April 28, 2008

My Amazing Husband

Cody really is the best person I could've ever married. He cooks and cleans...not to mention spoils...me all the time and does so much to take of me. The other night he cooked dinner...well like everynight. I love him so much and thank the Lord for him each day!It was the best Philipino food. He is such a good cook. I eat so much when he cooks.

When we babysit he always entertains the kids and always has them laughing. They love him and Shannon and Ryan told us the other day that the kids are sad that we won't be babysitting for them anymore when we move. They will really miss Cody.

Buzz and Woody. These two boys are hilarious! Kids really are amazing little people and have such strong testimonies and amazing personalities from the get-go!Playing a game with Logan while babysitting.

A Quick, Yet Rewarding Trip

We went to the valley this week and went to the temple. It was such a nice time. I had bit of an attitude problem and when I say "bit" I mean "don't touch me or you'll never see those fingers again"...period. It was nice to be in the temple and feel of the Spirit. Every time I go I always remember the day I got married. How I showed up at the temple and saw this handsome man talking to the photographer and thinking, "stop lookin at guys, you're almost married...then I realized that hot man was mine!" Then getting ready and having sweaty palms and getting completely dressed and having to pee! I remember sitting before we got sealed and being so nervous...so nervous I forgot Cody's ring so I ran and got it. Brides should not have responsibilities like that should they? Every time I walk past the room we were sealed in I am filled with this joy and have such a sweet little peaceful reminder of my love for Cody and that I really should be a lot nicer to him and love him more. My attitude changed while I was there and I straightened up a bit. I love Cody so much and am so thankful for all he does for me. I love that the temple is close and we can go whenever we dang well please. They announced to be building a temple in the Gila Valley and in Gilbert. That is so exciting. I can't believe it...well I can but wow! I remember they announced the Snowflake Temple and I was like huh cool but now the temple has a whole new meaning to me. I love it! We were able to find an apartment that we both really like. It is right by ASU West so that will be nice and Cody is applying at the banks near by. Our Brother in law's brother is the bank manager down here and is contacting the manager down there to talk to them about Cody. Hopefully all goes as planned. We're excited to move and for a bit of a change. We were planning on coming home Saturday night but couldn't bring ourselves to more driving so we crashed at Danae and Lamar's and had a good time and got some good laughs in. Miss Lizzy being her cheesy self. She is so cute and so loving!

Little April...the most content baby I have ever seen. She just sits back and watches everyone and smiles. Never a cry or nothing. Sweet little girl.

Then there is Cody and Bryson-I don't know who entertains who. They have so much fun together and wear each other out.

Danae and her kids. She is such a good mom and such a good example. She is a woman who always makes everyone feel so good about themselves and never looks down on you. I love her! I didn't get a picture of Lamar but he was there and kept us all laughing. I am thankful for them and for what they teach us and I appreciate them letting us stay at their house on a moments notice.

A Few Weekends Ago

I am a bit on the slacking side when it comes to updating my blog but we went to Show Low a few weekend ago and a fun time was had by all. We finished my jean quilt and I was so excited. When my mom took this picture, I acted as if I wasn't completely irritated at the stupid sewing machine not doing what it was supposed to do....sew-is it really that hard?
The finished product!

We planned on going to the temple but wouldn't you know it-it was closed I was very disappointed but what can ya do? We went shopping instead and even though it doesn't compare to the temple, we found some amazing bargains and Cody spoiled me some more. I love you babe! I know- I got more house in the picture than I did parents-I'm so good

Well Mom looks good. I look cross eyed.
Cody is handsome!

We went to stake conference and got kinda bored and ended up playing the dot game-ya know the one where you connect the lines to make boxes. I beat Cody. Then I looked over at mom and dad to find them playing the game as well. Mom leaned over to me and said, "we shoulda left at half time."

We stuffed our faces with Mom and Dad's amazing cooking and were on our way back to Thatcher. Mom sporting her cool sweater from the City of Show Low7th grade looking?...yes! Thatcher Eagles-it was the only clean shirt I had.

