August 19, 2008


A few weekends ago we went to Prescott with Cody's cousins Scott and Emily. We stayed at his Aunt Charlene's house. It was such a nice get away from the heat. We left on Thursday and came home Monday. We really enjoyed it and has some amazing hospitality. We would stay up late watching the olympics, talk, laugh and tell each other how racist we are. It was hilarious! We were so slap happy half the time and we never went hungry. I ate constantly! On Friday we made our merry way to Sedona and enjoyed Slide Rock. It was so fun and I actually jumped off cliffs and didn't get a bloody nose (I can't believe I admitted that). The water was freezing but our bodies eventually went numb so that was nice. When we were sliding down the rock Cody was putting his hands in the air yelling, "woo woo" we were on a roller coaster but we were going like .0012 mph! We loved Prescott and were so glad we got to go! Thank you Scott, Emily, Delbert, and Charlene! We had an awesome time.

In front of a gorgeous scenery.
Scott and Emily
Mrs. Charlene. She is probably going to kill me but I think its a good picture.
Scott and Cody from where we jumped.
I want to go back
hmm....good picture Danica. Can't understand why I never got a modeling career.
The start of the slide.
I look like I should play football
Oh and I don't know what the heck was up with their dog Pepper because everytime EVERYTIME it saw me, it would run up to me and lick my feet. Random.

August 3, 2008


These are pictures I got with my phone. I forgot to take batteries for my camera. Duh.

On August 2, 2008, we went to the PBR at the Arena in Glendale. We didn't think we would be able to get in but we got some cheap tickets. It was actually pretty cool and I couldn't believe that there was hardly any country. Maybe two songs. They had more rap than anything...because well its not like country music gets your blood just gets the tears flowing mostly. The clown was real funny to watch. He was constantly dancing or telling jokes. During a commercial break he danced to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. He was so good at doing the moon walk. Then another time he was being Vanilla Ice (a redneck one) and was singing. Then they turned off the music and he kept going. He knew it all. One guy rode 8 seconds on his last bull and when it flung him off he flew in the air. He looked like an acrobat. Then he ran to the middle of the arena and decided to do a back flip off the platform they had in the middle but he didn't quite make it and landed right on his side. He was so humiliated. Everyone was laughing! The clown about lost it. Oh it was hilarious. They replayed it on the big screen like 5 times. That poor cowboy's pride was damaged! If I could go again, I totally would. I really enjoyed.

Oh and just a side story. When got up to our seats and there were two cowboys in our seats but not a big deal-there were a lot of empty ones around so we sat 2 seats away. During the show more people filed in but still...a ton of empty chairs in the nose bleed section which is where we were. Then about an hour into the show these two huge Indian ladies come in and I guess they got assigned the same seats we did. They made us move and for the rest of the night, Cody had about half his chair cuz the lady was flopping into his. Lovely. It was just annoying cuz there were rows and rows of empty chairs around us. We were gonna get up and move ourselves but we didn't want to insult them.

August 1, 2008

A Shout Out for Danica!

Ok I think it's time I write a little something about Danica, my amazing wife. I do truely mean that, she is amazing. Believe me when I say, I'm not the best person. I make mistakes and do DUMB things, all of us do. But I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes when you have an amazing women by your side. Danica is honestly so loving and sweet. I just love her to death and it kills me when I do something to hurt her. She makes me a better man and I owe her everything. She is such a spirtual person and I look up to her! She is everything I want and plus some. That plus some being more good stuff! Danica I love you and hope you are having a good day. Your my best friend and I will be there for you, through thick and thin!

A Shout Out

Well I know I do Shout Outs a lot and I haven't posted pictures in a while but here's another one for Cody.

Oh Cody Oh Cody
What can I say
That I love you more today
Than I did yesterday

(thats about it for the poem-I was never too advanced so we'll proceed in normal English)

Thank you for letting me get new outfits, taking care of me, being excited for me and encouraging me when I got my interviews, doing the dishes as we speak, not letting me turn on the a/c during the 116 degree weather to cut on the electric bill :D, laughing with/at me when I'm just a retard and pretent to either be a cheerleader or dancer (they're mad skills folks), ticklin my foot and then blame it on me by saying I'm the one who moved my foot into your hand, and for letting me continue to make faces in the bathroom mirror when you walk in on me and don't really say a word, for pinching my cheeks (on my face) and saying, "I love your fat cheeks."

I love you Cody. I'll be by your side through the THICK and thin.