July 22, 2008

An Update

I guess I should update whats been going on...specially for my sake.

My mom had meetings down in the valley and Jimbo came down the next day...after escaping death once again on the farm. And I say once again because one time he broke his tail bone because him and Ryan had a miscommunication and he slipped on a big slimy rock. To be honest, its a hilarious story. And another time when he was driving like a bad out of hell (I wonder where we get it?) and he looked over and his tire was next to the driver door instead of on the rim. But this time it was only minor compared to those stories-he was almost bitten by a Side Winder Rattlesnake. Yikes. He even cut the rattler off of it to prove it. True story. Back to MY story. My mom "got" to sit through her meeting all day Thursday and Friday so me and dad hit the stores...after all we didn't have anyone telling us "No" or "maybe later"...which who doesn't hate hearing that? I do. So dad went hog wild on buying things for me and Cody and I probably shouldn't be admitting that so I don't make the other kiddies jealous. Although, when we weren't shopping, we were at the bank working out a car loan to get our new Saturn Ion. After 3 days, many headaches and much stress, the car finally became ours and I totally appreciate mom and dad and the time they sacrificed to help us out.
At night time we would go stay at my mom's hotel until her roommate...aka female boss...showed up. I can't believe they have to share a room ESPECIALLY since my mom works so dog gone hard. Its absurd. She was staying at The Buttes in Tempe which is a pretty nice resort and everyone is treated very nicely. We decided to go swimming the night before my dad showed up for some entertainment.
P.S. Where Tamra is, there is laughter...kinda like the home is where the heart is.
We decided to play some water volleyball...or should I call it...net ball because we hit it in the net constantly. Well after a while, mom had a BRILLIANT idea to play keep away...from ME. That sounds fun. Ok so I totally got whooped by my mother! We were laughin and stuff and she just had to hand me the ball. Then she was in the middle and me and Cody were throwing it back and forth. Well mom just kept staring at me and it was very distracting. I began to laugh because she was starting to look autistic or something...just a blank stare. I threw the ball to Cody and instead of me watching the ball and Cody I was watching Tammy. Cody chucks the ball...NOT LOB...without me watching. He finally yells, "DANICA!" I look up and WHACK and next thing I know I'm under water. The ball hit me smack dab in the forehead and knocked me back. When I came up we were instantly laughing. It was probably one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me. Cody was laughing so hard he was wiping tears and I had the complete silent laugh after a while because I was laughin so hard...and you can just imagine Mom. That girl's got some lungs! We all tried to sit on the steps in the pool but would just slide off of them because we had no control over ourselves. Poor mom had been sick that week so then she just started coughing and laughing. It was quite the sight.

I am so glad my parents came down. We've only lived here 2 weeks and have already had them stay. When we lived in Thatcher I had to beg them to come visit...granted it is Thatcher and there are Negative 20 things to do. They ended up staying the night at our house on Friday. We watched the Italian Job and Batman Begins and had ourselves a little sleepover. It was quite an enjoyable weekend.

P.S. We got our car. Pictures to come. Its so cute. Now I have a car so I can get my lazy self out to find a job.


Tamra and Jim said...

still laughing about you getting hit in the head with that volleyball. it was hilarious!!!

Taralee said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I'm glad dad got to take you shopping. With you two and no one to tell you NO...I'm sure you went ALL out! ha ha.
The volleyball/net game sounds like it went really well. YOu are SO funny...and accident prone.
Remember that one time you sled down the stairs and broke your arm?

Cody and Danica said...

Yes I remember! I had just gotten my cast off from when I broke my arm sliding into base during softball practice. And I also remember Jason Stock was at the bottom of the stairs and I said, "s***" and you him were laughin so hard. Thanks for caring!

pete/chris whipple said...

I'm laughing and wasn't even there!! Danica you and Cody come over sometime now that you're a valley girl!!! Chris

pete/chris whipple said...

I'm laughing too! Must have hurt tho!! you and Cody come see us now that your a valley girl!!!

Taralee said...

Ok, Leone...why do you have Vince Gill on your play list???
I was listening to it at work and then VINCE GILL came on and I thought...who's blog am I listening to..? It's true...Vinny is NOT my favorite.