This is a picture of me and Tammy when they came to visit me & Cody in Thather-yep slacked on that too. She is B-E-A-UTIFUL-mom looks good too. haha Mom is so beautiful. "If you saw my mom you'd s*** yourself" (Joe Dirt). Sorry I couldn't resist!

side story-A few weeks ago at church I was walking down the hall way and there were two little boys. The one turned to the other and said, while pointing, "see I told you it looked like crazy straws." Thanks. I just shook my fist in the air like I was going to take out this little 6 year old.

I am so thankful for my parents and for all they do for me and Cody. They are amazing people and never seem to get upset at each other. They continue to teach me so much which is crazy because a year ago while planning the wedding I took them for granted and now I miss them everyday. Crazy how maturity changes you. I love them so much and am so thankful for everything they've taught me over the years...and now...about what is important and what isn't. Thank you!

Cold Hands!

I have always had cold hands-rarely are they are normal temperature unless I soak them in hot water. ..along with my feet. It drives Cody nuts when I touch him and it is a quick way to get him to wake up in the morning but it is rather alarming.
Well I was just informed by my co-worker, who watches "Man vs Wild" that he has what is called "frost nip" which is caused from him almost getting frost bit on his hands and feet but not quite so his hands have been cold since...so when I tell people, "I never warm up because I was froze as a child"...I wasn't lying. My hands and feet are still cold from it. I always knew it messed me up somehow...and no not mentally.

This one is dedicated to the family who keeps requesting a new post! Alright Alright dang...broken record (Joe Dirt)
5 things on my list to do today:
1. Fight the urge to call in sick (on going battle)
2. go jogging
3. find something edible to cook...left overs won't work becuase they're all covered in mold
4. 2 more posts other than this one
5. have a good attitude

5 snacks I enjoy
1. Ice cream with carmel or butterscotch or fudge or just plain hershey's or the kind that hardens...or all at once
.2. M&Ms- plain or peanut butter...with popcorn
3. brownies with ice cream
4. Organic Cheetos-absolutely delicious. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting....but I always resist
5. candy of any kind to be honest...does it look like I turn anything away-NO

5 things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire:
1. Pay for Cody's school and I would go back as well
2. Get a new car and Cody a new truck and pay off my family's debts and split up a certain percentage and give to family for them to invest. The rest I would invest and start funds for my kiddies
3. Quit my job...that should be at the top of the list
4. Donate a lot to the church to build temples
5. I would buy a buttload of material! :D

5 places I've lived:
1. Holbrook-unfortunately I was really too little to remember
2. Vernon, AZ where I peed my pants at the school while roller blading, stood on top of my tricycle to escape from the stink bug and was swinging in our front yard and scraped my butt so bad on a stick that was stickin up...oh and also where Dad drown a bunch of rabbits.
3. Show Low-Zion ha!
4. Thatcher- where I met Cody but we're really looking forward to moving to.....
5. Glendale-we don't live there yet but we will and it will be nice!

5 Jobs I've Had:
1. Dishwasher at High in the Pines...I ate a turkey sandwich everyday I worked
2. Busser, decorator, head smart alic, sassy little sister, runner, waitress, entertainer 17 hour shift pulling Torreon worker
3. Chalo's, Ghetto Safford
4. EAC mail room, Western Watts call center (lame), janitor, janitor, janitor for more than half my life...i'm cool
5. CSR, Accounting (Payables and Receivables), smart alic at EA Glass

5 things people don't know about me:
1. People make me nervous but I try to act calm and collected during a conversation when on the inside I'm freakin out
2. When I go in the bathroom-no matter where I am, I always smile in the mirror-partly because I'm obsessed with myself and also to make sure I have nothing in my teeth or any bats in the cave!
3. When I hear a song with a good beat, I can't help but just do a quick move ...or two.
4. Water tastes very gross to me but I make myself drink about a gallon a day (a recent development)
5. I enjoy doing projects and cleaning. I think its an obsession but I love it!
I tag um...Jessica, Cody, Trace, Dad

April 27, 2008

Soon to Come...

