July 14, 2008

Ryan's Birthday!

I have always loved my brother Ryan even when he picked on me...I couldn't quite beat him up like Taralee could. She's the fisty one. Ryan is the one in the center of this picture and the fisty sister is the one with the goofy look on her face. Oh family...whats not to love?

I think of my first memories of Ryan was when we lived in Vernon, my parents went out of town and left Ryan in charge and I'm just sure they let neighbors know to check in on us but I never recall anyone doing that! Anyways it was pretty cold outside but we wanted to go swimming but we knew the faucet water would be too cold. Well Ryan set up our pool on our deck outback and got the water house and attached it to the sink inside the house and before you know we had a heated pool. I always thought he was so clever for that.

I'm pretty sure he is the one who taught me when I was about 6 and he was 12 how to start the old beater 4 wheeler that we had...ya know the kind where you have to kick start it. I had to put all my weight on the kick stand to even get it to go down. He always drove us around Vernon on that little four wheeler and he would go on back roads and make trails. I loved it!

I remember when we moved to Show Low and he worked at KFC and he came home smelling like chicken every night and you would walk in his room and it seriously smelt like KFC all the time.

When I moved to college, my car was having problems. I would call him and ask him what to do. The battery had acid stuff all over it so he told me to wash it off. Well that would work for a little bit but then my neighbors told me it was the alternator that had the problem. I called Ryan and before I knew it he was on his way to help me out. He drove all the way to Thatcher and just had to replace my battery (he even bought it). Then he left but he acted like that 6 hour drive was nothing to him. Oh and when we went to Wal Mart to get the battery I saw this girl, who annoys me, on her mo-ped and I told Ryan and he got in front of her and just laid thick black smoke for about a mile. You couldn't even see the girl's head light cuz the smoke was so thick. It was hilarious and so worth it!

His room used to get real dirty so he told me several times that if I cleaned it I could have all the change on his dresser...I think I came out ahead on those deals.

He can eat quicker, burp louder, hit harder, drive faster and harder than anyone I know but he has always been such a good brother. I love you Ryan and hope you have a good birthday!


Nicole said...

Aww. What a sweet post. Something new for you, huh?? He is a GREAT guy!! Happy B-Day Ryano!

Nicole said...

Glen just read what I wrote standing behind me and was laughing about the Ryano thing. Cause how we say it it sounds like Rhino. Anyway. It was funny!

Taralee said...

That post is so fun. Lots of good memories there. Ryan has for sure saved my butt MANY MANY TIMES!! :) He is such a good guy and broseph.

Anonymous said...

i don't rember saying you could have the change

Cody and Danica said...

oh.....woops. :D