August 19, 2008


A few weekends ago we went to Prescott with Cody's cousins Scott and Emily. We stayed at his Aunt Charlene's house. It was such a nice get away from the heat. We left on Thursday and came home Monday. We really enjoyed it and has some amazing hospitality. We would stay up late watching the olympics, talk, laugh and tell each other how racist we are. It was hilarious! We were so slap happy half the time and we never went hungry. I ate constantly! On Friday we made our merry way to Sedona and enjoyed Slide Rock. It was so fun and I actually jumped off cliffs and didn't get a bloody nose (I can't believe I admitted that). The water was freezing but our bodies eventually went numb so that was nice. When we were sliding down the rock Cody was putting his hands in the air yelling, "woo woo" we were on a roller coaster but we were going like .0012 mph! We loved Prescott and were so glad we got to go! Thank you Scott, Emily, Delbert, and Charlene! We had an awesome time.

In front of a gorgeous scenery.
Scott and Emily
Mrs. Charlene. She is probably going to kill me but I think its a good picture.
Scott and Cody from where we jumped.
I want to go back
hmm....good picture Danica. Can't understand why I never got a modeling career.
The start of the slide.
I look like I should play football
Oh and I don't know what the heck was up with their dog Pepper because everytime EVERYTIME it saw me, it would run up to me and lick my feet. Random.


Tamra said...

It looks like a blast at Slide Rock. How fun you got to take a little trip. I'm jealous.

Taralee said...

FIRST OF's about time you post again.
Secondly, do you remember when we were little and we would go somewhere by Heber and slide down the rocks? And you were really little and the rocks were really slippery. You kept falling in and you would get SO mad. Then our shorts would get ripped out and our butts would be hanging out? Nice.
That looks really fun though. I wnat to go. Oh and you and C should come up on Labor Day with M&D. Sounds good eh?

Lamar Echols said...

Sounds like fun!! I haven't been to slide rock since I was 12 and in mutual. They used to have youth conference trips and that's where we went. I wish I could have seen Cody acting like he was on a roller coaster. That would have been a memory for the ages. ---Lamar

pete/chris whipple said...

How fun for you and Cody! Since you live "down here in this here valley" why don't you come over for Sunday dinner?

Nicole said...

That looks like SO much fun! I wish we had fun/pretty placed like that to go near here!!

Jessica said...

looks so fun. i busted my chin open there! horrible memory. but looks so fun!

Jessica said...

hey danica! sorry it took me so long to get back to ya! so about the pictures, i would love to do them, just remember i am still practiceing. :) i cant gaurentee anything fabulous! do you have any ideas on where you would like to get them done? you live in pheonix right? i do know of some places out my way, let me know. about the price, since im not a professional i dont want to over charge you. but i do want to make it worth my time and driving. and do understand the amount of time it will take me to load and edit them. i will charge about 70.00 taking all that into consideration. let me know if you are still interested. i would love to them. and see you again!:O)