahead and say that you are just so cute, and I'm glad Cody got a girl who will keep him in line. :)

Oh, and..
Happy Birthday!

Lamar Echols said...

Wow!! I'm glad you had a great birthday. It sounds like it was awesome. I'll make sure and never call my boss an S.O.B. Don't say I never learned anything from you.