April 28, 2008

A Few Weekends Ago

I am a bit on the slacking side when it comes to updating my blog but we went to Show Low a few weekend ago and a fun time was had by all. We finished my jean quilt and I was so excited. When my mom took this picture, I acted as if I wasn't completely irritated at the stupid sewing machine not doing what it was supposed to do....sew-is it really that hard?
The finished product!

We planned on going to the temple but wouldn't you know it-it was closed I was very disappointed but what can ya do? We went shopping instead and even though it doesn't compare to the temple, we found some amazing bargains and Cody spoiled me some more. I love you babe! I know- I got more house in the picture than I did parents-I'm so good

Well Mom looks good. I look cross eyed.
Cody is handsome!

We went to stake conference and got kinda bored and ended up playing the dot game-ya know the one where you connect the lines to make boxes. I beat Cody. Then I looked over at mom and dad to find them playing the game as well. Mom leaned over to me and said, "we shoulda left at half time."

We stuffed our faces with Mom and Dad's amazing cooking and were on our way back to Thatcher. Mom sporting her cool sweater from the City of Show Low7th grade looking?...yes! Thatcher Eagles-it was the only clean shirt I had.

This is a picture of me and Tammy when they came to visit me & Cody in Thather-yep slacked on that too. She is B-E-A-UTIFUL-mom looks good too. haha Mom is so beautiful. "If you saw my mom you'd s*** yourself" (Joe Dirt). Sorry I couldn't resist!

side story-A few weeks ago at church I was walking down the hall way and there were two little boys. The one turned to the other and said, while pointing, "see I told you it looked like crazy straws." Thanks. I just shook my fist in the air like I was going to take out this little 6 year old.

I am so thankful for my parents and for all they do for me and Cody. They are amazing people and never seem to get upset at each other. They continue to teach me so much which is crazy because a year ago while planning the wedding I took them for granted and now I miss them everyday. Crazy how maturity changes you. I love them so much and am so thankful for everything they've taught me over the years...and now...about what is important and what isn't. Thank you!


Tamra and Jim said...

wow, check out all the new posts. you were a busy girl at work today, huh? haha I love everything you wrote. The pictures are fun to see. Love you lots!

Mckay and Sherry said...

Hey!. So i was rely try to comment on the blanket. But i'm retared and do not know how to work this dag blog! But that is so cute! You need to teach me that kind of crap. I love it! So sorry no update on my blog yet. I lost my batery charger for my camera so I have no new pictures. It totally sucks! Well I'm excited you are moving down here that wil be fun. We finally got approved for our house but you will proabaly live like on the other side of town but we still have to hang! It was great talkign to you th other day!
Sure love ya