2 new posts coming soon... Its hard when we live in the stone ages and have no access to internet on our personal time...its all at work that I do my blogging. I will be posting about the trip to Show Low oh...3 or 4 weekends ago and also about this weekend trip to the valley.

But as for tonight I have too many thoughts on my mind and am just a bit emotional so I just need to type it all out and put in a journal so everybody doesn't have to read my blabs!

April 10, 2008

This is what I have been working on this week! Yep totally finished sewing all the pieces together and now I have to tie it. Mom can't wait. It is a pretty cool quilt actually and extremely heavy but hey now when we go camping we won't have to take a million blankets because this one will do for sure! I am so thankful that Cody pushed me (in a good way) to get it done. Not that I'm bragging...too much...but I made it in about 10 hours-including rounding up the jeans and cutting them all and sewing. I'm bad! :D I have two more to make for people I have promised and then I am starting to sell. We gotta pay for Cody's tuition somehow. I figure its not just his schooling...its our future so its kinda a big deal that I do my part too so thats what I'll do.

April 8, 2008

Hot Cross Buns

So annoying-I have a stupid nursery rhyme stuck in my head...not just today...for about 3 days now! I remember playing it on the recorder as a child but seriously...why its in my head now...no clue!

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns
One a penny
Two a penny
Hot Cross Buns


April 7, 2008

Just a new post...with nothing exciting

I have been trying to figure out what to write about because I got a comment from my mother..."new post please." Yes ma'am!

But what to write about....BEATS the you know what out of me!

I guess I could write about Cody's new way to make me laugh. He does this complete hickish voice but before he talks he laughs like a total redneck. "Hueck hueck I'm from SHow Low." He sang a song to me the other night in that voice. Its called, "I Married My Sister But Mama Said 'No'". It is very clever and the whole time he does it in his high pitch redneck voice. I am usually dying laughing by the time he is done. He would go on for hours if I let him. He is definitely entertaining. Oh he has nothing against Show Low or Chanolow in his words...its just playing around.

General Conference Sunday afternoon Session was so good. Every woman I have talked to loved the talks given by Pres. Monson and I think it was Jefferey R. Holland...I don't know...we listened on the radio so we didn't have the watcher friendly words along the bottom. (Very inconvenient actually.) The spirit was very strong and it was just so inspiring. I did get my jeans all cut. I started to lay it out on the floor to see how big it would be...of course it didn't fit because the quilt is bigger than the floor which isn't hard to believe. Maybe when I make baby quilts they will fit on the floor!

Last nite we watched a movie called, "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". We had no clue what it was about but it was a pretty good movie. You do have to use your imagination but I thought it was a very inspiring movie that had a lot of truths to it if you really pay attention. Dustin Hoffman played "Mr. Magorium" and did a great job. In the end he said a quote that just kinda struck me and Cody.
"Your life is an occasion, rise to it." I just thought ya know...it really is. There are so many things around us each day to be thankful for, so many opportunities given for us to become a better person and just enjoy what we have but what human actually does all the time? (I know I don't) Each life is special. Each one of us has a special talent that won't compare to someone elses and each of us has a divine mission on the earth. So why do we get so down on ourselves and think we're worthless and that our life is just another life when its not. Its an occasion that is taken for granted and not lived to its fullest but should be. When talking to people about happiness they'll say "when I move out I'll be happy" "when I get married I'll be happy", "when I'm done with school I'll be happy" "when I get caught up on my bills I'll be happy"(caught up on bills...thats absurd) but why not make the best out of our lives and be happy with what we have and who we are. In my mind as long as we're doing what we're supposed to be doing and trying our hardest to be our best then thats happiness. I'm sure its been state before but if not then I"ll be the first to say it, Happiness is a state of mind...not an accomplishment. Happiness surrounds us each day if we let it otherwise your life will never be full of good memories and you'll never see the good around you.