August 1, 2008

A Shout Out

Well I know I do Shout Outs a lot and I haven't posted pictures in a while but here's another one for Cody.

Oh Cody Oh Cody
What can I say
That I love you more today
Than I did yesterday

(thats about it for the poem-I was never too advanced so we'll proceed in normal English)

Thank you for letting me get new outfits, taking care of me, being excited for me and encouraging me when I got my interviews, doing the dishes as we speak, not letting me turn on the a/c during the 116 degree weather to cut on the electric bill :D, laughing with/at me when I'm just a retard and pretent to either be a cheerleader or dancer (they're mad skills folks), ticklin my foot and then blame it on me by saying I'm the one who moved my foot into your hand, and for letting me continue to make faces in the bathroom mirror when you walk in on me and don't really say a word, for pinching my cheeks (on my face) and saying, "I love your fat cheeks."

I love you Cody. I'll be by your side through the THICK and thin.


Corri said...

Too too cute...way to give each other props. That will keep you going for a long time or as you both put it, "through thick and thin".