April 28, 2008

A Quick, Yet Rewarding Trip

We went to the valley this week and went to the temple. It was such a nice time. I had bit of an attitude problem and when I say "bit" I mean "don't touch me or you'll never see those fingers again"...period. It was nice to be in the temple and feel of the Spirit. Every time I go I always remember the day I got married. How I showed up at the temple and saw this handsome man talking to the photographer and thinking, "stop lookin at guys, you're almost married...then I realized that hot man was mine!" Then getting ready and having sweaty palms and getting completely dressed and having to pee! I remember sitting before we got sealed and being so nervous...so nervous I forgot Cody's ring so I ran and got it. Brides should not have responsibilities like that should they? Every time I walk past the room we were sealed in I am filled with this joy and have such a sweet little peaceful reminder of my love for Cody and that I really should be a lot nicer to him and love him more. My attitude changed while I was there and I straightened up a bit. I love Cody so much and am so thankful for all he does for me. I love that the temple is close and we can go whenever we dang well please. They announced to be building a temple in the Gila Valley and in Gilbert. That is so exciting. I can't believe it...well I can but wow! I remember they announced the Snowflake Temple and I was like huh cool but now the temple has a whole new meaning to me. I love it! We were able to find an apartment that we both really like. It is right by ASU West so that will be nice and Cody is applying at the banks near by. Our Brother in law's brother is the bank manager down here and is contacting the manager down there to talk to them about Cody. Hopefully all goes as planned. We're excited to move and for a bit of a change. We were planning on coming home Saturday night but couldn't bring ourselves to more driving so we crashed at Danae and Lamar's and had a good time and got some good laughs in. Miss Lizzy being her cheesy self. She is so cute and so loving!

Little April...the most content baby I have ever seen. She just sits back and watches everyone and smiles. Never a cry or nothing. Sweet little girl.

Then there is Cody and Bryson-I don't know who entertains who. They have so much fun together and wear each other out.

Danae and her kids. She is such a good mom and such a good example. She is a woman who always makes everyone feel so good about themselves and never looks down on you. I love her! I didn't get a picture of Lamar but he was there and kept us all laughing. I am thankful for them and for what they teach us and I appreciate them letting us stay at their house on a moments notice.